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  1. Crazy palace twist: king Gwanghae said he used to travel alone disguised as normal people; that's when he heard that story about the crushed worm egg. So, he may want to enter the widow village and, therefor, crossdress too (better if he shave his beard before...). OK, OK, I'm leaving now, please stop kicking me... Now seriously, I'm still to find some negative review/comment about TTON. Popular response is overwhelming.
  2. @aineofcebu, any role that happens to be a challenge for her. A good one could be a dark and evil role --sort of Bo-kyung in TMETS, but strong and smart like Go Eun-byeol in S2015-- opposing an experienced actress as the "good" role, but allowing twists in their good-bad duality. But if I was a troll, I would like another drama with Kim Yoo-jung. Two professional thieves, sort of Bonnie & Clyde or Sundance Kid & Butch Cassidy, but 100% girls. Knetizens, haters, fanboys/fangirls and everybody else would go crazy with that. But I'm not sure if Kim and Kim mental health could deal with it
  3. I highly recommend you "Let's Fight Ghost", especially her aeygo (and later, jelly) fun interactions with Taecyeon's character.
  4. First coffee truck for JDY's got the label "Unnie's truck". I was expecting this second one to be labelled as "Omoni's truck"
  5. More or less, she's chemistry with every male actor she work with. But, according to what she has recently said, it was 2PM's Taecyeon the closest when they shot "Let's Fight Ghost". And I agree, watching their BTS. Let's see the place Jong Dong-yoon is going to reach in that loooong --and envied-- list of hot boys.
  6. Re-watching that School 2015 scene and getting a mix in my head, I was expecting Kang So-young to draw a sword... @Ly Khánh, I thought Sung-jae, as BTOB's leader, was already a well known idol star. Actually, I don't know anything about kpop, jpop or any other "pop" styles from year 2000 to present. Also, I makes me happy that hiring idols doesn't guarantee anything. Let idols sing/dance and actors play roles.
  7. Even the always-serious Ssook is astonished at that smacking. It's going to be a Monday full of laughs. By the way, I'm starting to get obsessed by this drama. Walking in the streets, every time I see a big woman with ponytail from a distance, I think she's a member of the Virtuous Women Corp.
  8. @Ly Khánh, besides a strong script (as least, at the beginning) and So-hyun's acting skills, School 2015's got an extra: a big idol. Can you imagine how high could have been ratings for Love Alarm and TTON if, instead of Song Kang, Jung Ga-ram and Jong Dong-yoon (that is, pure actors), were big idols? Two number ratings for sure. And maybe worst quality, even when KSH is able to make idol partners improve their skills (e.g. Taecyeon). Plus, Lee Eun-bin/Go Eun-byeol were great characters. Even when Gong Tae-kwang was too, everybody remembers the twins and their struggle. I guess it's hard to build a good female role nowadays. In TTON, Nok-du is stealing the show. Probably, it will be remembered as "the kdrama that boosted JDY's career".
  9. First time I've seen her uploading an episode preview in her Instagram account. I guess they're getting serious about boosting ratings. Good luck! (for them and for us). Instagram offtopic:
  10. Hmmm... from my point of view (345 diopters every eye), those are kid's hand and arm. So I guess it's Aeng-doo (Nok-du's... errrr... fiancée ).
  11. Thank you. If it's so, there's a problem with Viki's translation. They never make clear that Yool-moo has "taken care" of pedo-dude. He just say something like "that rotten bastard..." and then stops talking when widow Kim comes out of the house. Anyway, this could lead to trouble for Yool-mo and the rest of the village and gisaeng house. And now, for something completely different: why Hwang-tae, Nok-du's brother, seems to wear even more make-up (eyelashes) than Dong Dong-jo, Ssook or other widows?
  12. Following your list: 8. What happened to Deul-rae (pretty-ninja-girl)? 9. What happened to the pedo-disgusting noble man? It's not like I care for him (though his hyena laughing is funny as hell), but it seems like a little hole in the script. I've noted there are two factions around the king: those-who-laugh-at-the-crushing-egg-worm-history and those-who-don't-laugh (ya know, I'm bored of the "ministers on the left" and "ministers on the right"). May the swordsman (swordswoman?) threatening Deul-rae was sent by the "those-who-laugh" faction.
  13. @bebebisous33 I'm struggling to not get lost with all those abbreviations. To clarify: YC: the young prince holding the white puppy. HY: Heo-yoon, the evil (?) minister who lied King Gwang-hae about Jung Yoon-jeo's ("father") death and the baby he was holding. ND: Nok-du, that was an easy one. HT: Hwang-tae, Nok-du's brother (for now). DJ/DDJ: Dong Dong-jo. CYM: Cha Yool-mo, the handsome chef and first candidate to SLS and running away from "widow Kim". As always, Asianwiki ToND profile is a must see to learn names and faces. Edit: dammit, this post has landed in the next page. So it's useless.
  14. I'm also in love with the swing scene. With all the things you've told, but also with her big and full smile. God knows how I was missing it. Right, he has to do every kind of roles to improve as an actress, but I must confess I was a little tired of sadness, traumatic memories, people bullying her characters... even I re-watched her California trip just because I was missing a jiggly, goofy and happy Kim So-hyun. Dong Dong-jo's got a dark past too (terrible, as much as medieval ages were), but that scene and its change from tears to smile proves she's starting to overcome it. I liked Love Alarm, but I think I'm going to love Tale of Nok-du. As for the ratings, I don't care. Apart from Ruler and School 2015 (Goblin doesn't count, just a cameo), none of her dramas were a hit and, still, she's praised and recognized, and every drama she joins has a guaranteed percentage of viewers. I don't think she's going to be short of work for the next 10 years, minimum.
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