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  1. @frozentundra thank you sooo much for the summary ❤️ I totally agree with you regarding the fans reaction . I hope the situation will change someday .
  2. @ibru sorry for the late reply chingu . I'm not so creative but if the competition is held, I'll try to do my best to help
  3. Welcome to the thread @lolalost i was a silent reader too but then one day I couldn't keep my delusions to myself so i started posting here . I'm with you about those rumours. Hj denied and I believe her . So there's no need to lose hope in my opinion . I'm glad you're sharing your thoughts with us . Hope to see more posts from you . Also I hope they start their sns games again soon I was away for a long time too . Sorry for that . Thanks to my friends who have been posting and keeping this thread active and to my friends who have been reading the posts regularly. I'll try to post more from now . our happy jongjoo thanks to the owner for sharing also inrang was released today . Most reviews specifically mentioned that hyojoo's acting was good ( thanks to Frozentundra for sharing the news ❤️) . it's good news for us . Let's keep supporting js and hj like we always do JJS fighting
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