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  1. When I read the article, i was like :"JH always so comfortable being with him". :)) Also, they are each other's perfect fit. I used to think JK's partner would be someone as strong as him. But in my thought, most 'strong' woman is too strong, they hardly emotional depend on anyone. A couple of strong man and weak woman is also classic one, but i have never really thought of JK being with someone like that. He also doesnt know how to react to one when they appear. I remember the ep when JK was team up with a girl to walk on the ảirbridge, he left her behind to enjoy it while the girl be like :" waaa, wait for me" *being scared and girly* at that exact moment, i thought if it was JH, she would chase right after him and they would make a great time experience it together. JH can be brave and confident to stand by his stand. She is also weak, emotional, girly in front of JK so he can protect her, guild her. I like JH, so i must say JH is perfect to everyone she will be with. But SA will make most perfect couple. JK think alot, he is caution about everything. therefore, if they are real, they would likely never break. I dont find him selfish for worry about his career. I just feel that he is very serious about his relationship and he respects his girl. Even though we have to wait for so long, but it does worth it, even if the worst scenario happen.
  2. I watched the last ep the other day, i was kind of pissed at that moment, as i mentioned SM easily got on my nerves. But then, at the exact same moment, JH was looking at them, checked out SM to see how she was doing like they both (SA) wanted to help her but SH was a step farther. Then i could see SA was so near to each other, talked to each other, i believed someone else was in front of the camera, but i could see both of their back. Maybe they was exchanged or discussed about mission's clues. Anyways, until they separated to different car, there were so many moments that JK helped SM alone didnt really that upset to me. i havent had time to catch up with all comment, sorry if this is so off topic to this point. but i still so glad to know it is not "love is in the air".
  3. she was the only one at that direction so it must be the bride chose her to receive it. people tend to say the one who catch it is the next one to get married but it is mostly random (throw to the crowd) so i wonder... ;))
  4. i have always paid attention with SM-JK scenes. from the begining, i dont hate her but i dont like her either. my feeling changed a little bit when i see how JH react toward her and when i read comment here. SM is really cute. She is very energetic, she has proved that she tried her best on the show. My cousin told me that she is too 'energetic' that she got all the attention. i have to say that it does bother me sometime since JH is usually more silent and willingly to give her scene time to other. i am so happy the way JH act lately, not because they highlight SA but because she takes her chance and always so happy to interupt when it is about JK. As someone once said here, she was glowing of happiness and even spread it through screen. when they suddenly mentioned and kept repeating JK & SM was close now, i do find it annoying. (well, she maybe nice but i like JH lot more, so...) i was like "why would someone invite a male colleague alone if she doesnt have any love interest in him?" and i have to say i still have that thought in mind. however, 1. JK tried so hard to prove it was normal meeting, with other friend, he didnt even want to be there alone. he hated the 'playboy' talk too. 2. JH and JK stood next to each other right after the scene. and most of all, i know they trust each other. put aside the fact that i hate how they put JK and SM together, i think JH just didnt know how to react so that HH helped her. If she got jealous on screen, there were worst situations. Both of them are nice and charming, people cant help themselves from liking them, right ;)) i believe they have build enough trust for each others. Their interactions, their bond is not something word can describe, but it is there, and we all know it. ps: please give me some positive opinion so that i dont start to dislike SM. it has nothing to do with my belief in SA. If SA is real then SM is absolutely is not the thing between them. but the girl's behavior or how the show develop her character sometime step on my nerve -_-;
  5. found this on fb just now. Video of the part you guys are talking about. it is really sweet xD
  6. Yah, i mean LLs with KG and HJY. It wasnt the first time the two was mentioned in the show but this time, it was really odd. When they talked about GR, it was always about how they wished him well. Even though they had mentioned that he was happy but now JH clearly said 'it is over'. And about HJY. I usually skip several episodes of RM and watch all of it in one day so my memory and timeline doesnt really catch up. But put aside real life, i dont think HJY was that close to JH on the show, she mostly always with JK and now their LL was confirmed it was all about business. I know we all knew it, but the fact they stated it was still something, especially when it was one after to another. and it added to the huge question "Why now?" I think they are trying to clear all the lovelines to prepare for something, mostly about relationship. a tiny part of me think it maybe with 2 different person. But because they are doing it together, and the way they put it, they are probably together. Ok, it just doesnt make sense if they use the same content to get rid of LL at the same time to announce they are with someone else or to do something else that has nothing to do with these LLs.
  7. I did notice this part. But the 'do you have her number' didnt sound like 'I will give it to you if you dont have it' because JK didnt look at SC when he said that. If he was about to give it out, he should have looked at SC. so i agree with mn0096 about he made it sound like he didnt have her number. But what is more important is he kind of ignore her and no direct interaction after that. I was so surprised when they put her and JH together as 'best friend' instead of being JK's friend. Now that they 'ended' 2 LL. i wonder what is next :))) And in the 'calling' part. Is it just me or JK just pulled himself near JH again instead of SC when he want to 'listen to the answer from the phone'?
  8. I think all the scenes which HH teased SA was cute. They all enjoyed it, even JK and JH. Talking about it, HH did look like he silently pay attention to the couple until they caught his eyes. and he couldnt stop himself Which made it very normal and not like intendedly made up SA moment. In the past, JK and JH's eating scene were never really showed. JK wasnt shy until HH teased him, so they have been doing it all the time, JK is fine to keep taking care of JH, he just not used to be teased. About HJY, JK seemed to be annoy and too polite and distance to her. They barely made eye contact or spoke directly to each other. i just found this today. his reaction was so cute. he was totally freaked out. They called JH and HH said "I love you" to JH before hung up the phone.
  9. As sofiemarz mentioned above, i do think it is more intense than ever too. I dont know if it is because i have been shipping them for so long, but i dont remember the members were this active to other lovelines in the past. JH wasn't so relaxed when people pushed up MC moment. But now, she is actually having fun, and JK is quite shy but he seems to be happy as well. I can't stop thinking about the reason to push up this loveline. If they are not prepare to announce their relationship but only go along with fans (Whatever its has to do with the show), dont fan be disappoint? So in that case, it is better to keep the loveline low and never mention it. I have great hopes for this. Anyway, hope there wont be any backfire with all the highlight of SA. and thank you smartace, it is Pajama Friends, i dont know much about K-shows, i watched that ep just now. It is really nice, thank you xD
  10. Sorry for quote back such a large quote, but can anyone tell me which show and ep in which KJK worn a white shirt and sat next to SJH with a lot of girl? that doesnt look like RM, right?
  11. Wow, i didnt have chance to read the hater's post, but it is easy to notice that his/her post only make us bond stronger. I used to watch only US-UK movies/shows, which mean i didnt like K-shows, music or movies. But several years ago, my siblings were huge fan of Korean entertainment so i joined them to watch RM. To be more specific, i watched so many screenplays with them through year, RM was and is the only K-show i enjoyed. At that time, MC was the main loveline in the show, and it was mentioned every single episode but i didnt really into the loveline but SJH herself. She is strong, confident, a little clumsy but nice, kind and caring. i have never imagined myself being a fan of someone (aside from fictional characters) but i cant stop myself from liking JH. In the ep which they had to face their fear, i cried as JH got frightened and i was so angry that they chose that topic for the ep. Anyway, i started to like KJK because he was nice to her and her emotion towards him. Their interaction were never mentioned on purpose in the show. But it was not hard to point out as they ALWAYS walking next to each other, helping each other, understand each other without saying a word. I paid more attention on KJK from then and i believed he is a gentle, warm and thoughtful man, only his experience that make him started to do body building and the director decided to build his image based on his muscular look. I do think they are a perfect match for each other. SJH is very feminine in front of KJK, she can lean on him, let him take care of her but as the same time, she can stand by his side, sharing everything with him instead of hiding behind him like most girl will. I remember the ep where KJK was teamed up with another girl. They had to walk on an airbridge, KJK walked alone, left the girl behind. The actress was yelling and scared. at that moment i thought if it was SJH, he would wait for her and they would walk together. SJH is a beautiful, feminine woman who man want to protect but she is also forceful and determined to stand by her mate. When KJK is formidable but he is also sensitive, tender, considerate and sweet. Maybe they are not in a relationship, it is just me that cant help but shipping together. I still wish they both all the best, with each other or with someone else. As a close friend or whatever, they care for each other alot. KJK is not a bad person, and it cant be my imagination because i wasnt KJK's fan if it wasn't because of SJH. About the "Before that happened" i think it is referring to MC too and SJH couldnt help but defended for KJK again :)) I dont really have a favorite SA moment, because they are always so sweet off-screen. I know all of you have shared your story before, but as the next episode is next week, do you mind to share your story/ favorite SA moment? please dont mind me if this bother you. i do enjoy the last 1000+ page and i always spend time to read through it again whenever i came back.
  12. It took sometime for me to catch up all the episodes. I can't believe these recent ep, when SA became spotlight. in ep 437, they denied when other teased them but is it just me or KJK was blushing? For me, his denial wasn't honest, it was like "i know it, i know, now stop teasing already!!" The members also talked about 'avoiding-method' of KJK. So perhaps he acts different around camera or he quite avoid things because he doesnt know how to deal with it in real life? The members not just tease them now but also intently put them together. Like when they devide team. Because as how i understand, KJK's face is not the face of traitor, "He can't stand dirty work" is not a bad trait. But SJ went along with it and KJK went right to JH anyway. I wonder about KS, he normally doesnt team up with HH, JK or JS, at least not so willingly, but he just chose SJ's team on his own this time. When they mentioned about Gary, KJK blinked alot, he almost speechless about KG. Why mention about KG? Did they just go with the flow or they tried to explain to MC fan one last time to prepare something (for SA) in the future? throughout the game, KJK always discuss with JH, he seemed to be a leader which pick the final decision to me. I really like it how they work together. "JK, show her how to do it" "She is good." Normally he watched all the member and show them how to do, i mean everyone, but now, his attention is on only one person. anyway, i will stop writing here and come back later. As it is the last day of year, wishing you a year filled with success, happiness and prosperity, Happy Lunar new year @delusionalme, smartace, mn0096, kookiemongg thank you all for sharing the link/ information, i really appreciated. This is the only forum where i always feel welcomed even how long or how many time i come back, it doesnt change at all.
  13. Hello, i am sorry to bother. anyone know where can i watch the show with english subtitle? I havent had much time to online and today every page i know just doesnt work anymore.
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