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About Me

Okay! So here is my story goes,

Im 24 Years old, And im Volunteering for the Hospital near me

right now, And right now i just wanna be learning

German language because of my faourite band for the moment called

"Tokio Hotel" They are still my favourite boy band at the moment.

Im feelings happy, but im really sad on the inside.

Im faking it To my family. I don't know what i can else

do. But i could stay in there. I just cry every night

until i fall aslpp. and I have this sickness

called Schizophrenia. Yes, \that means i have

voices in my head. But i could be nice to all of you if

you are nice to me. I have been bullied before in High school,

I never will ever miss High school. And I lied to my mom

about i having friends, but in reality.. I don't have any much

that friends... I only have one good friend who always got my back.

I wanna change my username, but i can right now,

Im not really into BTS anymore, But i will still be on this site,

Is that ok? O_O

Much love, Velinda xox. <3 x

And that;s the end of my life story.

thanks for listening ! or Reading ! <3 x

Also ! I am Asian ! <3 :)

For real ! ^^

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