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  1. Gah. This so reminds me of her in SFH... Now I am wondering if Hyang Mi is turning out to be so unlikable that we wouldn't really feel bad if she was the dead body from the riverside. I am still on YS's side here. DB is understandably more concerned about the safety of her son and she would want to go somewhere where her son is safe. YS shows a lot of care and concern for her but in the end, it is DB who can make the decision. When I saw that YS was following DB to the tunnel where the drunk man was, I could see that he would have seen to her safety and not do anything if DB was able to walk through. However, he noticed her clenched hands and realised she was afraid and that's when he appeared. More and more people seem to be suspicious as the Joker and I agree with YS that the scariest thing would be to find out the Joker is someone they know. PS. I think DB's mom is faking her dementia but I am still not sure why. She can take a taxi by herself and return home (to DB) later ? Someone who has dementia would not be able to remember how to take a taxi or remember their next step. PS. Why that question about life insurance?
  2. Seriously in love with Yong Shik now when he confronts JR! You tell him Yong Shik! Tell him the truth! Why you do this to me?? And sigh. Ending the episode on a thriller note.
  3. Or simply put. There are Mun Jo's everywhere who wear a disguise of normality. The only way you know they are different is when they get that obsessed look in their eyes and smile.
  4. As for the R19+. Nothing can compare to American Horror Story *shivers* But I do think the rating is advisable with the amount of violence shown (even though the aftermath was blurred) Slice at the throat, removal of the molar teeth (without any anesthetic) , pickax to head, multiple slashes with a cleaver and more neck slicing (I really hate neck slicing as I reflexively grab my throat when that scene happened) And did you see JW as he typed 'DIE DIE DIE' over and over? That deserved an R19+ creep factor just for that smile.
  5. Yong Shik does have his own moments of epiphany and wise sayings. Especially he is talking to Dong Baek. Will try to find and gif.
  6. Ok.. Phew... what a drama. Not on the level of The Guest but this drama and the characters do get into your mind. Ep. 10 "Gas-lighting". Ep. 9 "Cognitive Dissonance". Ep. 8 "Voices that Choke Me". Ep. 7 "The Horror of the Basement". Ep. 6 "Lost". Ep. 5 "The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge". Ep. 4 "Mental Derangement". Ep. 3 "A Secret Whisper". Ep. 2 "First Day at Work". Ep. 1"Eden Studio". It looks like Eden Studio chooses you as a tenant based on whether you are 'meat' or 'partner' . *morbid humour* And I learnt that to be a killer, it's better to work alone. Look at how MJ instigated JW to go and kill the rest of the tenants. So, we have to wonder if JW had these psychopathic tendencies which was beautifully nurtured by MJ (and in the end his creation turned on him) or he never had these tendencies but developed them after moving in. Seeing the flashbacks of JW in the army, he did display erratic violent behaviour even then so I suppose MJ could see that JW shared the same tendencies as himself. I think it is best to end it here at this point. Season 2 would be pointless unless it shows JW 'training' a new set of killers. I was surprised the one who made it out alive was the thug, But he can be the witness to at least his own abduction and torture. But It is scary to think that when people who share the same 'habits' and 'destructive behaviours' gather together, really bad things happen. PS. I realised something too. MJ and JW are in line with someone the likes of Ted Bundy. Someone who would never have been suspected of being a serial killer. Just because they don't look like one. But this drama shows us otherwise.
  7. He really went all out to be scary and creepy. A change from his most recent drama. Will Jong Woo win against his baser instincts? Tonight! Interesting that Ep 9 is 'Cognitive Dissonance' The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result when your beliefs run counter to your behaviors and/or new information that is presented to you. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so when what you hold true is challenged or what you do doesn't jibe with what you think, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance (lack of agreement). A classic example of this is "explaining something away." https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-cognitive-dissonance-2795012 PS. Any indication there will be a sequel?
  8. Catching up on the episodes (I know it's the final week) But the psychological pressure is wearing on Jong Woo. Pressure from work, girlfriend and his neighbours. It does beg the question. The Dentist is keen on making Jong Woo part of the 'team' because he sees that Jong Woo shares some psychopathic tendencies. He's is not a sociopath (yet) as he does have a conscience and concern for others. Once he loses that aspect of his personality, he may as well turn into someone like the Dentist. I do have a bad feeling that Jong Woo will be incorporated into the group and the female cop will die. Her being Jong Woo's test subject for dismemberment. Pretty grim. PS I have not read the comic so I am going in blind.
  9. Who cheered when Dong Baek had enough and let her hair loose as she marched towards the police station. - *applause* My emotions as the episode happened. Mom reveal () and it's the ajumma from Strangers from Hell?? () Hyang Mi and her not so innocent ways - she has always stuck to her goal of 100 million won. Will Mr No snap? () Yong Shik lifting Pil Gu up () Yong Shik acting like a petulant kid () Dong Baek telling Yong Shik not to go to Camellia again () Yong Shik's surprise for Dong Baek () - sad cos he was rejected but loved that he persisted (not physically aggressive but more like wooing?) When Yong Shik wanted to look at all the names in the ledger () When Yong Shik's mom realises that the couple would be inevitable () This drama makes me want to gif again! Ladies. Find a man who makes you feel this way.
  10. It might not happen but I hope Soo Bin calls out on her mom. Tell the mom to face reality and not pretend that there's nothing wrong between the her and her husband. And also that Soo Bin wants to live her own life and not her mom's life. I see the breaking point for Soo Bin will be Ep 15 next week. Enough meddling by her mom. Soo Bin has been showing signs of rebellion (in a good way) by making up her own mind about seeing Jun Woo. But Jun Woo is too good a guy and keeps telling her to go home because he made a promise with her mom.
  11. Yes. Stairs are the perfect height. But looks like more heartbreak ahead. When parents get involved.
  12. Ahh... What a gem of a drama. Episode 13 just tore my heart out with the whole thing with Jun Woo's dad. I am also liking the new Hwi Young. He still acts like an richard simmons sometimes especially to Ki Tae but after finding out that his parents had been behind the manipulation of the test scores, he has decided to grow more mature and make his own decisions (PS he is bigger than his dad now, so watch out Dad!) I feel for Oh Je being outed but with good friends like Jun Woo and the girls, I think he will make it through the crisis. Still on the fence about Sang Hoon. Good or bad - he makes Hwi Young's life miserable.
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