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  1. @loveukoo It has to do with the narrative. The fact that GHS is unafraid to expose her husband's infidelity in public shows that she must be telling the truth because anything she says in public can be taken against her especially if AJH can prove that she lied.
  2. Just read this article. "Divorce Lawyer Predicts Ahn Jae Hyun Won’t Be Able To Legally Divorce Goo Hye As Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun‘s controversial divorce continues to unfold, a divorce lawyer was questioned about how likely it was for Ahn Jae Hyun to win the divorce case. Ahn Jae Hyun has been adamant on getting a divorce, while Goo Hye Sun claimed that she didn’t want a divorce. Another lawyer previously claimed that Goo Hye Sun was revealing all of the shocking details about their marriage despite her wishes to stay married because it would give her the upper hand in court. A divorce lawyer was recently interviewed if that was correct and he agreed. He claimed that one of them is lying about Ahn Jae Hyun allegedly cheating on his wife with another actress. Since Goo Hye Sun claims to have proof, he believes that the divorce won’t pass. However, if Goo Hye Sun is lying, then the court will likely put fault on her for the separation and grant Ahn Jae Hyun the divorce. As the couple prepares for a legal battle in court, Ahn Jae Hyun’s lawyer has emphasized his innocence while Goo Hye Sun’s lawyer decided to remain silentabout the case." I also watched a Korean female lawyer being interviewed and she informed that Goo Hye Sun went public about the divorce so she'll have the advantage in the divorce proceedings. With regard to a gag order, only a judge can grant this. Seems more the lawyers on both sides advised their clients to shut up. These news articles are so over the top ridiculous.
  3. @loveukoo, below is the news of about her Shanghai exhibit. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/08/goo-hye-suns-art-exhibition-to-show-at-shanghai-art-fair
  4. @Teresa Gascoyne It would probably be simpler if AJH will just file for divorce under the reason of "irreconcilable differences". In the text exchange between him and GHS, he admitted that she was not the cause of his depression. GHS demanding money and AJH granting her to the point of bankruptcy cannot be taken against her because he voluntarily gave her the money. The rest are just media hype but it won't help in winning a divorce case because when it comes to court, facts matter. AJH lawyer may be the best lawyer and craft a legal case till he's blue in the face, but he will have a tough time if his client is guilty of adultery. Why do you think GHS's camp is very quiet? Because they know the law is in their side.
  5. @myonenonly what criminal offense is she being charged by AJH? The only way she could be charged is if she physically harmed AJH or committed any criminal act against him. She did none of those. AJH cannot contest her decision of not divorcing because she never filed for a divorce. The only way to contest a divorce is if one party files and the other party contests it. That means that if AJH wants a divorce he should file it himself. He hasn't done that and if he did, GHS stated that she's not granting him one. It is very clear that GHS is the innocent party and therefore has the power of refusal. Don't worry about GHS not being able to work just because she's a divorcee. She just published a book that turned out to be a bestseller. She's publishing her essay, she recently had a successful exhibit in Seoul where she donated the proceeds to charity and she's having another exhibit at the Shanghia Art Fair.
  6. @iamsherry, Dispatch is nothing but a tabloid that thrive on lurid sensationalism of issues mostly about celebrities. It's so obvious that the text messages were randomly picked. Here's an excerpt of an article published in Allkpop before Dispatch exposed the test messages. "Immediately after earlier reports that Ahn Jae Hyun is currently preparing to reveal an entire Kakao Talk conversation between him and Goo Hye Sun, the actress spoke up with a brief new comment via her Instagram. She wrote, "I don't even use Kakao Talk~ Stop with the useless preparations. You traitor." It is obvious that AJH was behind Dispatch's expose. All that talk about "forensically discovered" text messages is total bs. So if GHS did not use Kakao Talk app, where did all those text messages come from? On the other hand, GHS was very smart when she took a screen shot of the text message between her and AJH from her cell phone proving that it was authentic. AJH could not refute the content of the text message.
  7. I must admit I've been writing my comments in Soompi and Allkpop. I figured someone has to stand up for GHS amidst alll those vile comments against her. I'd sometime skim through the comments and I don't know if I should be pissed off or amused because of the level of stupidity of most of these commenters. What is disappointing is that most of them are women. I did not receive any negative reaction except for one article about the the lawyer of AJH who stated that they are filing for divorce against GHS. My comment was so sarcastic that I got a reaction from 5 individuals. One was kinda on our side and she commented that there's something missing in the text messages revealed by Dispatch because they were so random. Two called me names "pathetic no brainer" and "delusional." I had a long winded discussion with the one who called me "delusional" who slowly became hysterical and culminated in calling me and GHS (she's psychotic) names. It was hilarious. Below is my post that got the reaction. I quoted passages in the article and gave my comments. "Gee whiz Luis, AJH's lawyer did not miss to insert an infomercial about how successful their firm is....LOL ” We are taking a careful stance at this stage. We believe anything can sound like a unilateral claim from one side, so he will personally reveal his thoughts after the situation is settled" Careful stance? Hmmm.....I thought you already filed the divorce papers against GHS. What's the holdup AJH, why don't you reveal your thoughts now? "Ahn Jae Hyun is in a state in which he can’t help but prepare to take legal action." What, you're still preparing? Go ahead, make her day. "Furthermore, we ask her to submit to the courts the ‘photo of [Ahn Jae Hyun] eating a late-night snack with a woman at a hotel’ that she mentioned yesterday (September 4) on her social media." With all due respect Sir, you have to file the divorce papers in court or take legal action first before she can show the photo in court. Without those actions, your words are just bluster. "Finally, Ahn Jae Hyun wishes for the truth to be revealed. He has stated that it is unfortunate that he can only do so by taking legal action." So take legal action already. Geez....(eye rolling) "Dispatch revealed text messages shared between Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. Soon after, Ku Hye Sun took to her Instagram and stated that the reason behind their divorce was Ahn Jae Hyun’s affair." Where do you think the couple's text messages that Dispatch "forensically discovered" came from? I'll give you a hint. It ain't from GHS's phone. Yup, the messages came from AJH's phone. So it's no surprise that those random messages were more favourable towards AJH. He threatened GHS that he'll reveal the kakao talk that's why GHS was forced to go public to warn that whatever AJH and company shares is a lie. So far, all AJH's pronoucements are more to portray himself as the victim. All designed to fool a gullible public. And from the comments I've read, it's working in his favour. And.....why is he hiding behind his lawyers, his friends, lawyer of oh yeon soo who also threatened to take legal action against GHS but never did?"
  8. @wildcherry. We'll soon learn whether AJH and OYS's media spin, using GHS as their pawn to drum up interest in their upcoming drama will work. AJH is done. First of all he lost all his endorsements, he's not a good actor and will never reach the status of a Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho and he is scandal plague. If that blind item was really about him, there's a possibility that no one will hire him again because he's a liability. Imagine being the lead actor halting production, because you're somewhere canoodling with women. Note that GHS never even bothered to acknowledge all their threats and hysterics. She knows that they're just empty threats and she'll never allow herself to be used by these people to promote their drama. GHS on the other hand will continue on with success. She has a good reputation as author, artist, a philanthropist who gives a lot to charity, and an all around great human being. No matter the vicious comments against her because they're just empty noises coming from people who are not exactly moving around her circle. She has already established a sterling reputation not only in Korea but internationally, her books are bestsellers, her work displayed in galleries in Hongkong, Paris and so forth. She's performed with a Japanese artist, so that she must be rubbing elbows with and meeting highly intelligent, talented professionals, politicians and businessmen/women. I think she'd be much happier in that environment than being an actress. @loveukoo GHS is silent, has not posted anything yet. It will probably take time for GHS to heal. She must still feel raw right now. I wish GHS would go away for a while to clear her head and cleanse her soul. Maybe a luxurious spa vacation abroad.
  9. @wildcherry OYS will never sue because GHS never mentioned her by name. It's the agency that dragged her name and it is obvious that this is a publicity stunt. The drama that OYS cannot get over the fact that her name was dragged by GHS is total bs designed to create controversy and get those gullible knetz to change sides away from GHS. They're aware of the legal implication if they go ahead and file a lawsuit against GHS. They cannot take legal action based on assumptions alone. As @Teresa Gascoyne mentioned, big companies pay to destroy someone. AJH must have a wealthy backer to help him with this divorce. Notice that the articles in his favour have been escalating starting with Dispatch exposure so that the tide is slowly moving in favor of this dirtbag. They're now systematically exposing GHS as a lying, manipulative b__t_h. GHS being the private person that she is probably just wanted a quiet divorce just like the Song Song couple but something must have happened that made her go public. It was a smart move on her part. Had she remained silent, she would have been shredded publicly by AJH and his backers. Call it luck but the list of conditions she had AJH sign is very good evidence of AJH's admission of guilt. I wish GHS has evidence of his abuse to make her case even stronger. At first, I wondered why GHS went to the extent of publicly posting this list but now I understand it's implication. She wanted to show the kind of life she was having with AJH and also, a warning directed to AJH because he did sign it.
  10. Yes, most recently a flood of articles have been sprouting like mushrooms in favour of AJH. I've read about this about companies like HB pay money to change public opinion. GHS must be well aware of the machinations of these companies so she beat them to it by breaking the news ahead of them. All of us were surprised by the sudden change in her behaviour because she's very private and painfully shy, almost timid even.
  11. @Teresa Gascoyne, I totally agree with you. That piece of paper is a great physical evidence against AJH in court. This man is even worst than I thought.
  12. No, 8 in the list is concerning "Even if you’re feeling good because you’re drunk, don’t yell or slap or use other forms of violence." Do you think GHS is being physically abused by him? As you mentioned, who could it be except GHS and their pets. There was a video that showed one of their pet dogs barking at AJH, like it did not recognize him. Those AJH fangirls probably did not bother to read closely because they're hell bent on their mission to protect their idol.
  13. @obbor4 I did not pay much attention to GHS's list so I missed that tidbit of information you shared that is, "not to come home in a violent mindset that included: pushing, slapping, and swearing." I hope "that person" (that's what GHS call him now) did not hit her. Men should never resort to physical or mental abuse. I'm also wondering what prompted her to do up that contract. What is in the list must be ongoing and such an eye opener and now I realized why GHS had the need to post it publicly. She wanted to show to people what she was going through. AJH's fangirls, instead of seeing the situation she's under, pounced on her like sharks that smelled blood and attacked her. I love GHS's picture above. She's no longer a young lady but a woman. There's a sense of serenity, confidence and maturity about her. Like she can take on the world.
  14. @Pearl, I did not say that GHS can sue AJH. I said that she can sue Dispatch because they revealed private text messages without her permission. Dispatch is a third party and they said that they forensically discovered the Kakao text messages between GHS and AJH. In other words Dispatch did not have permission from either GHS and AJH. It's obvious who the source is and it's none other than AJH but of course, he must be afraid of any backlash if he revealed the text messages himself.
  15. @Aimee, where do you think the couple's text messages that Dispatch "forensically discovered" came from? I'll give you a hint. It ain't from GHS's phone. Yup, the messages came from AJH's phone. So it's no surprise that those random messages were more favourable towards AJH. He threatened GHS that he'll reveal the kakao talk that's why GHS was forced to go public to warn that whatever AJH and company shares is a lie. Here is what GHS replied in response to Dispatch publishing the text messages which was posted in allkpop. ""'Dispatch's forensic results? That person has changed his phone three times this year. If you want me to give my direct reason for divorce, it's an affair. I've heard too many rumors of an affair with the actress that [Ahn Jae Hyun] is currently filming a drama with, and I was baffled by such rumors so that I could not decide whether to trust in him or not. When I heard that the person who used to never text me or call me, saying that he was busy, was messaging that actress and laughing with her, I was torn and hurt at his betrayal. That's why I need some time to reorganize my feelings. (I have a photo of [Ahn Jae Hyun] eating late night snacks with another actress in a hotel, both of them wearing bathing gowns which I found on his computer some time after we married. I will submit it as evidence to the court.)" I'm sure AJH in cahoots with Dispatch randomly selected the text messages favourable to him. That is why it was really necessary to GHS to come out and reveal her side. If I were GHS, I'd sue Dispatch for revealing private messages between her and AJH without her permission because they're a third party. If AJH revealed the messages himself, it wouldn't be a problem just like GHS when she revealed text messages between her and AJH because they're the owners of those text messages. AJH is such a dirtbag. He did not post the messages himself because it would be too obvious that he is destroying GHS when he is the guilty party. He used Dispatch to do the dirty work.
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