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  1. listening to spottily ( The Beatles - Yesterday )
  2. i want to sleep, but i painted my nails and im waiting for a box to come to my house...... which it takes forever. ! UGH.
  3. playing Fire Emblem game
  4. morning guys ! :) x

  5. waiting for Lunch, Pretty hungry. ha. >.<
  6. all i know is i won't go speechless, speechless !!! :)

  7. getting over my allergies
  8. Morning everyone ! Much love from Canada ! :) <3 x

  9. im a fan of demi lovato since i saw her movie Camp Rock And Camp Rock 2
  10. BTSArmyx

    True or False.

    Yes thats true! Next person below, Love nail polishes and loves to paint there nails.
  11. watching youtube of study with me's its SO predictive for me !
  12. i want to... watch something on youtube and i painted my nails also ! hehe.
  13. i had sushi for lunch, all salmon. ( raw , i kind of threw up for that one, because i hate raw, but my family likes it soooooo T_T i have to stick with it ! ugh )
  14. who misses 2NE1 here? :( I love when they shot a 2NE1 Tv for us to watch.

    I still love them ! ~

  15. took a nap. *yawn* still cold and tired, SOMEBODY HUG MEH.

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