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  1. source: 爵迹·临界天下Official Weibo Account, iQiyi Official Weibo account Details: Title: 爵迹·临界天下 English title: No official English title yet Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Action, Drama Directors: Ma Huagan (Lady & Liar,The Whirlwind Girl), Zou Wei (The Journey of Flower 2) Episodes: 30 Broadcast Date: June 2018 (update) Produced by: iQiyi, Ciwen Media, Shanghai Vision Film & Television Production Co., Ltd. Novel: L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (Jue Ji 爵迹) by Guo Jingming Cast: Zhang Mingen as Qi Ling Joe Cheng as Yin Chen Maggie Huang as Shen Yin Jeffrey Ji Xiong Naijin Sypnosis: The story mainly takes place in the four states of water, wind, earth and fire in the spiritual world. Seven Degrees Wangjue Silver Dust was tasked with finding his own apostle, but he did not intend to discover the hidden secrets of this land. So they began to collaborate side by side to fight against each other and fight for truth and honor. source: baidu.com Preview:
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