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  1. I don't think it's a publicity stunt. They have always been friends maybe not too close but keep in touch. They support each other. I even heard yoojung sent food truck to take of nokdu. It's the fans that started the comparison not sidus. Sidus only compared them to hyekyo and ye jin
  2. Nah. You guys are getting it wrong. When the interviewer said they are acting as if they are not close. Jcw contradicted that they are very close and that's how she talks. Even the the
  3. I wanted to see changwook face when yoojung chose dalshik when it was actually changwook that requested for a wink
  4. His then partner yoona was on stage with her so there's no way he wouldn't have noticed her there. She was 18 and he was 30 lol
  5. I mean you are right. I close my eyes every time lol but seriously their chemistry is over the top. I'm blushing like crazy
  6. I was wondering too. I even started to question myself if I didn't know the name of the characters again lol. We need fanfic. No matter how bad we will read it.
  7. Well he seemed shy and blushed when the woman talked about kissing and when she said it the second time, he looked at youjung and mirrored her action. I can't wait for their kissing scene bts wondering how they will react.
  8. Good observation. Yoojung is a jelly to him. He is always smiling and hyper when he is with her. I don't know what that means but I want more bts. It was more of chang wook going closer to her. I don't think she noticed but it just goes to show that they are very comfortable with each other
  9. Just found out that youjung is the richest actress of her generation not that I didn't know before. We are slow on this group
  10. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCni2XIpuwP/?igshid=ow8pmjgqb6u1 That's the Instagram link to the recent bts with English sub
  11. I'm so happy for youjung. If you have noticed, all her dreams have come true. She wanted to play a girl dressed as a boy and she got it. She wanted to play an action role.she got that too. It remains a chaebol role lol.
  12. Yes we do! Moreover I don't want it to be seatbyul who initiates it. It should be daehyun this time and it should be unexpected.
  13. I'm sure her mom and sis would have warned her. Moreover Kyj knows how to hide her feelings but there's a limit. Ji chang wook is at the age where he should be considering marriage and the fact that he is close to his mom might cause more pressure. Meanwhile yoo jung still has more years to her advantage. If they can successfully date for 8 to 10 yearsand get married. That's ok for her.
  14. Have you guys seen the recent bts.I don't know what to do with this two. They said they were shy at first but when shooting started.they got close. I'm afraid to ship them cos I don't want to get hurt but they make it hard.
  15. Moreover I've noticed that it's the fans of the other actress that are making it worse. They couldn't help but compare them. Saying the other has more followers and her dramas are doing well and that yoo jung sucks at picking dramas. I was so shocked with it but then I just ignored them knowing fully well that they are just jealous. I know there's a good message in the drama cos it was stated there that people are quick to judge and that's what happened.
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