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  1. Haha, he also failed to get the girl in Destiny's Love but he only got the girl in My Sunshine though he had to wait 7 years for her.
  2. I agree with what you wrote, especially about the visuals. Aarif's face is too long and his chin sort of protrudes. The pull back hairstyle emphasised his long face too much. . Sophie Zhang's teeth distracts me whenever she talks. I can't help wonder why she did not get her teeth fixed before taking this career path.
  3. After watching the dramas twice, this forum is like a memory lane to me. It is so nice to read through all the past postings and also discover little titbit of information that I did not know.
  4. Just curious whether Krist is still with the other guy? I don't mind a picture of them both but the caption left a bad taste in my mouth. He might as well stay with his ex gf if he is not trying trying with Singto. I don't like the look of him and of course I felt like as though Singto had been cuckolded. I think the guy appeared in Waterboyy the movie or drama as the old coach's lover.
  5. It is unfortunate that we don't get to read the book as I understand that a lot details are left out. In fact I just read a YouTube comment yesterday and quoted @Smirking Cat as follows: "This is from the novel Sotus S. the pause in the kiss is to signify Arthit's wish. Arthit wishes " To be like this with Kong for eternity" when the shooting star falls. I am wrIting this because the director didn't keep it, which is a huge drawback. They missed like these small details in series from the start." Well, isn't Arthit as besotted with Kong as Kong with him? Also a lot people assumed that they never spend a night together. If anyone could recall, Kong actually hinted that Arthit might be needing something more from him after the shower and then the next scene are the 2 toothbrushes side by side in the toilet and then both of them getting into the lift together. hint? hint not good enough?
  6. I, too, think that the story line in SOTUS S is better than SOTUS THE SERIES. AT first the disparity of my 'like' for both the dramas is quite wide, like 2 and 9 (9 for SOTUS S) on the scale of 10. After nearly a year and watching many of their videos and reading some parts of the translation, the fanfictions, I decided to rewatch both the dramas again. I am now at episode 10 of SOTUS S. I must say that my opinion on the first season changed for the better, improved to the scale of 8. I understand their relationship and Arthit better now. Kongpob is a constant in their relationship and never waver except towards the end when he was really heartbroken. Arthit, sadly due to social pressure nearly gave up but with the strong love of and for Kongpob, decides to push himself out of the closet. That was a defining moment and it showed Kongpob how deep is his love for him. Their episode in Our Skyy gave a happy closure to their love story. I have watched this episode twice and I still cry at the same parts of the story. Anyway, watching BL dramas made me understand gay relationships better. I hope in time to come, people will realise that homosexuality does not equal sex only and that the parties involved would also need a strong foundation of love, understanding and mutual support to thrive. I also hope that in the very near future everyone and the whole world will treat heterosexual and homosexual relationships to be at par with each other. There should be no ban on such dramas, no jail time for being caught in a gay relationship, equal rights laws to be changed, people should not be forced to marry the opposite sex, etc. In short, mind sets need to be changed.
  7. I have no sympathy for Yuri whatsoever. She has rather thick skin and living out her fantasy that Noh was hers - as though ever! Partly it was Noh's fault too to be so complacent about their relationship. He should have cut her off clean after Hua Hin so that he does not have to feel guilty in case he does get into a real relationship with whoever.
  8. Don't worry, I have never rewatch dramas so many times until I came across Addicted, Love Sick and now Make It Right and can still gleefully laughed at the same scenes over and over again until my son jokingly told his girlfriend that his mum is a pedophile and a pervert who is always watching high school boys making out. ROTFL LOL!
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