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  1. Phew..that was a roller coaster ride. This drama had everything; mystery, angst, bromance, heartbreaking moments and of course, romance. I love how the romance was woven into a gruesome story about a serial killer. The juxtaposition of Hee Sung/Hyun Soo romancing his wife Ji Won while he had a prisoner in his basement was brilliantly done. I would have preferred another episode to give closure to the story of Hyun Soo and Ji Won. The ending was understandble because Hyun Soo suffered physical and emotional abuse throughout his life and it's not easy for him to erase those bad m
  2. I watched the original BBC drama "Dr. Foster" and somehow, I like the Korean version "The World of the Married." I was not so invested in Dr. Foster and did not care much about the characters (except for the son). Maybe I'm biased because I'm Asian but I find TWOFTM more relatable. Some of my thoughts about the drama: - I don't think Tae Oh ever intended to leave his wife and end the marriage. It was clear from that steamy, passionate lovemaking with Sun Woo in the first episode that, in spite of the fact that he was a narcissistic con man, he loved her and was qu
  3. After watching episodes 3 and 4, it's now obvious that YJS led a pitiful life; a physically and emotionally abused daughter of a cruel father, treated abominably by her mother-in-law, looked down upon by the other mothers in her son's school and to add to that, a former prisoner. So, at a young age, she coped by showing a happy and cheerful facade. My question is, is this still happening in South Korea? If my mother-in-law slapped me, I'll have her arrested for assault. I have issues with episodes 3 and 4. They were filled with cliches; the broken heel I've seen in other dra
  4. The opening scene of WMLB showing a backdrop of fire and smoke as Han Jae Hyun approached Yoon Ji Soo playing the piano. After she played the last note she asked, "Do you know when it was?" and he replied, "I know how long it lasted." I wonder whether this is a glimpse of their story ending in chaos or just one of those meaningless teasers. After watching the first two episodes, all I can say is that WMLB may turn out to be one amazing drama. Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young are not only one gorgeous couple, their acting is so superb that one can feel their emotions. I love the ju
  5. I'm just starting to watch episode 1 and the first thing I noticed was the piano piece Lee Bo Young was playing in the hotel scene. The first time I heard this song was a French version sang by Roch Voisine, a French/Canadian singer. I bought a mix artist cd when I was in Montreal. I used to listen to this song over and over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IESDfhxsfjI Excited to watch this drama.
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