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  1. Same with me.. Been lurking around and finally decided to post in here. Agree with you, I think CS finally realize that he lover her and he want to make MW at least can stay more longer in the world. I read in IG the translate of Ep 9 preview CS Said something like "she is really a bad girl, (forget the second line), but I love her", So I think he sacrifice himself can't see the ghosts again is to protect MW.. Maybe the couple of next episode will be very sad scene but really hope this drama will have happy ending!
  2. Hi everyone! It has been long time I didn't login to forum soompi and now I login again because of this drama. This drama make me really curious and always wait for the new episode every week. I really like the chemistry between PG and JL, they can portray their character really well. So, sometime I feel grumpy with WW and sometimes I feel why she still has patience to stay with HY meanwhile KH openly always help her and always beside her even he willing to just be a good friend of WW. But I believe times will turn it over and in the end WW will be with KH
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