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  1. They never formally met in heavenly realm, only aware of each other name. They formally meet in the mortal realm.
  2. A little too fast, like the meeting just ended. You would think that Haeri would keep a low key of her identify as an NIS agent, considering that she's working on a hunt and trying to prove a theory. She just blah out about everything is just a bit much. I do like the part at the end of the episode.
  3. Did they change Seniority Deity or something to High God? Oh my god I cringe at Seniority Deity....
  4. To add more to this. Zhong Hao mentioned in some episode that another red moon will happen and the demon door can easily be open in 3 wan years (I don't know how many zero I have to add after the 3). That's why it took 3 wan years for JC to come back. From my understanding, the previous GOW is JC's shifu.
  5. You can talk about Ni Ni all you want in here, I don't mind knowing more about her. There's more people loving Ni Ni based on douban posts. I'm not impressed with all of the actresses you mentioned and a few more. I found their acting to be lacking and they can't even be compared to the background actresses in 80's to early 90's TVB series. I do not understand their rise to fame so I don't watch their series even if it's highly recommended. I appreciate and love actors and actresses that can act. think Ni Ni would make a perfect MuLan too, Crystal Liu is not a good choice in every aspects. She's just look pretty. I certainly am not going to watch Mulan, doesn't look good at all.
  6. Yes the rating is at 8.2 right now. But if the ending ended where AvenueX ends her video, the rating would be at 4 with cussing and yelling. I still can't believe that this series still find new audiences and the rating continue to go up. Most series rating tend to fall after the ending. I also need to stop by this forum. It has been too long. I need to get out.
  7. I think the douban rating would be at 4 or something and not at 8. There would also be a lot of yelling and cussing.
  8. @zijinini Do you know anything about Ni Ni and Chang Chen "黑", saw a douban post but currently couldn't find it?
  9. I"m going to check this out when more episodes are available.
  10. Thank for sharing. I have heard of Ni Ni but her earlier works didn't impress me. I think her magazine photo left a greater impression on me than the one movie I watched of her. There’s nothing particular special about that movie and I forgot about it after I finished. Ni Ni acting in the mortal arc left a great impression on me, especially the one scene with the salt. I was brawling. Is it me or Ni Ni is very blunt in her interview with Eddie Peng, I think she said he's old and was a little critical of his acting? LOL https://cfen.si/2018/11/21/ni-ni-is-stunning-in-harper-bazaars-highly-stylised-wuxia-photoshoot/
  11. Crazy how it get to 8.2 at this point. I thought untamed is going to get to 8.2 too but it's still at 8.1. Untamed have more viewers and at one point both series went up in the rating almost at the same time.
  12. Not to mention that Ni Ni is such fan of Chang Chen way before they made Savage and this series together.
  13. Someone post this on douban, all of the sweet gestures. One of thing I noticed, LX likes to hide behind JC, the only time she didn't do it was in ep04 in the Heaven grand hall. There's also a lot of hand holding. https://www.douban.com/group/topic/152358510/
  14. Ep 58, right before JC met with Tian Jun about his plan. He bumped into Tian Lei and they had a small chat.
  15. @fivebowls and @skibbies I actually understand the need for dubbing. I just have the tendency to rant incessantly since dubbing is my biggest pet peeve. Most of the time I found dubbing to be too polished and everyone sound very mechanically and have less of the spontaneous feel to it. I also don’t think the actors/ actresses’ voice should be dub at all, so what if there’s accent in their Mandarin or they use their dialect in the conversation. It's what make them unique and differentiate the various regions of China rather than letting the audiences assume that's how everyone speak in China. Only C-drama dub their actors/ actresses voices out of other countries tv series I've ever watch. End of rant
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