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  1. Oh really, maybe I will watch again to assure myself but if it's pros Wei, I'm so. Happy for. Her.. So cool, she is such an intelligent and smart person, her wisdom shouldn't get overshadowed by the fact that she is a prostitute.. So happy they did that if the lady leaving is pros Wei
  2. I think it's Fengxian running away, the 3rd aunt helped her run away since they all thought step mom will be successful so she got scot free.. And if the assassin that tried to kill MLan's son is Fengxian them the assassin ran away, but if the assassin is not Fengxian, it might be the assassin that was helped to run away.. So it's either Fengxian or the assassin
  3. Ep 73 fully shows how GTY is as a person, he might laugh a day, play all day, talk nonsense but every act of his has meaning behind it.. I love how the king praised him in front of ED when he was telling her it was all a weaved web that GTY might be rough but he is the most meticulous person he knows.. I also love how they didn't show us the full talk between empress and ML and made it as a flashback to explain how she knows the plan and how she also played along by acting hopeless.. ML also answered our question of why GTY didn't tell her the plan, it's a royal plan and royal plans concerns the matters of the world, her not knowing advertently saves her from being included in the troubles it might cause.. How they showed how the family learned their mistakes and tried to live accordingly both regarding the ED and the king and in Sheng house is also so insightful, family must always be family, if there are wrong doings, as long as they are willing to change, let's bring them closer to us and help them in changing, no matter what family is the only relation that stays forever ours.. Thank you for this wonderful story of relationships be it love or family..
  4. omg the end of ep 72 was so funny.. The prime Minister was like 'marquis Gu, what's really happening, why am I not invited to the play'.. wow.. GTY is known for the arrow hit saving method
  5. Wow, it's been such an adventure watching the story of Minglan., she was brave, courageous, determined, dedicated, clever, smart, intelligent, and lovely.. I don't even know what to say.. My favorite character was GTY, I guess.. I just love his flaws, insecurity, his bravery, his outspoken nature, his cunning ways, in short his everything.. That was such an all round character.. Then we have QH, that got so maturedly developed that made me miss him so much now, his wife, for being such an amazing wife, she looks at the big picture when dealing with things and I appreciate that.. Our Sheng family, they totally rocked and somehow, this drama is about them and that's why they ended that drama with Sheng family.. Our xiatao and shitou for being the loyal back of GTY and ML.. Glad they got married.. Even though we didn't get to see much epilogue, but I think it's still OK, we can guess the happiness.. In all, the story of minglan made me so proud of women and also so afraid of what we can become if we are not cherished or nurtured well.. So i wish parents can train children well and even if we are not trained well, we should also try to be magnanimous about our disadvantages.. Thanks to the cast and crew of this amazing drama, there were lags but as much as the lags made it more of a drama, so I've no complain.... Hmmm, and I'm so glad I get to meet so many people through this drama.. Thank you all so much for sharing your opinions and making me think more about this drama and making me know a lot about the history.. It's been such an amazing experience.. Hmm, as such, I say thank you to everyone on this forum.. Love you all
  6. I finally have the maybe accurate answer to them still leaving in the house, 1. The punishment will only take place after autumn although he is still imprisoned at first.. So like ML said in ep 72, they still have more time to plan.. This sis the strongest reason 2. Since the marquis house is a generational house of marquis, considering that GTY was not the only one in it, the house was left for them..and that's why the step mom's nanny could come and bash ML as if not because of them they wouldn't have a house to live in.. This is not likely since the house wasn't a marquis house but maybe after joining the two houses, it's has been officially made the marquis house.., that is the next marquis gets to live there.. But it looks like it's true now, since the step mom called it the house of GU and that her son can inherit the marquis title now that GTY is supposedly dead in ep 72...so the house even though was given by the king, has been made the marquis house legally and is now bound by family of GU, so even though GTY is punished, he can still live there as a member of GU house under maybe another marquis of GU.. This is the absolute reason after all.. Wow.. So surprisingly cool that they still based it on family affairs.. Story of Minglan is really a family story 3. When General shen wanted to ask the king to let GTY go, he said he will just be a vanguard, do he later said, they can discard the royal punishment for now and just make him an ordinary citizen without achievements so he gets to become a foot soldier.. So because of this the order that should've happened, didn't get executed, as such made them keep the house as a former glory bestowed on GTY.. This is like a literary reason.. 4..or the punishment might just be taking away the farmsteads and not the house, since it was only 2 plots that was mentioned in the royal order to be taken and that's the 2 farms.. This is a very direct reason.. More like, his good deeds are considered so they let him stay in his house for his efforts, but his supposed bad deeds can't go unpunished, so they took away all other grace he has,like his position, title and farmstead,....this is a very direct reason that does not involve too much thinking. PS.. THE BOLD ONE IS THE MOST ACCURATE REASON BUT YOU CAN STILL READ OTHER REASONS I DEDUCED FOR FUN..
  7. The hidden lovely couple.. So glad they made the characters open up to each other.. QH deserves to be free and happy at heart and his intelligent and smart wife helped him to get that.. Happy ending to the couple
  8. I think the empress telling her was planned, that's why GTY was also not surprised she knows the plan.. So even if she wasn't told, I still support her not being told, truly ML might have gone through a lot and like Empress told her 'if other people can, why can't she?' but even if that didn't happen, I still won't support telling her because more than her pain of fighting for GTY, her knowing an imperial plan, which might fail, which might eventually leads to using people, maybe her too, as scapegoat, so it's better for her to oblivious of the matter, but that's another story entirely too.. So I think I like how it was the empress that told her.... It's more like the empress legally asked her to join the plan.. I'm so excited to watch this..
  9. That's our powerful, talented, amazing, determined, detailed, lovely, cunning, strategist Minglan.. She can lure the tiger into its lair without leaving her own house while pretending to not be clear headed.. The planning ML is back.. The Ed thought she has lost her wings not knowing 'the good bows are being kept behind'.. ED underestimated ML.. ML is the wing herself, she can definitely fly to wherever..
  10. Yeah I wrote about this too but someone also said counter it that the only thing that will take place after autumn is exile and that they shouldn't be in the house.. But I think I'm right that all punishments are to take place after autumn.. But if it's not right, then I will make sure to look for answer in ep 72..
  11. What a pity Molan, but that question is right 'why is it like this' l mean she claim to have followed her mother's teaching since she controlled Sheng house like that.. What a pity pity.. Sorry Molan, but it can't work on someone like your husband.. Like just hear asking if her husband wants to marry our ML, like is she crazy? .. Ah Molan makes me laugh, of course he will divorce you
  12. Even though I don't like molan husband's adulterous behavior, I still like him.. He is someone that's so cool and calm, he can be in a place for months as long as he gets women, you wouldn't even know he is there.. And I really think if he meets someone he loves so much, that person is blessed really.. So sad the one person he came to love was an hypocrite making him go back to his earlier days.. Molan needs to pay for her deeds
  13. The only answer I've not found for our questions is why are they still in the marquis house then.. Hmmm maybe the answer is in ep 72, so I will wait for the subtitles.. Or I can just say it's the grace the Emperor bestowed on them for their grateful deeds for the emperor before.. Not so sure but I will still wait for ep 72 to look for the answer..
  14. Omg, the emperor was surely suspicious, it's known that once the dongwen drum has been hit, the case must surely brme tried, I love how all his trusted aides went against him to ask for audience for ML.. I just love my grandma with her savage comments to the father, when he said they can think of something, grandma smirkly said 'think then' Omg they should have made a scene where the emperor knows the real ML so that it wouldn't surprise him of how domineering she is.. Hahahahhaha.. Oh I finally watched what the empress said, those few but harsh words implied what I though above, 'others can be denoted or exiled, what, must he always be promoted and given titles' and then she went to raise her up.. I think this was when it was confirmed that the emperor is just using GTY to show his power and they are just letting the plan of ED flow as well.. Like it's just a pity it's MLan's husband but someone must be used, that's what the empress was saying.. Omg i can now understand MLan's laughter and tears, it's a great thing that GTY is still helping the emperor but like must she watch her husband go through all this just for a royal fight. and I totally love how she also threw the noble hat, the good bows have surely being kept away like she said.. The drum beating might have not granted her audience but it surely also made her to think broadly and understand into planning for the great rebel by the 'flying dog that is flying' while 'the hunting dog is preparing to be eaten'.. Such a wise saying by ML The ED has approved it guys' ML is a devoted lover '.. Thank you for the recognition ED.. Seriously I've just been so excited today that I've been spamming this place too much.. I'm just catching up on the episodes guys.. Don't be angry, I hope you all enjoy my live updates
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