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  1. LSG commented on Suzy's latest IG update Suzy: Vagabond, on air tonight LSG: How would you watch it in Paris? (She's in Paris for Fashion week) Suzy: Netflix
  2. Vagabond OST Part 2. Fallen Star by Elaine So sad Suzy IG Update
  3. So what could it be this bad guy has in his ring to make CDG fall down instantly? Electric shock? Poison?
  4. Vagabond OST part 2 <Fallen Star> (English lyric) Will be released today
  5. Definitely he will. He appeared in the ep3 preview for sure. I'm looking forward to it too! They uploaded another BTS clip full of cuteness (it's longer than this but I couldn't find full version)
  6. I was reading some reviews and found an interesting point that I've not noticed while I was watching Episode 1. All the action sequences and reckless terrorist chasing/fist fighting of CDG seem to be intentionally put together. Even though he was a civilian, he already experienced all similar actions during movie filming in his stuntman days - which was shown at the beginning of the episode. You can find 1-1 matching for most action scenes. Jumping off from a building (stunt action) - jumping off from a roof (Morocco), Getting hit by a brick on the head (stunt action) - getting hit by a flowerpot (Morocco) ...and so on
  7. LSG cooked Teokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes) for Suzy in Morocco
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