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  1. Don't worry, I have never rewatch dramas so many times until I came across Addicted, Love Sick and now Make It Right and can still gleefully laughed at the same scenes over and over again until my son jokingly told his girlfriend that his mum is a pedophile and a pervert who is always watching high school boys making out. ROTFL LOL!
  2. The last few seconds reminded me of the Energizer Bunny ad from long time ago. LOL!
  3. Boom has bedroom eyebrows if you know what i mean. It can really turn his target on. LOL!
  4. I downloaded LS uncut from dailymotion.com. Watch the full version for the first time but for repeats I suggest the cut version which actually cut off all the irritating fillers especially with the mean girls, etc. Find those with 720p or 1080p. For the very few scenes of intimacy between PhunNoh, you have to search for them at YouTube.
  5. I love LS so much that I am watching it for the 3rd time now ever since I discovered it less than a month ago. Read the novel twice too. PhunNoh pairing evokes a lot emotions. It would have been even better if it is at least half as steamy as LBC . Could it be because LS is about high school boys whereas LBC is about college boys?
  6. Captain has the naughty boy look. Like a real mischief maker. 555555
  7. i agree. White's hair style in Love Sick needs improvement. The mushroom hair style don't really suit him. Likewise if Captain reprised his role in Season 3. I hope they let him maintain his current hairstyle which brings out his handsome features.
  8. Me too. The novel is less annoying and more focused on Phun and Noh. The drama gave too much air time to the mean girls especially Jeed. She hardly appeared in the novel. Thank God for the FF button.
  9. I found this nicely done video at Youtube. Credits to be given to its creator as he or she must have spent many hours preparing this. It is so nostalgic to journey along with our favourite stars from the beginning of Addicted till now. I don't want to write 'end' as I am still harbouring hopes that China will eventually loosen their control over this kind of restrictions; the government should have more important things to do like increasing their country's wealth or catching the income tax evaders than to be so petty about these 2 small fishes in the ocean. I pray that they lift their ban for Johnny and Timmy to be seen together in public (does this mean they can't even meet privately as friends?). SO SAD!
  10. I will be looking forward to it as long the Koreans can produce a drama without butchering the story or the sexy scenes. I am a but worried though as we still do get a lot of bug eye/fish mouth kind of kisses that are so unnatural and painful to watch. Of course, nothing could beats our original couple but what to do? We have to treat the Korean drama as a similar story as the characters would have different names anyway. I hope China government will correct their narrow mindedness soon so that our OTP can unite soon. It is so unfair that both the actors are punished personally. Their careers could have been ruined if not for their own perseverance and hard work to remain relevant in their chosen fields. I thought I read somewhere that Timmy prefers acting as a career and music as a hobby but it has turned out differently for him. Luckily he succeeded and made a name for himself. Johnny is lucky to be part of Operations Red Sea which is nominated for the Oscars. I wish both of them great success and I really miss them a lot. I only started reading and watching BL a month ago and the 2 books of Are You Addicted? are by far the best romantic novels that I have ever read. I finished the books within 4 days and I was so addicted to it that I am rereading them now at a slower pace and savoring every word. Of course I have watched the uncut version twice by now and I would still squeal at the interactions of our OTP.
  11. Perverted Guhai part 2: Hidden Content The most perverted one. You could see that he's totally lusting over Luoyin!!!! Hahaha. Hidden Content LOL! He is molesting him, even in his sleep. There is so much love and affection from GuHai. How can LouYin persevere till the end?
  12. That's why Lou Yin is appealing to Gu Hai though he was not gay. Gu Hai likes a mate with a strong personality so that's why LuLu could attract him for 3 years though she has a face that could scare the daylight out of most people. If Lou Yin would have been like a flower boy (like You Gi) or effeminate like his 2 best male buddies, I don't think Gu Hai would have felt any sexual interest in him.
  13. Her Bugs Bunny teeth and thin lips distract me quite a bit. I keep on wanting to put bunny ears on her head. Me too
  14. Try Switch of Fate. It is rather good. Read the novel which is completely translated Love it. Hopefully the drama adapt most of the storyline.
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