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  1. LOL! Watching this epilogue also made me think what you're thinking. That somehow the Emperor faked his death and got another identity and made it younger than Sunny (thus the "noona" part which was so funny). It also helped make sense as to why after 4 bullets going through his body the Emperor was still reciting a monologue to both his mother and then to Sunny before he passed out and died (maybe he was wearing a bullet proof vest? LOL!). I mean I wouldn't be surprised as the Emperor seems to have this mischievous side to him and so he would probably enjoy and have fun being another person and trying to woo back Sunny while she is clueless as to who he is. OMG! That epilogue just made my imagination go crazy. HAHA! It's like Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo all over again for me.
  2. In all honesty, I find the Emperor a much more interesting character than Na Wang Sik. I totally get the emperor. Growing up without love and being abused constantly makes a person who crave love the most to easily be manipulated. A person who craves and desires to be loved so much can easily be enamored by anyone who would bestow even the tiniest love-like or care-like behaviour or attitude upon him/her. Lucky if the other person or people are good people who would direct this person to the right direction or path but a tragedy when the person or people are bad because they would direct this person to the wrong path. My only dislike with the writing of this story is how even after it's discovered that it is the ED and that Nanny who started and orchestrated all the bad things that happened everyone is still only hating on the Emperor. It just does not make sense to me at all. Even Min Yu Ra's iniquities have been totally forgotten. How is it that Sunny and Na Wang Sik can easily forgive Min Yu Ra but not the Emperor? Is being vengeful (out for revenge) a better quality to have as a human-being than being merciful and just? For me the story of this KDrama is not just about me being for Team Emperor or Team Na Wang Sik or Team Sunny. For me the story of this KDrama is about my self-reflection and self-discovery. Like for example I reflect on the differences between the villains - how ED and Nanny are the sort of bad people who have no remorse whatsoever, they do not feel guilt or feel apologetic about what bad they have done or what bad they are doing. The Emperor is the sort of villain that has become bad because of the programming he has been subjected to since he was a kid, he knew only of this because it is what he was trained and taught how to be and so now that he saw another side he is finally slowly realizing the wrongness of what he was trained for or taught. I get why the Emperor flip flops - it's because he is in that stage wherein he is so very conflicted or confused. Imagine how it is for a person who only knew this one certain way of doing things ever since he was born because it is how he was trained to do them or taught to do them. Then suddenly comes another person who does it a different way, the opposite of what he was trained or taught? Wouldn't you be conflicted and confused as well? As for the heroes of the story my distaste was the revenge part. You might be a good person but the lust for revenge might ruin you. Sometimes not being able to forgive and let go of the anger can also be bad. All in all it made me reflect and realize how humans are not at all black and white - not good or bad. Humans walk in this grayish area wherein we could be both.
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