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  1. LSG smiling and waving at bystanders yesterday during break. Filming in Wonju was originally scheduled for Apr/13-14, but today's shooting was postponed to next Saturday (Apr/20) due to bad weather forecast in the region.
  2. Filming in Wonju (a city east of Seoul) this weekend (Apr/13~Apr/14). There is blank shots sound warning, so I guess some kind of "shoot out scene" is planned.
  3. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002900743 Reportedly, <Vagabond> is slated to Premier in September, but it will move from Wed-Thu to Fri-Sat 10PM, which is relatively new drama slot recently launched by <The Fiety Priest> very successfully. <Vagabond> will follow <The Fiety Priest>, <Mung Bean Flower (Late April)>, and <Doctor Room (July)> and is currently in talks with Netflix for global release. Shooting will be wrapped up by May. Edit: This is not an official confirmation from SBS though. So I had to add 'reportedly' just to be safe.
  4. As far as I know Vagabond consists of 16 episodes and the network (SBS) already announced its succeeding project "Secret Boutique", which would premier in July. Also, it is very likely that Premier of Vagabond will be pushed back to May 15th. Current Wed-Thu drama "Big Issue" will not be aired next week (decision was made official yesterday). Its production team couldn't film enough to put together next week's episodes.
  5. I don't think filming will be completed any time soon because it is rumored that the production team is recruiting more field staff. My guess is it will continue well into April. Promotion should start soon though.
  6. They wrapped up 3-4 day shooting in Ulsan on Friday after finishing up 2 day heavy shooting in Daegu. Based on actors' SNS interactions, there will be more shooting today (Saturday) in another city. The cast seem to have a lot of fun, treating dinner to one another (first day dinner was on LSG, second day - SSR, third day - Suzy, etc) and even practicing lines in dinner table! And my 2 cents on TLE & Vagabond
  7. Just a few of clips among many from today's shooting in Daegu Lots of car crash, chasing, and overturn & decent amount of blood on LSG's face
  8. They have upcoming shooting schedule on Mar. 17 and Mar. 18 in Daegu, a city in southern part of Korea. They say it is large-scale car chasing sequence (probably very important scenes) so they have to block busy roads for shooting. Detour announcements were already made. Hope weather is good and everything goes smoothly.
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