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  1. It could be that originally there was twins and they lost one child? I know I'm grasping at straws but honestly so are the writers of this makjang.
  2. I think the three options are AhRi’s dad (unlikely) but it’d be a nice segue into recovering that relationship, loan sharks (again unlikely) because he’s seen how much of a mess his dad is or Emma. Alternatively it could be one of the three judges at the first market restaurant contest. I’m actually really interested to see who it is because of the fortune teller’s prediction.Also Daero RickRoll'D me off, out of everyone he should be the most grateful to Ah Ri. Thanks to her her got Bora, to meet his stepdad, more customers for his business, casting etc and he’s like oh Shin Writer is so evil
  3. Honestly I thought everything was okay since they both agreed on the marriage but this was really 1 step forward, 100 backwards. Honestly I can’t get over Bora’s selfishness. She knows she’s not even into Junsoo anymore, look at how she smiles at Daero’s text messages. She’s just greedy and suffers from princess disease. I honestly can’t with her,I’m going to skip next week’s episode and wait till the week after to watch. I ain’t suffering through Bora’s world. She’s actually worse than Eom Pd. Eom Pd at least dated Junsoo for three years. Bora is incredibly crass and she needs to go to therap
  4. Yeah and then he was like Hae Shim you don't know how I feel, um no dude she feels worse than you and it reflects worse on her because people will say it happened because she is a step mother. Also I love how he brought up love as the reason for why he doesn't want Ahri and Junsoo to marry but you divorced your ex wife who you also loved so STFU.
  5. I didn't say you pity Bora, I said Ahri isn't getting too much pity. And I don't think other people would assault a pregnant person or go out of their way to confront them time and time again. Most likely we'd just cut ties and would have moved out. Bora is eating her cake and having it. She's being the victim and the assaulter all at once without regards to the feelings of anyone around her. She doesn't even care if the child dies or how Ahri would live knowing she couldn't protect the child and she used Byeori to get information. The only shining point was the fact that she didn't give it to
  6. I don’t think it’s too much pity, Bora said she didn’t like him and if we’re going to feel pity for that, then all the villainess in drama land should be pitied because someone slept with a guy they consider husband material. Even without Ahri, Bora would have lost to Um pd’s family background so I don’t think we can kid ourselves that Ahri broke them up. Also they were drunk and single, and Ahri has been emotionally and physically abused by Bora as well as had to be slapped and demeaned by her bosses. Bora literally said this is about your inferiority complex, proving that she did look down o
  7. If she quits (I'm assuming Sunhan released a defaming video) she would essentially be blacklisted from other stations because of morality issues due to whatever the video was as South Korean public officials aren't really allowed blemishes on their public image. It looked like she was quitting without being forced to so let's see on Monday for the deal.
  8. I think it's a real pity that he said he doesn't deserve Bora when we can see that Ahri struggles with her self esteem.Also Kim Won Tae is such an asshat. And Daero how dare you say that Ahri betrayed Bora? I love how she keeps saying Ahri hid the fact that they're sisters but it was her, always her that didn't want it aired because she looks down on Ahri.
  9. If I remember correctly he kidnapped Junsoo and that was the first reason for Junsoo’s panic atacks. I think it was since the girls were 12 because Ahri’s dad mentioned middle school and how ‘feral’ Ahri was. And yeah I really agree.
  10. I think the comment when a stepmother arrives so does a a stepfather is really on the nose about Ahri's dad. Like he'll probably call out Ahri in the next few episodes to warn her not to make trouble for his boss's granddaughter. Also Junsoo's parents are amazing, they're so two faced they should win an Oscar, Junsoo's dad not caring about Junsoo being targeted and getting a bad image in a face conscious society like Korea says everything. The fact that they know he still has panic attacks and are forcing him into a situation where they'll increase disgusts me. I have panic attacks and they'r
  11. Someone should tell the grandma both parties need to consent, I hope Ahri's dad doesn't bow down to her. Like casually threatening you employee's children. Does she still think Junsoo loves Sunny? Also Bora why are such a bish? You don't stand up for Ahri okay but why do you have to try to ruin her too. Honestly it feels like these people will try to murder Airi or cause her a miscarriage. Ahri's co workers should also be able to tell that Sunhan isn't liked by Junsoo. No wonder her mom is a missionary, her daughter's a menace.
  12. Bora actually has a bad attitude and Daero being like um I can sympathise with how hurt you are Bora but not Ahri? Like what the hell, also Sunhan is straight up trash. I can't believe their boss is so lack about her slapping Ahri. Like seriously, slapping in Korea is now a criminal offence so she could sue. And making up a scandal? She's shameless, I hope Ahri hurries up and gets married to Junsoo because honestly I'm surprised she still has a baby at this point.
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