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  1. What a nice ride it was! Really loved this simple story with great acting and good writing plus directing. Good job!!! What I really miss is the glimpse of their daily life. As the couple start with a lie and alternative motive,(the romance was very neat and platonic) they should show us how happy they're in everyday life. Hectic, casual, ordinary life. I knew ES Won't die so why dragged the death vibes in the last minutes! I can see JM is now good at cooking so they can present it like a happy couple sleeping and cuddling,sunrise wakes up JM,he kissed his preci
  2. Watched it live and for the first time I wanna kill someone that Se mi (obviously chairwoman is ES's territory so Se mi for me!) . I never bothered by other leads cause they are doing their job,in any drama, but here I really got Se Mi complex!!! Now it’s tine to work on case as family things or lies vampire are almost out in the daylight. ES is still the common woman, simple mother but it’s her time to evolve. In preview, she is catching up! Be it pulling the hair of ex evil in law, recollecting that nights clue. What I love about JM, he is pure gentleman. I don't know wh
  3. Well, the old witch was, is and will be bad. But I don’t get the purpose of Se mi!!! Yes, knew about kdrama 2nd lead obsession but there's never such a clean NO and never situation from male lead! Indeed, Se mi and old witch are same. They are the oppressors who loves to victimize their stories like a pro sadists.
  4. Just an assumption.... May be chairwoman isn’t the real mother of ex-husband. In conversation with su mi she mentioned that it’s not easy to rise others child. Though it’s normal to say, she was trying to compare her with su mi's situation gives that vibe. Otherwise, why she was trying to kill her "precious" jerk son's last blood,his daughter that time! Ji min is really a gentleman. He just rearranged note books pick a boo picture... Sometimes i just wish what if they met earlier and get married instead of those troubled spouses. They seems a great couple. Difference betwee
  5. Hi! I think in the earlier episode, mr. Kang returned home earlier to surprise his then wife. He was texting her about his delay and enter the home to find out her with another man. He stopped and step forward to confirm it as his wife but never directly confronted her about it. He never talks about it. Thus his ex only says her "only" mistake is leaving the sick child! On the contrary, it was mr.kang's last stage to accept excuses. And after watching yesterday's episode, it is very likely to believe her ex wife cheat on him in their own home! Coz, he(cheater) was coming home or thre
  6. still waiting for the sub for clear closers. About ending, it’s OCN! Obviously their "signature" "happy" ending! At least they are generous to give us maximum romance vibe today. A to Z, no matter how many Universe they need, I am happy to find ruggedly handsome SDW in it. P
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CD2PD64JYlK/?igshid=e9hxyr29polmBig boss had a big playtime with his nephew. Credit to - vipsong
  8. Well,as expected, they're closing and It's the chief B! Don't know if the chief A did the same or not(about 12 yrs ago case) Poor DW A and B. I really wanted more screen time with B but he gone too soon. I don’t know he'll get a proper goodbye or not but at least his father was cleared and that was his motive to survive. Apart from jung min, no one close to him. Even though it’s not enough but i guess his closers is just like November rain. 2 episode to go, DW A and SK B standing there,lonely. DW A never declined his identity as an outsider in world B. Already told jm and sk cle
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