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  1. Hahahaa. They are wrestling for real. Is that really their hand (first pic). . And what ISH doing? Helping KS or TA?????. She so cute and funny..
  2. Luckily Drama Milk do the live recap. I really enjoy read their live recap. Thank you.
  3. Where is the rain scene???????? I'll still waiting that pd nim.... And I like when MR reject SA asking for a favour. and her inner thought. "Can't I like him??" ye MR you need to stand up for yourself. Treasure yourself.
  4. So she does that to other girl. Not only Mi Rae. She doesn't want other girl got boy attention. I think YE start doubting SA. She start question if she live with her grandmother. By the way, is it true SA doesn't have mother as her claim to DKS? And it irritate me when DKS start soften to her.... The rain scene for next week.... Friday please come faster.
  5. Omo omo omo . Look at first picture. Is it scripted or off recording? And YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Tomorrow is Friday for me.
  6. I really love that song. Hahaha. That scene. That when you fall in love. Yup. I notice it too. Mostly the actor/actress find their soulmate in their late 30s. Oh she look younger. I thought she same age with CEW.
  7. oopps sorry. Cause i didn't know SA real names Do Kyung Syuk -Cha Eun Woo (CEW). He everywhere. I never knew he before. Kang Mi Rae - Lim Soo Hyang Sooh Ah - TA - Kwak Don Yeon I refer to IG post that tell the actor are dating. Cause from her interaction as mention by @Silver Fall . Just because she sit near him and draw him. She look attracted to him. But not sure because i didn't analyse all that.
  8. ohhhh. I didn't know sexy they refer to that...... But anyway Mirae look sexy for me hehehehe. Yeah. I agree with you SA look innocent. Better not. writer shall not let the second lead shine that first lead. Except second leading man. SLS... Well. I saw some rumor. That CEW and JWR is dating. Is it for real?
  9. You are so cute and funny. And i love the gif . SA is so annoying. Maybe she think KS is playing hard to get. Come on, she is the goddess. For her it is impossible she get rejected for girl with PS. @enigmatic_zephy From what i see (and interpret) obviously most/majority boy think SA is the prettiest. Second is Mi Rae. This is what i think.... and you see in these 6 episodes, nobody says SA is more b'ful than MR or MR is not pretty.. on the contrary everyone acknowledges that MR is very pretty.. only difference is.. they keep telling SA how SA is innocent beauty adn MR is sexy..
  10. @UnniSarah i refer to the next episode preview. Apologise regarding mobile phone i think.... She going to cling until the end. 10 episodes to go. Fear what she might do to get the KS attention. perhaps KS father being former congressmen will be stumble block to their loveline? . And i hope they don't make MR and HJ apart because of TA. @Ainee EtpIn the preview, KS apologize to SA. Then the next scene she approaches him with an innocent face and for the first time, he didn't seem that annoyed with her. Yes. that my worst fear. Ks slowly accepting her as friends. Ok. i'm annoyed
  11. at the blind date. Is it Soo Ah expect KS to chose her? i haven't watch the video with sub. Her face. KMR look disbelief that KS just choose her. The other only look at Soo Ah. Luckily KS only look at MR. And i don't feel good when KS apologise to Soo Ah and look how she dress up. Watch out MR. Btw how much episode this drama? I seen the teaser, not so interested at first but watch it video at ig. Bammmm i so in love with Cha Eun Woo and Mirae. Normally i avoid watching idol. I really like the way he portray the character. The is love in his eyes. hahaha. And say no more for Mirae. She very good even though i find her quite old for college girl earlier on.
  12. I swoon over those scenes plus the ost. It really nailed the feeling. What the song title?
  13. Pewwwww. Luckily it just technical error. . Instead it make me thinking if the moderator kick me out Soompi due to out of topic post. Hahahaha my bad Girl crush hahaha.
  14. ooppps sorry. Didn't notice that it out of topic. I'm asking out of curiosity. Is there no other still/ picture or written preview for this drama? And anyone do the live recap?
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