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  1. Silent reader here ... Berou-ssi, can I reply ? @debbiechan he follows his previous and current acting partners, and they follow him back.... BIGGEST PROOF it is his REAL account....... in his naver profile THIS instagram account is listed : https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?query=유승호&where=m&sm=mtp_hty .... Click on 인스타그램, it leads to his account DANDYOO93 ..... The BTS for the poster shooting caught my attention ... they did KISSEUU .... NEVER seen a couple KISS for a poster... they are already USED to each other..... BIG expectations for KISSES ( and romance ) hihihihi
  2. Annyeong ~ Let me introduce myself..... Late shipper here 'cause I've only recently watched WWWSK.....My friend recommended to me several times but I refused until I succumbed with the HOT BED SCENE that she showed to me.... Since I've been day dreaming about PPC ... . It is my daily vitamin ... I have also became a fan of PSJ and PMY I'm going to read all the thread from page 1 to 517 ... I can't wait to read all your beautiful analysis and CSI findings. ottoke ? I am lovestruck with PPC hihihi..... The recent romcom drama news saddened me ..... I don't want to see them act with someone else. ... I can only see them together. My shipper heart
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