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  1. I havent read the chinese novel because its way too long. But i already watched the chinese drama version a few times. What i can say is, the queen took quite long time to accept the king. They even had a child together. But i dont expect korean drama will take the same route. Is it just me but i really want the king to suffer a little before he get the queen? As we know, the real queen (so yong) had suffered a lot because of him and his stupid lover (concubine). I hope he can redeem his action. Lol..i was thinking the same thing. The music really reminds me of harry potter. I thou
  2. Im curious about the king and concubine relationship. The king looks like deeply in love with her. But how come he can easily fall in love with the queen? Unless this is a harem drama. Everything can happen. But i dont think korean viewers are so open minded about this genre.
  3. Dont worry..i dont think the second male will turn bad. He always be a good boy. This drama focus more on self-development. I know im bad, somehow i cant wait to see HTP character devastated once the main couple in love. Hehe
  4. One thing i notice about this drama, how they made SDM extrovert person, contray to NDS. This made them compliment to each other.
  5. Actually i kind of slow in catching emotion. Its just that i dont understand in which part in the letter that made NDS decided to meet SDM. Haha Ya. Hes growing up. I think he looks taller and handsome. Usually he played young version of first male lead. This is first time he played young second male lead. But whatever it is, his acting will always awesome and hes great potential to be next kim soo hyun or hyun bin.
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