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  1. The novel Honey Stewed Squid has always been about HSY and TN and never much about DT. This is in line with the novel.
  2. If I am not mistaken, I thought I saw a similiar looking coffee machine in one of the episodes between 9-11. One of the KK boys was using the machine. Could it be they shot the scene at a later stage and forgot about the machine? LOL!
  3. Li Xian is quite interesting looking in Tientsin Mystic. That was the first time I noticed him. I didn't finished Medical Examiner Dr Qin because of all the gruesome body parts in the forensic scenes. He also had a 2nd lead role in Only Side By Side With You where he played an unrequited lovelorn dude. I think HSY is his best role to date.
  4. I think there are many other ways to make Yang Zi younger than her age. Wearing those baggy sacks and gray stockings made her looked more like a toddler running around in play clothes? In some scenes, Tong Niang actually looked quite bad with her flat fringe and light eye brows. Other than this, I am happy with YZ's portrayal of TN. There are 2 scenes in the novels which I would have loved to see in the drama. The parts where HSY logged into the game and patiently taught TN (the LoliCat) how to play the game (training her to jump up stairs by using the keyboard) plus the part when she found out that he knew it was her in the game by asking if she prefers to use HP instead of weapons. At that point of time, she still did not know that HSY was using Grant's ID in the game during their initial hook up when she first knew him. She decided to play dumb and asked him what he meant by adding HP 0.0? Gun decided to let her know that he was aware that she was the kid in the earlier game (using another player's ID) by repeating her words in the game chat: "(>^ω^<) Meow. This is Little Squidie. Thanks, everyone, for watching out for me"
  5. It is due to the fact that the boys find it difficult to accept the fact that someone seeded below them is actually going to train them.
  6. I feel you. This is the very reason I choose to watch dramas that are aired fully, mainly to avoid the cliffhangers and also to ensure the ending/reviews are good. However, with GGS, I was led into temptation of watching it before the drama finished airing. I have read the fluffy book 2 years ago and know that there is no way the author is going to change the ending. After 2 days of binging, I am now at episode 33 and waiting for subs.
  7. Horrible fashion sense of Tong Nian or is it the stylist's fault? She should change career!
  8. Haha, he also failed to get the girl in Destiny's Love but he only got the girl in My Sunshine though he had to wait 7 years for her.
  9. I agree with what you wrote, especially about the visuals. Aarif's face is too long and his chin sort of protrudes. The pull back hairstyle emphasised his long face too much. . Sophie Zhang's teeth distracts me whenever she talks. I can't help wonder why she did not get her teeth fixed before taking this career path.
  10. After watching the dramas twice, this forum is like a memory lane to me. It is so nice to read through all the past postings and also discover little titbit of information that I did not know.
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