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  1. @tinymel I enjoyed reading your take and wanted to add, in a farce, often the theatrical device employed is dramatic irony; that is, the audience knows what the main lead/s does not. It’s used to create tension, comedy, and also makes the audience cringe/ get frustrated on the character’s behalf. Which is all of our varying perceptions here and part of a healthy spectrum, haha. I often get frustrated with a character’s development and have to remember as the audience I am privileged to have a larger perspective on the situation than the character does, and it is all part of the experience that the writers and directors toy with, allowing us to be omniscient at times, and restricted at others hello hello thread and all who have been following! I’m absurdly enjoying this show despite starting late (only started last week). KYK is comedy gold. And that is perhaps why we feel so hard for him; a lot of the writing has been done to make us empathize with him, unfortunately.
  2. Thanks for affirming that W and H’s chemistry was so sizzling that you can’t even remember the other casts’ name. Also we’re all “freaking out” here because we’re in a thread that is specifically to chatter and bond over W and H; you may create another page for the other casts whose names you can’t remember. To all my other chingus: woah woah woah I did not expect this boy to kiss ML goodbye, embrace his new found civilian freedom, and proceed to open his mouth and make our jaw drop after 2 years of silence. I know. I should have known. We all should have known. The wait was tedious but it wasn’t us that branded the start and end of this long wait with JH all over his lips like a refrain. All we did was to spectate, tell ourselves it was a lovely run in 2017, so long and thanks for all the fun...... not too much different from what he said in Jiscovery, what a lovely memory you guys, see you in 2019.... wha wha wha what did he just say after marching out the gates to freedom??? In my bleary eyed stupor I woke to her name on his lips, a fresh long awaited breath of air. In front of all his fans. Reporters. Friends. The visit question started with his normal comment about a known musical visit, then descended into chaos as he confused himself by talking about godknowswhatsystemthatonlyallowsjihyuntoseehimandnohewontlettheothersoldiersknowbecauseyouknow -inserts smug petulant face- *ahem W we’re talking musical. Your stylists were there too. Easy foil hallo???*.. and then proceeds to talk about getting advice/ discussing for new scripts with just a former co-star no biggie right?... awright good Sir better shut up now before your manager cries in panic. So, instead of saying so long and thanks for all the fun guys... it feels more like winter is over and spring is coming. Before I sound too sane and composed (which is what happens when you hibernate for 2 years).. I’ll just end off with: HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT. OMGWTF he did. Its nice to be back gals
  3. I was going to reply @fitzsimmons as well haha. The reason they do this is to manage the script accordingly based on viewer reactions, so even if a drama started filming early generally later episodes are filmed closer and closer to air date. It’s caused a lot of issues within the industry (I remember HYS’s case where she just didn’t turn up as a form of protest), which is why now more (but still not all) dramas are pre-produced. I remember Suspicious Partner and Fight my way wrapped up filming the day of final broadcast itself (I think).. and like, a few hours of sleep for the cast and crew before they all head out to wrap up parties.. so tiring! Hoping the entire production stays well till the end!
  4. LOL I haven’t watched the episode yet just saw snippets I swear this thread is keeping me from breaking into a puddle of goo-mess by all your hilarious comments! Gosh I thought LDW looked pretty shaken in both breakup and stare-at-billboard and weep scene but I didn’t realise he really did have trouble controlling his emotions until the bts came out.. those bottomless manifold eyes (lol I kid I kid).. got me straight in the heart. Looking forward to tonight’s updates and recaps! Thanks chingus, second last week before the final!
  5. Love the spoiler for the webnovel thanks chingu! I agree that both wsk and tyh arent really comparable, I really enjoy the depth and sincerity in tyh and was somewhat uncomfortable with the caricature-like portrayal in wsk so I’m glad pd-nim returned back to the poignant tint of btimfl.. while keeping some aspects of toe curling squees. One particular scene that keeps coming to my mind in terms of this whole understated yet lovely acting by our leads is when Jin-shim heard and confirmed that she had become more special to Jungrok (before he had to answer a phone call).. wow I thought Yoo Inna delivered that scene really well with her subtle facial expressions that conveyed a skip in her heartbeat, holding the surprise and confirmation of his feelings close to her heart and yet remaining sane with her hand in his coat... it really felt like a stark contrast to how over the top like most dramas get with the females getting all shocked and affronted with deer in headlights look. SQUEE. I think that’s one of my favorite scenes of her. Anyhow its almost wednesday! I still haven’t watched ep12 with subs lol.. saving the heartache but at least the webnovel spoiler makes it a little more bearable. Wont be able to livestream but thanks in advance to all chingus who faithfully do the recaps here muaks.
  6. And your life happened in 16 episodes too I guess? which episode did you get back together? Would like to know for scientific purposes This wait is torturous lol. Also Shim Hyung Tak’s Muscles are bursting out of his suit in @Ameera Ali‘s pics hehehe.
  7. Even all the colleagues at ALWAYS don’t know they’re dating.. or used to date.. such a sad romance under wraps. I need some vitamin BTS now lol.. amusement park scene please.. also I was reading some comments about the lack of skinship and I’m wondering whether it’s this PD’s framing, I recall WSK had their characters side by side with visible gaps a lot as well and it bugged me.
  8. Well I like his turtlenecks haha. Maybe the filming for TYH + Produce is taking a toll, I don’t think I’ve seen his face this sharp before. But for the love of foreheads can the kdrama world do away with shaggy fringes already. LDW has nice expressive eyebrows please don’t hide it!
  9. Hemmm I woke up still kind of bummed.. @wolfie26 I agree that Lee Sang Woo is doing an ace game with the scenes he’s been given, and really feel it’s the writing that’s done his arc shame. We’ll never know huh but it feels like they didn’t reshoot all the scenes that the original Sewon had (ep1-4), cos LSW had so little screen time in that. Also LDW is looking really slim, particularly with the wardrobe he’s been given this drama. I think I shan’t hold out for an ep13 reunion but I’ll be interested to see how Jinshim reunites with JR considering he’s doing the cold treatment to her as per preview blearghhhhh. I was betting on her doing the reuniting; I remembered that before softie sweet JR in a relationship it was Jinshim doing the legwork in breaking down his walls with her cuteness and sincerity. Gosh I miss his unfettered smile when she hugged him from behind and said let’s date! Seems like light years away now ahhhhh Kwonbyeon you said you would take your time slowly for a long time in this relationship why have you fallen prey to the noble idiot trope. edit: my friend says the preview said they separated for a month.. sobs...
  10. I have to agree with I like brooding LDW as much as chipmunk LDW... his eyelids became quadruple eyelids when he struggled to breakup.... I think I might just be a convert lol. Sigh. Himnae chingus. Let’s think up reuniting scenes.. how will they get back together? And will we get a nice ahem cuddle scene? 7 days feels like forever...
  11. I almost expected their sad Goblin theme song to start... hahaha. SIGH.
  12. Hnggg I think i will leave the subbed episode for when they get back together... I opened the link @Yongzura posted and my heart broke again when he said "Oh Yoon Seo ssi".... Sigh. But the good things are: 1) Park Su Myeong case.. i felt it was left hanging and I guess for this buildup... 2) Our flirty attorneys Choi and Dan get together...
  13. i told myself that.... and then.... SIGHHH. I think the episode was setting itself up for it, since Roman Holiday was mentioned awhile ago.. I mean to JR he really took to heart that she really enjoyed acting and he saw how her fans were like... but HNGGGGGG you guys talked about everything under the sun before this didn't you. this noble idiocy comes when people DONT DISCUSS "hey is dating me going to be detrimental once you return to showbiz?" BLEH. Okay okay. I'll just go sip my tea... the last time a kdrama killed me with the breakup was also in a dang park (cough Suspicious Partner...).. i hate parks...... Writer please surprise me with what you've already written into JinShim's mental strength.. JR needs her support please.
  14. im about to cry seems like the mother of Park Su Myeong (the intellectually challenged guy who murdered Im Yun Hee's husband) came to find JR in preview Sigh my heart aches for uri Pyeonosanim. I'm placing bets on Jinshim to right this now.. JR has done so much for her. Somebody tell me why I keep putting myself through ep 11-12 torture for shows knowing its almost always a breakup. CRIES.
  15. I think it’s because Sewon’s character has only been given bit portions esp at the start; maybe because his role had to be reshot with the change of actor.. but I had to go back and rewatch episodes to realise what was going on. Most of it started with him watching the news about an influential person getting off the hook because of a Lawyer Choi who is famous for helping famous people get light sentences or off the hook from their crimes. Lawyer Choi makes a lot of dirty money doing these types of cases. The case Sewon is trying to prosecute, I believe is linked to Choi, I read something like the lawyer or perpetrator in that case is a relative to Choi so thats why. But it could also be Choi himself (ive to rewatch). That’s why his boss is asking him not to dig too deep because Choi has many connections. Lastly, Choi is also the one that helped stalker get off the hook/ a light sentence with Yoonseo’s case 2 years ago. So the way things are going we are set up for a showdown with Choi and KwonJR/Sewon/Yooreum.
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