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  1. Almost My Birthday !!!

    January 28th... turning old now. omg. >.< haha.

  2. i have Schizophrenia... And the voices i have are just bothering me so much. I can't even concentrate on reading...
  3. Scrolling through this forum, I just logged in.
  4. sometimes i wonder if i sing.....if my voice is weird and ugly
  5. i want to be singing right now, but don't feel like it.... which sucks cuz i love to sing. T_T
  6. i am craving for rice right now. ha. im that hungry. >.<
  7. False ! Next person can read 10 books in one day !
  8. watching Meteor Garden the old version one, not the new one, the new one sucks O_O
  9. Kill em with kindness, Go ahead , go ahead now. <3

  10. made me think i deserved it, in a thick of healing.

  11. U-KISS KEVIN WOO I CAN'T EVEN, HE'S SO CUTE.. LIKE OMG.. T_T and now they are broken up.. X_X
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