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  1. When watching the first episode, I wasn’t too sure how it was going to turn out. After watching a few more episodes, I have to say it was surprisingly good. The plot and suspense kept me going, and I’m glad they didn’t drag out the uncertainty of ‘Ye Qin Lei’s’ death status. As for the wardrobe, the only character dressed with impeccable class and taste was Yang Shuo’s character. The others swung between quite nice to horrendous.
  2. Saw a Zhang Binbin interview recently on YouTube where he talked about the ending of this drama. He said that he didn’t have good endings in all of his previous dramas but he has a good one in this drama. He said it was a happy and perfect ending as the two main leads end up with each other. Base on that, I believe the final scene in the woods where Chen Yu and Hua Bu Qi met up was not Bu Qi’s imagination. Yes, like everyone, i felt the ending was rushed and left so many things hanging in the air. Had they given that scene abit more time, it wouldn’t have left us the audience guessing. What a pity. It was such a wonderful drama and the ending just ruined it.
  3. @shihuangdi I agree with you. Chen Yu had his doubts about Bai Jianfei. In the episode when CY had to go to Yuan Chong’s house to seek medical help, CY told YC not to let BJF know thay he is Lian Yi Ke. It must be his instincts or his interactions with BJF that tells him not to trust BJF.
  4. My take this on this is I don’t know exactly when he turned evil, but in ep45, Bai Jianfei finally told Yuan Chong how he felt about Chen Yu and their frienship/brotherhood. When Yuan Chong confronted Bai Jianfei about turning against CY and betraying their friendship, BJF said that he has always doubted YC’s and CY’s sincerity. He felt that they came from upper class family and he was a nobody and so the friendship they had was not genuine, and the fact that they never told him CY was the Lotus Robe Knight. The friendship was not on equal terms. I think it’s a case of inferiority complex that led him down the evil path.
  5. Thank you for all your recaps and for sharing your thoughts. I have enjoyed reading them tremendously. As for your thoughts and feelings on the ending, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t agree more! I feel exactly the same way. You have expressed just about everything I have thought and wanted to say. Thank you, thank you. On a side note (a long note). I am so glad Zhang Binbin took on this role and diversified. He was so staunch and stoic in his previous period drama roles (TLTWTMOPB, TKW & TFD) that it is very refreshing to see him play a playful and humorous character and showecased his brilliant acting skills.
  6. Me too! I have downloaded the drama and am rewatching everything while waiting for the grand finale. I know I am going to miss this drama, the characters and the discussion on this forum terribly
  7. @biancardi, Yes, agree with you on that one. Right from the get go, all CY wanted to do was to protect BQ as he didn't want her to be a tool for the Biluotian saga. Later, it became about protecting her (and her identity as the Biluotian saint) and bringing his master's and master's sister's ashes back to Biluotian and lock up the place forever (Ep 44). That's why he hid the two items in the lodge in the woods and did not hand them in to the emperor..
  8. (Spoilers) From the scene in the woods where BQ was dressed in black and CY showed up in the same outfit as BQ and introduced himself as Lian Yi Ke, I THINK it’s going to be a happy ending, but I suspect the happy ending scene will be VERY short, would love to see the happy ending played out in an entire episode (yes, I’m dreaming) but don’t think that’ll happen.
  9. I really don’t like the character DFS but I know it’s part of the story. Anyhow, here’s a clip of a very different Austin Lin who plays DFS. It’s a Ford car commercial with Ariel Lin.
  10. I know! I’m not really invested in Xiao Xia’s character, but I was all teary-eyed watching that part
  11. Hi everyone, have been lurking on this thread and am finally joining this conversation to share a little something. I love love this drama, particularly the leads (Zhang Binbin is so yummy) and their amazing chemistry!!! Saw a preview of the ending on YouTube, and I’m pretty sure what ending we are going to get. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I’m not going to say anything or give my opinions. Spoiler Alert! https://youtu.be/coXJ_wV0f2c Happy Chen yu day everyone!
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