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  1. Jung So Min had her first script reading for her new film. She's been so busy since the drama ended, her popularity has really been building since Father is Strange. Her co-star Junho was in my second favourite drama of the year, Just Between Lovers, and his character there actually reminds me of a softer version of Moo Young lol https://www.soompi.com/article/1280635wpp/2pms-junho-jung-min-gather-first-script-reading-new-historical-film
  2. There's a really long joint Japanese interview with In Guk and So Min- it was taken on the day of the production conference but was just released now http://news.kstyle.com/m/article_amp.ksn?articleNo=2107149&articleNo=2107149 I had to rely on Google Translate, but even then you can really tell that they are both very intelligent actors who think about their roles deeply. They also gushed a lot about how great the atmosphere was while filming. Thanks for sharing @kdramaaddict212, I've voted now.
  3. The directors cut blu ray has been confirmed!! Yay for more BTS and MooKang couple content!! The cast usially end up getting together for a commentator recording too! The price will go up after December 18th though so now is the time to order if you haven't yet.
  4. This reminds me of when Jung So Min said that Seo In Guk came to set to support her on her first day of filming, even though he wasn't filming any scenes that day. We didn't get to see a lot of their interactions on BTS until the last few episodes, so I'm really hoping the blu ray comes through! It's the first time I've ordered one but I couldn't resist lol
  5. There's a blog post that is a behind the scenes look at the making of the soundtrack for Hundred Million Stars. It talks about the chemistry between Seo In Guk and Jung So Min. Per Naver translate: The second OST was 'Star and Us', which became the talk of the town due to Seo In-guk and Jung So-min's participation in singing and writing lyrics. Two leading actors, Seo In-guk and Jung So-min, have shown a lot of signs of real-life chemistry. It was followed by OST, which not only participated in the singing of a duet song, but also the lyrics, which captured the emotions of the entire piece. The real chemistry between the two actors also led to the recording scene. Seo In-guk, a singer-turned-songwriter, is said to have stayed after the recording, and has softened the atmosphere of the site, which may be awkward because Jung So-min has not had much experience in recording. The music video of the scene shows the atmosphere of the time. http://blog.cj.net/2598
  6. The tvn10 awards were a special 10 year anniversary event and don't happen every year unfortunately. I'm hoping this drama gets recognition at awards like the Baeksang Awards which look at dramas across all the different networks and are seen as more prestigious. They seem less hung up on ratings than network awards and the acting in this drama got a lot of positive coverage so fingers crossed!
  7. By known reasons, I think it was to try and avoid hate for the military controversy. It's the same reason he was so subdued at the press conference. I suspect that's also part of the reason he prefers the fan cafe to more open platforms like Instagram. And yes, my absolute favourite scene was him lying down on the platform with Jin Kang so I'm very impressed with how he changed it. Nam Ji Hyun said in an interview that In Guk has a lot of ideas and presents them confidently and thankfully Yoo PD is really collaborative as well. I'm sure the blu ray would be full of gems like this so I really hope it gets fulfilled! I want to see more BTS too since it's obvious the cast is really close, even people who didn't have many scenes together.
  8. There's a really great write up of the fan meeting on Dramabeans, which has made me insanely jealous lol Also, looks like the reason we're only seeing video from the concert is because filming was prohibited and it was too bright to secretly record during the talk segment lol I've also heard a lot of people saying this new agency ran this much better than Jellyfish did, I feel like he has more creative control with them since they're so small. I've copied the write up below (I hope that's okay) and you can find it here: http://www.dramabeans.com/members/geliguolu/activity/667735/ Since some beanies enjoy Seo In Guk’s dramas, I wanted to share my thoughts after attending his fan meeting/concert. This In Guk fan meeting/concert was truly awesome. It’s so different from other fan meetings I’ve been to or watched. It’s just HIM. No emcee, no guests, no celebrity videos, no childish games, none of those filler shenanigans I’m used to seeing. Only him sharing over 3 hours of his thoughts and music to 1000-ish fans, for 2 nights. When he showed us clips of “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, you can really tell how much he enjoyed filming that drama and playing that character. His eyes sparkled just staring at the screen — the satisfaction that he feels is overwhelming. There must be so much that he wants to share about playing MooYoung but it’s a pity that reporters never care about an actor’s work. Even if he tells them details, it doesn’t get published or aired because it’s not buzz worthy. This was such a great idea, that he found a way to share it with a large audience who are truly enthusiastic about his work and usually have no access to this information. I’m sure he was happy to get feedback instantly, unlike a recorded interview. Considerately, the scenes he picked for both nights were different so fans who attended both were not bored by repeated content. He only mentioned the fun and embarrassing stuff, stories that made him giggle or cringe just thinking about it. I wish I understood everything he was laughing about. He mentioned how scenes were originally written and how he suggested changes to the director. Like when JinKang was laying on the wood bed on the rooftop, he was supposed to approach her standing. He suggested he lay down and cuddle up next to her and also tweaked the dialogue. I believe originally he should have asked “You’re here?” and they switched it. I could be wrong. Also I think he came up with the “Then teach me” line but I have no idea what he said. When he showed the bed scene, he covered his eyes. Where MooYoung was watching stars and cried, he mentioned the stars were just CGI and there was nothing to see, then asked us “I can act really well right?”. We know he’s humble but he’s such a kid at heart, always seeking fans’ compliments and when we do, he just giggles. The only scene that was shown both nights was MooYoung writing his will. Everyone cracked up because his Hangul was written incorrectly. He said he had a hard time writing the letter that finally he had to cover up some parts to finish filming. The second night he was reminded of the wrong character again and he was telling us not to laugh, that it’s a really sad scene. Obviously no help cuz the laughter only got louder. He banged on the couch and laid down kicking the air, saying now this is all you guys will remember about this scene. After all the laughs, he collected himself and got into character. In MooYoung’s voice, he read the entire letter uncut to the audience. I saw some fans wept. The agenda of the fan meeting was so simple. What made it feel great was the lack of commercial tone that was present when he was with Jellyfish. You can tell he came up with the content and even if any was scripted it was 100% his thoughts that he wanted to share. He didn’t come across as trying to promote his drama, which is too late because it already ended. Rather it felt like he genuinely loved it and like a good book, a great movie, or a favorite painting, he wanted to just hangout with his buddies (a large group of buddies) and discuss it to lengths. It’s not easy to keep an audience interactively engaged for 80 minutes just sitting on the couch, but he did, and without a second of awkward silence. He mentioned at one point he’s Seo emcee, Seo actor, Seo singer, and our close friend and it really did feel that way. He played all those roles in that 3 hours, and did very well. In a separate segment, he read a fan post-it that mentioned how fans are really worried about the Director’s cut project falling out because the minimum demand is too high for the timeframe given to preorder. If the project is aborted, all of his precious behind the scene footages will never be seen (his presence in tvN bts clips were kept low for known reasons). He immediately asked his agency to purchase 100 copies (although he doesn’t realize we are still a little short). When we left the venue, every ticket holder was given a hardcover photobook of MooYoung as a souvenir. Yes, one of those merchandise that only hit dramas release and sell in bookstores, we got it free. I really doubt he or his agency made any money from this fan meeting because the tickets are super cheap to begin with. And if that venue operate like they do in US, overrunning his show by an hour means he definitely went over budget. He’s not cut to do business, so thank goodness he’s super talented.
  9. Everyone at the fan meeting got a hardcover photobook with Kim Moo Young stills @kdramaislove0531 Apparently he was asked about social social and he said he preferred the fan cafe so it sounds like he might not be back on Instagram for a while. Hopefully BS Company posts more In Guk content!
  10. I love that he sang all 3 main OST songs, he clearly loved this drama and role a lot. Full video of Seo In Guk singing Lost, it's such a beautiful song and I love his version: @primavera123 thanks for sharing! I love his interactions with fans too! Like this video, where they got him to sing 'All For You' as an encore:
  11. Seo In Guk always gets embarrassed watching his kissing scenes lol, like when he won best kiss at the TVN10 awards with Jung Eunji, or when they showed his kissing scenes with Nam Ji Hyun at the MBC drama aawards. It's very cute.
  12. From some comments I've seen, it looks like there was an hour of half of talking at the start where Seo In Guk talked about the drama a lot, showed some scenes and discussed them. He read the full suicide note, and discussed the bed scene, the 'teach me' scene and the scene on the blanket outside. I had to rely on instagram translate but there's a write up of the first night here:
  13. The one in blue is the singer Raina, who was in After School. The actress in black is Yoon So Hee, I don't think I've seen her in anything but she starred in Witch's Love earlier this year.
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