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  1. Believe me you won't even last 15 minutes without practice and it would take another 15 minutes to revive your legs. I like colours, fabrics, embroideries and traditional patterns in Korean costume but I don't like it's square or baggy shape. I prefer the costume which complement natural shape of women's body. But still women look elegant wearing hanbok. I always sit like Lee Bang Won at my home.
  2. Truth to be told I'm not at all excited about JH playing an 'angry' profiler. Reminds me of Voice an angry detective with supernaturally blessed detective and evil serial killer. Even director is same. I don't want to play him to play sinister characters back to back. Still waiting for a well wtitten melodrama for him because he says he is best suited for this genre.
  3. The crown prince was already married with a kid so he was not a minor by standard of that era. BW was not that degenerated. lols Yes men don't like strawberries but only in the dramas. Honestly I don't understand the prejudice against this innocent fruit. It's only a marketing gimmick just like designations 'Pink for girls and Blue for boys'. Someone told me in Korea young women seriously associate strawberry milk with the female sexuality that's why in movie Innocent Thing, Young Eun kept sipping strawberry milk. Strawberry flavour even doesn't taste like real strawberries. Hope JH never finds out about this thread and as an added security measure never learns English.
  4. Technically men can have children throughout their life(with as many women as they want) after hitting puberty. Nature is only unkind towards women. But it's rumored that women of Hunza tribe(in present day Pakistan) can give birth even in their 60s. Will make sure to have their genes in next life.
  5. My great-grandmother lost 4 sons in row while her two daughters survived. Later she also had more children(both girl and boy). Too much coincidence here? I don't think conspiracy angle would be valid in the situation of LBW. Did you watch Chinese palace dramas?
  6. He also showed his 'butt' in Jungle Juice and Searching for the White Elephant. But let me destroy the fun for all of you. It may not be his real butt. Korean movie actors have well established practice of using body doubles for doing nude scenes. Now someone needs to examine all of his 'butt' scenes to decide if it was same butt in all of movies or if there were different butts.
  7. Child mortality rate in that time period was very high. Only 50% children manged to reach adulthood while nearly 25% women died during childbirth. Each women had to birth atleast 6 children to keep the population intact.
  8. Jung Rye Won is one of my most favourite actresses in K-drama world. It's the writer who made her character awful. I would love to see her in another drama with JH preferably a kooky rom-com. You can check her other dramas to see how adorable she is.
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