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  1. I like Ah Ri better than Bo Ra but she is rude, I think Bo Ra is worse though, she calls Ah Ri's dad 'Appa' but takes offense if Ah Ri call her mom 'Eomma', also considering Korean Hierarchy she's actually stepping out of line a lot, especially calling Ah Ri, her full name when it's considered rude in Korean culture. I get how Ah Ri decided to deal with Byeori but I don't approve of her not calling into work. I think Ah Ri's love line will be way more interesting though.
  2. Suk Joon finally had his eureka moment. To bad it was like 40 episodes late but at least it happened.
  3. Well to be fair the is how politics play out in South Korea. I agree that the title isn't right but if we go from Korean translation the title should be My Mom Caught Feelings so maybe they made the decisions based on sounds. I do wonder though, where is Suk Jeon's birth dad in all this? If they're going to introduce him they're running out of time. It would be interesting if him and HJ turned out to be related. Also I think Mr.Kim will be very important for the trial.
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