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  1. 10 hours ago, linhlinh111 said:

    I don't know about animation censorship but in the drama it's not reincarnation. They evaded censorship by having Mo sacrifice himself to save WWX. WWX doesn't take Mo's body. He just assumes Mo's identity by putting on his mask. Once he takes off his mask all of his "old friends" recognize him.


    Both in the book and in the drama, JC saw that the Wen solders were approaching WWX, so he created a fuss to lead them away, resulting in him getting caught and taken back to his old house (where Wen Zhao was staying after eliminating his family). So yes he did lose his core trying to save WWX.

    Ah! thanks for the explanation. I have not come to that part in the novel yet. 

  2. 19 hours ago, frostflower14 said:


    Wei Wuxian was doing what he thought was the right thing to do and inadvertently provoked the Wen clan. The Wen clan we’re going to attack sooner or later since they had already attacked Cloud Recesses and attempted to burn it to the ground. 

    LOL, the Wen clan is just using WWX as an excuse to attack earlier than later.  Also, that richard simmons was also using that as a revenge on WWX to get the JC's mum to whip him as well as to cut off his arm.  This, according to her, will save their clan from being annihilated.  What richard simmons!

  3. 13 hours ago, vespertyne29 said:


    I wondered the same thing. He kept a pretty low profile after the scandal broke, especially as the evidence (recording) seemed pretty damning, but then recently the accuser miraculously recanted! <insert eyeroll here>. (Not that I think he should have been condemned for allegedly making negative comments about the FL in ALSB, or allegedly having an intimate relationship with a consenting adult. I really despise the "Netizens" and how they can't separate actors' private and professional lives, and are so hatefully critical that actors are driven to deep depression and even suicide by all the rumors and scandals. Just look at the gossip, rumors, speculation and lies about the Song-Song divorce, which should have come as a surprise to no one, since these fall-in-love-making-movie-or-drama romances rarely last - ie: all the Hollywood relationships/marriages between co-stars that failed, from the 1940s to current times). 


    Maybe that's what all the filler and flashbacks were about, and all the comments HSY made about love and romance, which the novel specifically noted he would NEVER say out loud. I hated that they did that to his character.  

    The drama supposedly included the stories of the last two books - Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room and Stewed Squid in Honey. I have only read the last book (Squid) of the trilogy, but supposedly the second book is about appledog and DT. I do suspect that Hu Yitian had a much bigger role originally, because when the drama started airing, if you googled the title, the results showed a large photo/poster of Hu Yitian as the first and main poster -  as if he had top billing -  and then much smaller photos/posters of LI Xian and the FL. (After about 15 or 20 episodes, when Li Xian's popularity skyrocketed, the google entries changed, and the first, large photo is of LX and the FL, with several shots of them before a small-sized photo of HY). 

    The novel Honey Stewed Squid has always been about HSY and TN and never much about DT.   This is in line with the novel.

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  4. 13 hours ago, vespertyne29 said:


    The coffee machine part was beyond stupid. First, who cares if TN can make an espresso drink? Second, HSY is a 29-almost-30 year old man, who acts as if he's never seen or been around an espresso machine, jumping in fright at the milk steamer, etc. And also, he's a gaming god, but he's not stupid, and has been living on his own since he was in his late teens, and is described as doing the cooking/cleaning for his housemates.  He's also a smart guy - not just a cyber-security gaming expert (these are Capture the Flag type games, which look to be similar to what cyber-security experts do to combat hackers/viruses), but also with a degree in industrial design. And I'm supposed to believe he isn't capable of figuring out how to make a latte??? :rolleyes:


    If I am not mistaken, I thought I saw a similiar looking coffee machine in one of the episodes between 9-11.  One of the KK boys was using the machine.  Could it be they shot the scene at a later stage and forgot about the machine?  LOL!

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  5. On 8/4/2019 at 2:46 AM, El Lieu said:

    dt name is Hu Yitian...he reminds me of yang yang relatively stiff in acting...his supporting role here was decent as a cool guy  but some of his other dramas was okay..


    i guess like ashes of love...male lead with yangzhi ..helps bring some stardom..


    lixian has acted in several series..I remember last series was about drone as 2nd male leader..I already thought he was good looking then ..haha..


    but this series he extra charismatic..:blush:

    Li Xian is quite interesting looking in  Tientsin Mystic.  That was the first time I noticed him.  I didn't finished Medical Examiner Dr Qin because of all the gruesome body parts in the forensic scenes.  He also had a 2nd lead role in Only Side By Side With You where he played an unrequited lovelorn dude.  I think HSY is his best role to date.

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  6. On 8/2/2019 at 7:38 PM, El Lieu said:

    How old is yy supposed to be vs xm?  8 year old gap..she is also 19 and he 28?  



    Actually i dont recall a modern series where yangzhi outfits are pretty..not in ode to the joy either...


    they actually had a whole article about her outfits ..that lixians was all black to make him so close to 30 because he is only 25 and for yangzhi all these baggie outfits to make her look 19...


    i think she may not look 19 but still have a youthful look with bangs...of course she was prettier in ashes of love though I thought...





    I think there are many other ways to make Yang Zi younger than her age.  Wearing those baggy sacks and gray stockings made her looked more like a toddler running around in play clothes?  In some scenes, Tong Niang actually looked quite bad with her flat fringe and light eye brows.  Other than this, I am happy with YZ's portrayal of TN. 


    There are 2 scenes in the novels which I would have loved to see in the drama.  The parts where HSY logged into the game and patiently taught TN (the LoliCat) how to play the game (training her to jump up stairs by using the keyboard) plus the part when she found out that he knew it was her in the game by asking if she prefers to use HP instead of weapons.  At that point of time, she still did not know that HSY was using Grant's ID in the game during their initial hook up when she first knew him.  She decided to play dumb and asked him what he meant by adding HP 0.0?  Gun decided to let her know that he was aware that she was the kid in the earlier game (using another player's ID) by repeating her words in the game chat: 


    "(>^ω^<) Meow. This is Little Squidie. Thanks, everyone, for watching out for me"

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  7. 18 hours ago, Mapleoaks5 said:

    Just saw the latest subbed episode on Viki. I have to say, I really love the relationship between the stepmom and HSY. For those that know Chinese, are they really referring to her as stepmom? Or just mom? Because I feel like regardless of blood, that is her son. I love how supportive she is of him and how she really is so proud of everything he’s accomplished. She became his ma when she was so young! Only 20 and for her to step up and take him as her own even when her husband had passed. Feel like that would be difficult for a young girl to take that on. 

    The best stepmom/stepson  relationship  ever.

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  8. On 7/27/2019 at 10:34 AM, JoyceDreamer said:


    Can't help it but sad that at first no one was accepting of Xiao Mi taking over Su Cheng's position. Gotta go watch it with subtitles to understand why but it was kind of sad. At least Xiao Mi was able to pull it through and later got accepted. I thought everyone would at first be welcoming but I was surprise it was the opposite. 

    It is due to the fact that the boys find it difficult to accept the fact that someone  seeded below them is actually going to train them.

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  9. On 7/24/2019 at 9:21 AM, jewelsc said:

    I can't believe this is gonna be over next week, i mean, i've waited like over a yr for this to show and now that it finally is, it's almost over already..it's like going to a theme park waiting in a very long line for a ride but when you're finally on the ride, it's over in like less than 2 mins :o.

    When again will we get another drama like this, in another 5 yrs? :weary:.

    I feel you.  This is the very reason I choose to watch dramas that are aired fully, mainly to avoid the cliffhangers and also to ensure the ending/reviews are good.  However, with GGS, I was led into temptation of watching it before the drama finished airing.  I have read the fluffy book 2 years ago and know that there is no way the author is going to change the ending.  After 2 days of binging, I am now at episode 33 and waiting for subs. 

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  10. On 7/23/2019 at 10:21 PM, Sony2017 said:

    I think most of the kids are older than TN even thou they keep her calling her big sis.  Well, probably DEMO is the only one younger than her as she plays a 19 or 20 yo right?  Demo probably plays younger since he's the baby in that group.  He's so cute but I do like 97 & Grunt as well.  Even 97 is older than her since he said he's born in 1997 no? lol....haha...Can you guys believe Grunt is actually older than the leads? lol....I goggled him and he's like 32?? Omg...he looks so young.  Alot of eye candy in this show. haha..... The worst I think is the horrific outfits that TN wears?  OMG...like WTH did they find those ugly ugliest outfits really?  She literally didn't wear anything cute/good as a 19 yo should wear.   hahah LOL..

    Nian Nian's clothes need to be burnt!


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  11. On 7/17/2019 at 5:28 AM, jewelsc said:

    Am i the only 1 here feel like TN's outfits r so boring except for the colors?, it's like she wears the same style all the time the only difference is the colors.  I thought in the novel there were mentions of the way  she dressed and her shapely figure that would entice guys to keep oogling at her.

    Horrible fashion sense of Tong Nian or is it the stylist's fault?  She should change career!

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  12. On 22 May 2019 at 4:56 PM, marinated_lemon said:

    Why is he always play pitiful character? My broken heart still has not recovered from Ashes of Love (where he plays somewhat similar character). I wish he gets the girl next time around. *sigh

    Haha, he also failed to get the girl in Destiny's Love but he only got the girl in My Sunshine though he had to wait 7 years for her. 

  13. On 17 May 2019 at 12:01 PM, Alila Nguyen said:

    While I don’t think much of the male lead, in term of both look and acting so far (his look ping pong between decent and I can understand why some finds him hot, to not hot at all), but the story so far is great, the pacing is quite decent, you don’t feel it being too slow. The female lead is great, I feel she’s carrying the series well, cute, pretty, strong, and smart. So far, we have met all the important male figures in her life, and each has very different personalities, and slowly you learn how and why each of them are drawn to her (none of them has a look that wow me, or the acting to do so either lol).


    it may ends badly, but if the story is told well, I’m ok with it. Overall, great production quality, great story telling, and costume design. Acting is decent but nothing to drive home about. Though all the boys seem to be a bit weaker in the acting department than the girl, admittedly it’s because their roles are more demanding atm to showcase the complexity of their character’s inner turmoils.

    I agree with what you wrote, especially about the visuals. Aarif's face is too long and his chin sort of protrudes.  The pull back hairstyle emphasised his long face too much. .   Sophie Zhang's teeth distracts me whenever she talks.  I can't help wonder why she did not get her teeth fixed before taking this career path.

  14. On 9/25/2016 at 7:13 AM, Shirayuki Ozumi said:

    Hey Everyone,

    New Fan here .This is my first time posting something on a forum.I have been reading all your posts from past two days .I just couldn't stop myself from replying.:D

    First of all ,Let me  show you the current state of me after watching SOTUS




    I know insane right .All the other BL shows which i have watched so far was one time watch for me.Man,this Show i don't think i will  ever get tired of watching .I have watched  5 times already.Waiting really sucks,:bawling: Why don't they just broadcast daily instead of weakly :glasses:Just kidding:tounge_wink:

    @delightful Girl u are just awesome .Thank you for spending your time to make us subs and translate bits and pieces of novel.you mentioned u live in America now, Same here .:blush: This is for you


    P.S : Hey guys,If u liked SOTUS and into  reading Novels and 18+ i would  recommend you to read  Captive Prince series  by P.S cat.You will  love it .Just give it a try.:yum:


    YEAH, this is my 3rd watch.

  15. On 1/9/2017 at 9:02 PM, dustinmyeye said:

    On PM Delightful has added a screed about what happened after the 15th Episode finished.

    More meaningful glances. Arthit being shy again. The kiss on the cheek. "But it's not my bed time yet"

    The telling phrase : [Arthit's] heart was starting to race, it didn't matter how many times they've been intimate.

    I have repeated many a time that I am not an expert on all this stuff, but is this a failing in the style of book ? There are heap loads of comments about how cute the guys are, and oh my goodness did you see how he blushed ? So the text and images portrayed are obviously popular with the readers.

    By the end of the story, however, we are talking about two men in their (now) twenties who are passionately in love. Two men who don't get to see each other very often. Two men who have been having a sexual relationship for perhaps a couple of years.

    I think I need a second opinion from some other men in here. Perhaps they are too shy.

    I rather think that blushing and coy glances went out the window many a month ago. These guys should have been showering together with every intention of behaving like love starved rabbits for hopefully longer than rabbits can manage.

    By Episode 15 the two guys are no longer falling in love, they are already there. Sexual interaction is no longer a possibility it has become standard practice but that doesn't seem to sit well with some readers so Arthit and Kongpob end up getting caught in this time frame where Arthit can still be shocked by Kongpob suggesting that they go to bed as opposed to having already dragged him into the shower and picked up the soap.

    Perhaps this style of writing doesn't handle the aftermath too well. The dog has caught up with the car. Now what ?

    If Arthit can manage fifty-four times around the track, Kongpob is in for a sleepless night and whilst he might get a bit red it wont be through blushing  :)

    After watching the dramas twice, this forum is like a memory lane to me.  It is so nice to read through all the past postings and also discover little titbit of information that I did not know.

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  16. On 2/15/2017 at 5:00 PM, aeislaeigh said:

    Credit:   kanglin_zlFinnian-色色
    节后一点都没有余生滴感觉 sada_org.gif
    还是说 只有俺一个在昨天仍旧饱受着一边忙工作一边为腐女同胞造狗粮的凄苦境遇? sada_org.gif


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    So cute and well done!

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  17. On 9/9/2016 at 4:01 AM, erngust said:

    There were also exchanges between Krist and Singto in Krist's instagram post... while expecting it to be full of cutesy fan-service, it just kind of dampener that Krist was actually spending time with that other guy.

    I know it's shallow and superficial, but i'm a bit disappointed and admittedly felt sad and jealous for Singto :( - most especially so, that Krist seemed to be more having fun and spending more personal time with that other guy, even stating something about finding the right one in one of his older posts with that guy. :(:(   

    Tsk tsk tsk, as a BL fan, for now I'd rather that Krist-Singto be more of a Ohm-Toey than Ngern-August coupling - i.e. less angsty, more feel-good. I really disdain going through the feeling of seeing one of my faves to be looking like just a reserve for fan-service by the other.

    Apologies for that other guy's fans - but for now, he's a nega-vibe to me. 

    Just curious whether Krist is still with the other guy?  I don't mind a picture of them both but the caption left a bad taste in my mouth.  He might as well stay with his ex gf if he is not trying trying with Singto. I don't like the look of him and of course I felt like as though Singto had been cuckolded.  I think the guy appeared in Waterboyy the movie or drama as the old coach's lover.

  18. On 2/18/2018 at 12:57 AM, Kittypur said:

    This is my observation so far.....

    In season one Arthit said to Kong something along the lines of how hes not sure how it’s going to work out between them, but he’s willing to try even though they are both guys. As we can see from the flash backs it was working out quite well for them as they had similar friends and were both Hazers, etc. Everyone around them knew they were a couple so they were comfortable with each other. Also they have hinted that they have “done it”  on multiple occasions so I don’t think it was there first time in two years kissing; but I’m assuming they don’t kiss as often as normal couples do. 

    Now coming back to present day; Arthit has a job and is really busy with work and Kong is busy with School and his internship. Both Arthit and Kong  are at fault for how things have been between them for the past 2 years because they just can’t fully open up with each other. They are still technically in the closet (especially Arthit) because he can’t accept it fully that he loves a guy and is too scared because he works for a company and it might affect his work if everyone knew (basically overthinking everything like he always does) They are still in a push and pull relationship because it’s no longer a University romance it’s transitioning to “if I’ll be with you for the rest of my life relationship ” and that scares Arthit because he was “straight” until Kong came along, but Kong is probably all for it. The reason why Kong probably doesn’t tell people he’s in a relationship with a guy is because he knows how Arthit feels about their situation; and I’m pretty sure deep down it hurts him a lot because he can’t be himself with his lover. I think this is why they don’t talk about issues and just move on quickly without a second thought. ( but I do wish the writers didn’t leave so many plot holes; they could’ve done a better job explaining somethings)

    -on a different note, the kiss- 

    I see a lot of people complaining how Kongpope forced Arthit to kiss him... but that’s not true at all.... in the novel when they are about to kiss, Arthit doesn’t move away he just lifts his head up higher so he and Kong can kiss better. I don’t know if the director told Krist to move away and then ease into the kiss like how we saw or it’s just something he added on as an adlib having considered his character in mind.

    It is unfortunate that we don't get to read the book as  I understand that a lot details are left out.  In fact I just read a YouTube comment yesterday and quoted @Smirking Cat as follows: 

    "This is from the novel Sotus S. the pause in the kiss is to signify Arthit's wish. Arthit wishes " To be like this with Kong for eternity" when the shooting star falls. I am wrIting this because the director didn't keep it, which is a huge drawback. They missed like these small details in series from the start."


    Well, isn't Arthit as besotted with Kong as Kong with him?


    Also a lot people assumed that they never spend a night together.  If anyone could recall, Kong actually hinted that Arthit might be needing something more from him after the shower and then the next scene are the 2 toothbrushes side by side in the toilet and then both of them getting into the lift together.   hint? hint not good enough?

  19. On 3/13/2018 at 11:33 PM, dhyperion said:

    I've now watched the final episode of Sotus S and have been reading some of the feedback on the forum. There's been some criticism and some of it may be justified but rather than rebuff or reiterate what has been said, I thought I'd just throw my two penneth into the conversation instead. What I'm about to say may be highly controversial - but in my view season 2 is actually better.


    Before you get shocked into near cardiac arrest and start to hurl a barrage of insults my way, hear me out. As a continuation of season 1 it might not work very well, for many of the reason that have already been mentioned - so again, I won't reiterate them. But in isolation, ie if you ignore season 1 for a second (if that's possible), then season 2 is in my view a better storyline. It is more believable, better acted and deals with many issues that in season 1 were more or less brushed aside in favour of the cutesy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I liked season 1 - it was entertaining, lovey and fun to watch - but very much a typical BL storyline which is amusing and fun but not very realistic.


    Season 2 actually depicted a situation and storyline that in many ways isn't far from reality.  If they had become a couple just as Arthit graduated and started working, many of the struggles and issues they faced would be quite realistic (based on my own experience) - and the storyline actually makes a lot more sense. As a gay person who works in an office environment I know all too well the difficulties of being in a gay relationship in a very hetero-normative environment. There is a regular worry about what colleagues will think of you and how you will be perceived. Gay "jokes" are all too common and casual homophobia can be a real issue - and this coming from someone who lives and works in what is probably one of the most liberal and gay friendly countries in Europe. I'm not Thai or live anywhere near Thailand, but my understanding is that Thai society is still somewhat conservative (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) where a "gay lifestyle" is generally frowned upon, and there is pressure from family not to embarrass or do anything "shameful" (having said that - you still get this in Europe as well, but it can be a bit more manageable over here).


    Anyway, back to the topic at hand before I digress too much and get carried away with these other issues.


    As I'm not fluent in Thai I can't read the novels (unless they get translated), so can only base things on the TV show - but compared to Arthit's character, Kongpob's seems to be much more at ease with himself, who he is, his feelings and importantly with being in a relationship with another man. Arthit is still too conscious of how he will be perceived by others and probably only takes sneak peeks on what goes on outside the closet before locking himself back in again. The only place where he is comfortable being himself and with his boyfriend is at home, in private. This is much more common than you think, and the show actually touches on issues which are very real and experienced by many homosexual couples around the world. This disparity in a gay relationship - ie where one is more open and comfortable compared to the other - can be really challenging to deal with, as is shown in episode 7 when Kongpob asks how much distance he should keep in order for Arthit to feel comfortable.


    The setting of Arthit starting a job for the first time and trying to find his way in a new chapter in his life, while having a boyfriend who is still in university can be a challenging one for a number of reasons - such as worrying about finding your role in the company, where you fit in, worrying about making mistakes, how well will you perform etc. In the meantime you're also trying to get your relationship to work when your lifestyles are very different (studying vs working). Throw in the issues raised above and it becomes even more difficult.


    I liked the fact that the show brought up a lot of these issues - as well as the cutesy stuff- and applaud them for doing so. They were quite subtle at times and maybe not picked up by everyone, but for someone who has lived and still lives this reality, I identified a lot more with the characters and their situation - for example: being with your partner on a company social event (I can tell you it raises a few eyebrows!). In the end you have to decide for yourself what's more important to you - the person you love standing next to you or what people think of you. It may seem like a an easy decision but that isn't always the case.


    And yes, we would all like to have seen more touchy feely stuff between the two (who wouldn't  - they're both gorgeous!), but you know what - it didn't massively bother me that there were just insinuations instead.


    For me season 1 and 2 are almost two different stories with the same characters - standalone as opposed to one being a sequel to the other. I'm fully aware that wasn't the intention, and for that reason I can understand the frustration many viewers feel. At first I was also a bit bewildered by how the relationship didn't seem to be at the expected stage considering the timeline. But in the end I actually ended up enjoying the season 2 storyline more than the first, simply because it presented a more realistic setting - for me anyway. It was by no means perfect, for instance I would have preferred for the "extra" Bl couples to have been omitted altogether (I actually fast forwarded those bits) and to see more interaction between the two main characters. But nothing is ever perfect.


    So I choose to reconcile the show by seeing the two seasons as two distinct storylines with the same characters. Maybe this can help people enjoy season 2 a bit more as well :)



    I, too, think that the story line in SOTUS S is better than SOTUS THE SERIES. AT first the disparity of my 'like' for both the dramas is quite wide, like 2 and 9 (9 for SOTUS S) on the scale of 10.  After nearly a year and watching many of their videos and reading some parts of the translation, the fanfictions, I decided to rewatch both the dramas again.  I am now at episode 10 of SOTUS S.  I must say that my opinion on the first season changed for the better, improved to the scale of 8.  I understand their relationship and Arthit better now.  Kongpob is a constant in their relationship and never waver except towards the end when he was really heartbroken.  Arthit, sadly due to social pressure nearly gave up but with the strong love of and for Kongpob, decides to push himself out of the closet.  That was a defining moment and it showed Kongpob how deep is his love for him.  Their episode in Our Skyy gave a happy closure to their love story.  I have watched this episode twice and I still cry at the same parts of the story.


    Anyway, watching BL dramas made me understand gay relationships better.  I hope in time to come, people will realise that homosexuality does not equal sex only and that the parties involved would also need a strong foundation of love, understanding and mutual support to thrive. 


    I also hope that in the very near future everyone and the whole world will treat heterosexual and homosexual relationships to be at par with each other.  There should be no ban on such dramas, no jail time for being caught in a gay relationship, equal rights laws to be changed, people should not be forced to marry the opposite sex, etc.  In short, mind sets need to be changed.  

  20. On 9/7/2018 at 2:07 PM, gogole mongol said:


    Hummmm, i don't see Yuri as you see her. She is the ONE who has decide Noh was his boyfriend! She was dreaming (as teenage  girl do) of charming prince, and Noh, as a perfect gentleman, didn't disagree with this situation. For Noh, Yuri or another one was the same status: "for everyone i have a girlfriend", even it was (very) far to be the reality. She is nice, gentle, but more often corny. Yes, it was really smart from her to accept Noh/Phun relation, nevertheless, she was the one who create the problem with Noh, who create his own sadness, and the only one responsible to be hurt. To his credit, she couldn't know how things will turned .They must be friends since beginning, so all's well that ends well!

    I have no sympathy for Yuri whatsoever.  She has rather thick skin and living out her fantasy that Noh was hers - as though ever!  Partly it was Noh's fault too to be so complacent about their relationship.  He should have cut her off clean after Hua Hin so that he does not have to feel guilty in case he does get into a real relationship with whoever.

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  21. On 6/17/2017 at 7:24 PM, kimchiflavored_plot said:

    Ummmm, better late than never? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f

    Here's the last part of my feels for Episode 5:

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    39. The way Fuse tapped Tee's back.

    Almost is never enough--something that Fuse learned the hard way, LOL. Who else squealed after noticing that Tee had a hint of a smile the entire time? :wink: Somebody's secretly enjoying Fuse's sudden craving for skinship! Hee hee.



    40. How Fuse's patience wore thin...

    And he finally yanked Tee to face him! Look who's a little too hungry for some face-to-face interaction. phew.gif.58c0ee10fc78766186e79fd315d9131 BTW, you might want to wipe that smirk off your face, Tee (before Fuse finds out that you're having too much fun seeing him beg for more, haha!)


    41. Glorious Flirting Level 5: When Tee asked if Fuse wasn't scared of getting sick.

    It's all about the virus... and not about making him regret the boundaries of this so-called friendship? Yeah right. :tongue: Then Fuse replied without a trace of hesitation: "I'm not afraid, even if it's worse than a cold." *swoon* Sleep is overrated--just flirt all night, LOL.



    Oh, and I gotta give it to Fuse: How could you not combust after Tee gave you such an I-wanna-hold-you-so-bad look? I mean, it's already driving me crazy... and I'm not even the person he's looking at! :lol:

    42. Then Tee stopped beating around the bush: "You know what, this is the happiest I've been since that day."

    Awww. I missed you, #HonestTee! Just curious: Was he really referring to the day Fuse went back to Jean? sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f Part of me wants to make-believe that he's talking about their magical morning-after sequence in S1EP7 instead (or any other happier memory for that matter).


    *cough* Coz the last thing I need is another reminder that he's still with her, LOL. *cough*

    43. The surprisingly accurate sound that Fuse made after being told to sleep.

    I don't know why, but that friggin "ummmh~" hit me hard. It sounded so genuine... I almost thought he ad-libbed. :wub: To top it all off, Tee and Fuse took turns and stole loving glances at each other--effectively turning me into a puddle of melted feels.



    44. How Fuse kept closing in... until their noses almost touched.

    You're killing me, Fuse! *insert flashbacks of their Eskimo Kiss here* His eyes spoke volumes of a rather obvious truth: He'd come a little closer and gaze a little longer--coz there's no other place he'd rather be tonight.


    45. When they ended up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Is it really a continuity error... or a glaring evidence of their bedroom acrobatics from the previous night? You be the judge. Hee hee. B)  Kidding aside, the way the morning sunlight fell on their bed had perfection written all over it!


    46. How grateful Tee seemed, upon finding Fuse wrapped around him.

    Then he gingerly placed his hand over Fuse's: Half afraid to wake him up, and half uncertain if he's crossing the line... But all traces of doubt probably disappeared, as he found comfort in Fuse's familiar embrace.


    Also, can we talk about how comfortable Fuse slept while cuddling him? I've never wanted to trade places with a fictional character *this* much. :lol:

    47. When they greeted the new day with a disarming exchange of smiles.

    "You're up." "Hmmm." "Did you sleep well last night?" "Never better." I swear, I've heard this morning conversation a hundred times before... But everything sounded sweeter because they looked so darn happy!


    48. Then the camera zoomed out...

    To reveal Fuse resting his chin on Tee's shoulder! Their spot-on blocking underscores a certain level of comfort that's hard to fake. And don't even get me started on Fuse's endearing pout (as soon as his wife-y instincts kicked in). :heart:



    49. How Tee retraced all the spots that Fuse touched.

    Awwwww. Tee's thoughtful smile made one thing clear: If getting sick means having another sure-fire reason to feel his touch, then it's the most wonderful time to feel under the weather. :tongue:


    50. Fuse's giddy grin while prepping the sponge bath.

    I went from "I wonder what's making him smile like th--" to  "Oh, THAT's why!" in a matter of seconds. All I needed to figure it out? One quick look at the specular *ehem* view from Fuse's perspective. Hello there, abs... I mean, Tee.


    51. Glorious Flirting Level 1,254: How Fuse's hand hovered over you-know-what.

    DAAAAAMN. B) This will-he-or-won't-he thing has got to be the longest 13 seconds of my fangirling life... I even held my breath without noticing. And the most titillating part? Not the fact that Fuse was oh-so-ready to stake his claim--but the way their eyes said everything I needed to know! 


    PS: This episode's Sneaky Move Award goes to Fuse. *slow clap* I mean, he could've chosen the more convenient spot for that bowl of water. But where's the fun in that, right? :ph34r:

    52. Every single time Tee exhaled audibly.

    Hang in there, Tee (Fuse won't eat you alive... yet). And just in case we missed the sexual tension in the air, that porn-sounding track started playing. Really, Show? LOLOL. I remember shouting "Make that music stop... I can't take it anymore!" in front of my screen. sweatingbullets.gif.eccbcf8e677b900c9d7f




    53. That hilarious flash of disappointment on Fuse's face--

    when Tee stopped his hand from crossing R-18 territories! Bwhahahaha. Nice try, Fuse... :tongue: But as long as Tee hasn't run out of last-minute excuses to keep those raging hormones at bay, you're gonna need to find some other way to reach the promised land.


    54. Then Fuse tried a more daring route.

    OH. MY. BL GODS. Who knew that Fuse was on the Naughty List all along? Hee hee. B)While I liked that my not-so-innocent OTP is getting bolder every second, I realized that they're *this* close to being friends with friggin benefits--and I was torn between wanting more and wanting less.


    55. Fuse's #ProudMoment after seeing Tee in complete and utter bliss.

    Mission Tee-mpossible? More like Mission Accomplished! :wink: Congrats, Fuse... Thanks to your surprising mastery of How to Pamper Tee Until He's Carried Away 101, sponge baths will never be the same again.


    56. Their kitchen misadventures.

    Achievement unlocked: If you don't wanna starve for the rest of your life... find a Hubby who cooks. Hee hee. Wouldn't it be nice if they had more of these couple-y activities from day 1 of living under one roof? 


    PS: And aaack. Why did they delete that part where Fuse offered Tee a taste of his *ehem* sausage

    57. How a single name snapped them back to reality.

    ARGH. Can't we just fool ourselves into thinking that the last 2 minutes of this episode didn't happen? This is exactly the reason why I felt so torn a while ago... As long as The Girlfriend Complication exists, every stolen moment is bound to end in heartbreak! :(



    58. When Tee turned his head away to compose himself.

    5, 4, 3, 2... Aaaand he's back to putting on a brave face and sprouting half-hearted declarations! How long are you gonna put up with this mess, Tee? -_- Stop pretending that everything's okay--coz your eyes keep telling me that it's not.


    59. Then Tee said something that broke a part of me:

    "For me, this is as good as I can get." NOOOOO. Just... no. :( And the worst part? He settled for breadcrumbs with such a sad smile on his lips. You deserve better than that, Tee. And I hope one day, you'll finally realize how much you're worth.


    60. Oh, and Fuse said one more thing that's hard to stomach:

    "You know what? If this was a dream, it would be a really good dream." *face palm* Was this supposed to be a romantic line, Show? Coz I missed the memo. :mellow: And you know what's better than a good dream? An actual reality where Tee is no longer waiting from the sidelines!





    I hope EP7 is a loooot happier than the previous episode... Coz I still haven't gotten over Book's tears. :(

    Boom has sexy bedroom eyes.  One can just melt looking at his eyes.

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