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  1. I think this is right... What happened to Ji Woo will be happened to Se Joo as well. I am not finished watching ep 7 yet. I am pausing it because I remember your words, dear. So I open this forum. You gave me a spoiler See you later, chingu.
  2. Hi, yes, you're right. I am watching ep 7 now, and it is the church scene. Jin Woo's level is up to 84 after hiding somewhere for 3 months. While Se joo read his sister's e-mail, means 'he is alive???'. Okay, I'll continue watching ep 7. It's exciting, reminds me of Secret Forest (Stranger).
  3. Ah, I get it now. It reminds me of a game I played a long time ago. But, JW can get the higher level by finishing his level, right? So, there must be some enemies besides Mr Cha. Then, the question is... why does Mr Cha always appear in his level? Where are the other enemies? And why can his eyes see the game screen although JW doesn't wear the contact lens? Oh, many questions here. I'm so curious.
  4. Hellooo... it's my first time to drop a comment on this thread. It's been a while being inactive on this forum. Yup, I didn't find an interesting kdrama to discuss yet. But, this drama is so cool, creative and bring a fresh idea for the viewers. Episode 3 absolutely makes me curious. How come Mr Cha died? Was it happened because of the game or anyone else killed him? This drama is a fantasy drama, right? So, there must be 'wild imagination' to describe the reason behind the death of Mr Cha.
  5. hello... it is my first comment here. I'd like to know, did episode 15 and 16 not to be broadcast yesterday?
  6. If Mom doesn't give the manual control to human Shin, could he learn how to activate the manual control by himself? I thought he is not stupid at all in this car technology business or whatsoever, he must learn or hear or read many information there. He was just being annoying all the time because he thought his mother left him.
  7. When the MC asked what drama AYHT was about, KSJ explained the drama focused on the story of Human NS and NS3, how NS3 can be Human NS and human NS can be NS3. I found it in one of YouTube videos related to AYHT press conf with eng sub.
  8. The last scene is what I've been waiting for... when will Human Shin switches to be NS3 as KSJ said in the press conference. Daebak! I hope both NS will get a happy ending. I hope Human Shin will learn something from NS3 so that he will be a good man.
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