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  1. So Calvin Klein or Jockey can do the same... +2
  2. @staygold Sometime I wonder at some PPL in a photo like that RanveerSingh. It’s listed Franck Muller but I cannot see it because it covered...What’s the point?? +2
  3. Source: https://kimjaeuck.jp/content1/?no=UEF9snv23CVtCuSPcc3Ac Waiting forward for the official release.....
  4. @Lmangla What confuses me is the birth order of the 3 older children....IF SH’s mom is the legal first wife why SH has an Oppa (the one married but sleeping in a separate bed with wifey)? Isn’t she supposedly the eldest? Or the dad was cheating before SH was born the reason Mommy moved out?? Even the family tree is makjang... +2
  5. @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 This describes us perfectly in this thread at the moment..... +2
  6. I am holding back because it's not fun to win by ambushing the lone Sub Team member..... +2
  7. I am having a case of allergy, my lips at the moment: +2
  8. @Ameera Ali Did you mention legs??? +2
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