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  1. Dramabeans posted an Actor Spotlight on JJH: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/actor-spotlight-joo-ji-hoon/ It seemed from reading between the lines that the writer hadn’t actually watched a lot of the listed projects as they kept describing what the story “sounded like” rather than commenting knowledgeably. I know Dramabeans has had issues creating consistent content lately and maybe they just wanted to push out an article. However it was still a nice summary of JJH’s career highlights thus far and made me want to rewatch some things.
  2. Siwan, please promptly accept so that our eyes can be blessed with this combination of charisma and talent! Really proud of him for receiving this offer. It seems from other sources he’ll likely play Suh Yun Bok, the first Asian winner of the Boston marathon and a world record holder at the time. The film sounds like a prestige project and really, HA JUNG WOO is all that needs to be said. Going to rewatch that scene in Misaeng where Siwan runs up the hill!
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