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  1. I love 1n2d and it hurts to see s3 being marred by this big black history forever. It was the longest, and the best, imo. Dont sell me s1, imo its too old and doesnt suit my taste. Even if they comeback, they might want to rebrand with new season or new members. The existing members might feel they dont want to return together as the memories might be too painful. Or KBS will want a new variety show with new ppl to erase everything. Whatever the reasons, s3 is as good as over i guess.. sadly. The one i pity the most are the staffs. Bcos they dont earn much, and will suffer this loss more than the members who have other programs and earn more than the staffs. Cant help it.. but thanks for the good times..
  2. I'll just say it once.. this is not the place for your comments. Maybe its better if you go to other sites like reddit or disqus. Your comments are out of topic and inciting a fanwar with the names you are calling ppl, like pigs or pricks or stupid. This is not the place, so go somewhere else.
  3. As much as i love 1n2d, i kinda agree for the temporary break. The members and staffs will be devastated at this point. They've been through a lot in the last 5yrs ++. But sadly, news are that 1n2d filming will proceed this friday as planned.. . Lets just support whatever decision the production team and members decides.. and wish the best for the show!
  4. Are you here to just spread hate? Seriously, there's no report of any girls going into depression or commit suicide, so dont need to jump into conclusion and sentence him to something that is hypothetical. We are just humans. We have our own errors, so we are not free to judge other people. Only God can.. so let the law decide and let God judge. If he is indeed unrepentant, only he would know, and this is his karma. How can we judge by just snippets of chats which we didnt even see the whole thing? Did it ever occur to u it could be taken out of context? And im not even saying he is not wrong. I agree he is wrong, and he needs to pay, but the other 1n2d members who've known him, and his close friends and family will be having a hard time now, not to mention he himself is the one going through the toughest time. Who are we as public to persecute him? Just let the investigations proceed and let him have his just punishment. No need to spread more hate or twist the story. Im refusing to judge him and will just wish he get through this a better person. Because everyone deserves a second chance.
  5. Not trying to support or give excuses for JJY's actions which are clearly illegal, but these chats were from 2015-early 2016? Before his first scandal. Instead of looking at it as his second mistake, i think it should be looked as the same mistake. The question is whether he had changed for the better ever since then. If any evidence surface from recent years after his first scandal, then i think it is right to think he is gravely wrong, have not repented and should be gravely punished. But if he had changed.. then i think he deserved a second chance? He still needs to be punished of course, but at least not seen as a grave criminal... The pics on IG were seriously horrible. Esp when we havent even heard from him.. ppl are just crucifying him and sentencing him for a crime he hasnt been convicted of yet. It is a crime.. but not as if he killed someone yet? Even some murderer suspect were treated with more respect than this! Im sure all the members will be sad over this... Its not like they can drop someone they've known for years like family.. like how we cant drop our close friends and family even if they commit any crime.
  6. @wangnyeo. I feel the same. Amazing how LJS can transform a story that seems mediocre into something interesting... Haha. He's a good actor no doubt. Have watched all his works since I Hear Your Voice, which was also a noona dongsaeng drama. this drama reminds me of that classic.. yet with a different feel.
  7. Amazing how LJS always looks dashing! Watched ep 1 and im loving it.. hehe. Havent liked rom com in awhile.. but this is interesting.
  8. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=469&aid=0000357535 Junho appears in a radio talk show and talks about 1N2D members. He said: 차태현은 엄마 역할, 난 술 취한 아빠다. 집 나간 삼촌은 김종민, 맏딸 윤시윤, 정준영은 가출소년, 데프콘은 진짜 삼촌 느낌 난다 Cha Tae Hyun is like the mother character, im the drunken father. The uncle who left the house is Kim Jong Min, eldest daughter Yoon Si Yoon, Jung Joon Young is the runaway boy, and Defconn feels like a real uncle.
  9. Oh is it? I dont watch 'Taste of Love' because im not a fan of dating shows. I find them a bit too cheesy for my taste and the lines between whats real and reel is kinda blurred.. so i didnt like it. On why the PDs moved, well its their prerogative to choose whats best for them. Its generally known that being a main PD of a long term show like 1N2D is really tough, so its understandable that there will be changes to the PDs. Im just updating on where the PDs are going.. cos im sure every 1N2D fan are also interested in the news of the ex-PDs cos they were just like the extended 1N2D family.. hope we get to see new shows from them in the future.. in their respective channels, and maybe they might even invite some 1N2D members.. like how Hojin likes to include CTH in his shows so far.. who knows what to expect in the future. Im sure the PDs made the best decision for themselves, whatever it is.
  10. Other news that exploded today on Naver: 1. Ilyong is said to be leaving KBS and joining MBN, a small cable network.. guess he isnt on vacation as he said... https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0003772637 2. Yoo Ho Jin who joined Monster Union after leaving 1N2D, is also disclosed to be leaving KBS (Monster Union is a subsi of KBS), and joining TVN. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003117649 3. Yongjin joined the same program as Jongmin and Hwang Mina, 'Taste of Love' on TV Chosun. I thought he said he have a longtime girlfriend.. so i duno what to make of this news.. i duno who is his girlfriend though.. maybe he 'date' his gf on the show.. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000042673
  11. Jang Na Ra is so cute! She absolutely doesnt look her age! At this rate, she will definitely end up marrying a younger man.. hahaha. Simply cos older men/men her age will look too old beside her.. congrats to Jang Na Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk and Shin Sung Rok! All three deserved their award and more! Wish little princess Ari will win something too! She's awesome and just as cute as Jang Na Ra!
  12. YSY crying when LYY accepted the award, but LYY wasnt crying.. thats like a couple in sync! Haha. So cute that he's crying on behalf of her.. just like what Kang Ho would do if So Eun becomes a renowned Judge! Whatever ppl say, they are the best couple in my heart! And they spent 2019 new year countdown together!!! Woohoo! Nothing is better than that! Ppl say the new year countdown makes ppl 'emotional'.. and the first kiss of the new year is especially special.. both gave each other their 'first' new year wish (kiss) for the year 2019! That they both end and start a new year together!!! That was the best present of all!!!! Who cares even if she didnt attend the drama wrap-up party.. she attended this last one only with him!! (And the director of the drama.. who else better to be with them, but the great director who dared to cast them together and technically brought them together? Thank you director!!!)
  13. I actually dislike the way YongJin whines.. he whines all the way to the outdoor sleeping location.. he whines while running on the horse dung field.. i honestly finds his whining uncomfortable and frustrating.. i even skipped the whole part where he whined alone at the outdoor sleeping scene. I dont know why ppl think he's funny. Is whining supposed to be funny? Its such a negative reaction, i know i cant stand it if any of my friends whines endlessly like Yongjin did.. whatever ppl said about Junho, he never whines when carrying on any punishment due to his defeats.. all 6 members always graciously accepts their punishment, esp Donggu who will do everything happily. Its a refreshing sight to see and motivating, that we should also embrace any defeats or punishments graciously no matter how we dislike it.. even though Yongjin carried out the punishments.. he doesnt stop whining..
  14. Maybe Hyuk will realize he love WB instead... Hahaha. Plot twist! The emperor is gay! Lol.
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