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  1. 4 hours ago, daloula said:

    Lmao @masthu your posts are always a pleasure to read and watch. Thanks for always finding and making the best gifs.



    3 hours ago, tinymel said:

    @masthu queen of gifs, thank you for brightening our day and being a wizard and conjuring the best gifs ever.


    You are welcome dearies!! :heart:


    1 hour ago, babyval22 said:


    LMAO. Thank you dearie for always bringing the cheer to our MT. HAHAHA. Reminds me of this clip that @ajboomer28 did! Hehe.



    The pleasure is all mine Val! :heart:

    Aww love love @ajboomer28's edit!! :wub:Makes me rofl every single time. Thank you for reposting it dearie!!


    Lmao uri co - captain was so daring! 



    When their Bts is more romantic than the actual drama scene 



    Chincha these two!! What are they doing holding hands! 




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    On 5/1/2019 at 6:26 PM, ptp321 said:

    @masthu Always coming through for us! :kiss_wink:Sometimes I have amnesia and need to be reminded, especially with the kissing gifs.  It’s really weird but every time I see one, the tongue gets more prominent.  LOL! 


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    Haters will die hating, might as well help them faster.



    Lmoa I can't!  NamJi T action be like :joy:




    Happy weekend everyone! :wub:


    Caring Namja :wub:




    Why so cute!!! :wub:




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  3. On 4/30/2019 at 5:17 PM, ptp321 said:


    The timing is strange isn’t it?  Before his enlistment, he mentioned his new found affection for rom-coms because it’s light, fun, and doesn’t take a physical toll on his body.  Once he got the offer of the script, he could’ve confirmed as soon as he discharged (side note: I feel like “discharged” is a dirty word. I didn’t type that.. blame it on @Harry97 ‘s cat. Lol). 


    Anyways, why wait a couple of days to confirm something that you exactly wanted before? Rationally speaking, we don’t really know if Hyunnie “approved” this or not, but I am 100% sure she influenced his choice.  


    Who all here is surprised I still had an ounce of rationality in me? *first to raise my own hand*



    *ME reading your post*




    On 4/30/2019 at 5:56 PM, tinymel said:

    Totally agree. I think that she probably had some say. You don't ask someone for their help and then just disregard their advice (especially if you let the world know you asked them for advice). I'm leaning towards the idea that she is basically going to say:



    What will be the most fun for you? The space one will probably require a lot of physical work compared to the romcom.

    As for steamy scenes, if HDH is anything to go by I think the romance scenes will be pretty standard for a light romcom. Probably depends on the actress (and they will be able to get whomever they want since the show will get so much buzz because of JCW). 



    I am LIVING for the anti-shippers at the moment. They are so pressed. We are keeping things to ourselves, and they still gripe. 


    Like @Shipper07 said, we are fact-based... Of course, there are theories and some reading between the lines but that is the point of shipping n'est ce pas? 

    I'd also like to say I find that a lot of their negativity seems focused on our girl not being good enough for Wookie... Which is absurd. She is very smart (studying at one of the top universities), she has one of the most incredible track records for a child actress moving into being a leading lady, she is clearly considered by the industry to be a strong costar for some of the hottest actors in the business, and finally she is clearly just a genuinely nice person. I am really excited for her next project because let's be honest it will be pretty incredible. She has some serious pull and who knows what she will take on... I'm personally hoping for something meaty (goodness, I mean I have my own personal ideas for a story I would like to see her in but that is that). 




    Finally (I'm covering a lot ground here) I'm hoping that they take the next few weeks to decompress. I expect that we will be having a pretty high content May and June... (yikes but I don't think we can take another bomb just yet). 

    I'll take a moment of delulu and hope that they are spending that rest time together--very carefully, in private, and getting to enjoy finishing up their most recent big commitments. He said he wanted to eat a good, tasty meal. She has said that her favourite thing is having tasty meals with her nearest and dearest. 



    I'll finish with this thought: Part of what makes us good shippers is that we are responsible while also being a bit stary-eyed at the little moments they give us. Personally, of all the fandoms I've viewed (whether drama or idols) this one has the least amount of negativity--which is why I went from lurker to poster. Everyone here is positive, supportive, and equally excited that they have kept in touch because regardless of a possible romantic shenanigans we like that they created a bond and stayed in touch. We just also happen to be incredibly lucky that the kind of fate you normally only find in dramas is happening in real life.*** However it turns out, I'm pretty sure that this thread will continue to be a place where we can support two great actors.


    And I'm out!


    ***Like legit, and this not us being crazy, there are so many times that they have overlapped (however innocently) that you could write a drama based off of them and literally NO ONE would think that the story was way out there. I mean if I had the free time I would do it... I mean shipper gods, I might just have to if we get any more crumbs... goodbye private life if that happens.


    Love love what you said there dearie! :heart: 

    Love you girls and the bond we share. You are all precious to me :kiss_wink:





    Reading about NamJi and their fate make me want to tear up. Because....



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  4. On 6/10/2019 at 3:37 PM, Shipper07 said:

    Hi guys! I'm back, things got so busy but this thread never fails to draw me back in.


    This time around I'll share my two cents on the Jiji couple. 

    I am not one to ship a couple, I tend to gravitate towards the male character and how dreamy he is portrayed to be ( well we know that is how these shows gain a lot of audience). The first time I shipped a couple was with the Songsong couple but then I didn't really obsess over them coz I thought they were actors who are merely comfortable with each other.




    Yeah the songsongs were merely comfortable with each other to the point they made the director  retake the wine kiss a few dozen times just bcz they weren't satisfied with the take. :lol:


    On 6/10/2019 at 3:37 PM, Shipper07 said:

    Bottomline is, to stay rational, I tell myself that probably they were too touchy just to boost ratings but seriously that was over the top clinginess already lol.


    Lmao rational?



    Yeah the Bts were scripted to the point it said "Jcw and Njh should shove their tongues into each others mouth".

    Now we need the Bts of the scripted Bts!



    Lmao you remind me of those Anti's who kept saying that songsongcouple were being so touchy touchy in order to boost ratings and for promos. :rolleyes:


    On 6/10/2019 at 3:37 PM, Shipper07 said:

    Anyway, I had my inhibitions first coz JCW struck me as a smooth player who probably had many girls on speed dial.


    Looks like you stepped into the wrong thread dearie. I'm more than happy to direct you to another thread where you'll find plenty of like minded ppl  who would love your take, while we find it down right disrespectful and insulting.


    Announcement to all the flies in here....



    ...instead of wasting our remaining pages in the thread. 



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  5. On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    SP Vlive: The following material is gathered from the Vlive vid spanning 41:20


    If the emcee choice is between the two main leads, Hyunnie hides awkwardness, nervousness and discomfort better, has a solid presence of mind (not that Wookie doesn’t, but he has a habit of trailing away without notice when Hyunnie’s around; I have the frickin’ receipts), can speak endlessly and make it worth your entire while, and let’s face it, looks unspeakably cute leading her age-wise sunbaes into the fun times.


    So yeah, here we go.




    *Hugs post* :heart:

    Your commentary is jjang and so on point @nianderson unnie!! :kiss_wink:  

    I can't get enough of your post love! 


    Inserting in some gifs for all to enjoy!! :wub:


    On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    00:01-00:10: Already starts cozy. Hyunnie is not averse to touching him, Wook doesn’t mind her in his space. While showing off his name plate, he holds it on the other side, himself in proximity to the lady. It’s a very subtle cue, because if distance is what I wanted, I’d be stuffing the thing between me and the other person.


    Lmao I just can't at hyunie caressing him all the way down :ph34r::lol:


    gif credit @adi2019jiji :wub:


    On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    00:20-00:33: Same stance with the paper stack as well. Hyunnie keeps bouncing to and fro and no amount of jostling discourages the steady fine-suited pole.



    Sorry girls I have no idea how to rotate the gif hehe. 


    On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    00:51: Wook chuckles at the way Hyunnie ‘unfreezes’ Choi Tae Joon. It’s nothing that would occur to him, or to most of us, on the spot, but yeah, it’s cutely funny.






    On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    02:12: Wook edges ahead of Nara this time. I’m just glad he didn’t use those gangster shoulders to make his point.





    On 6/10/2019 at 2:19 AM, nianderson said:

    02:31: Wook pulls his chair closer to Hyunnie’s. On a rational front, for a better vantage point. Shippily speaking, when has Wook not wanted to sidle close to Hyunnie? Last time I checked, it was back in 2014 when he didn’t know her at all, she was still in her teens and they were on a public stage with him being worse with strangers than he is now.




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  6. 16 hours ago, JJFirstMate said:

    Hullo, everybody! I'm new aboard the ship having only watched SP (and all of the drama's subsequent BTS via SBS Catch) a couple of weeks ago due to the badgering of my big sister who's a huge JCW fan. 

    Through her I also got access to the (unfortunately) less steamy, but still highly enlightening 14 disc dcut. I basically fell in love with their acting, and off screen chemistry having now caught up on most of their respective works with this being their best. 

    With the above in mind, I recently came across the series' VLive https://vimeo.com/224242301/comments

    after digging around for it obsessively. I've watched clips of it, and wanted to see the whole thing for myself, and I'm sorry to say that it has left me a bit confused and heartbroken. I hope it's just my tired eyes. I kinda need to have my faith in the ship restored because from what I can see with my non-existent proficiency in Korean: NJH (who's basically Katharine Hepburn reincarnate) was being sidelined: When she volunteered that she thought her eyes were her best features, nobody applauded whilst they did so when Nara answered, and JCW barely looked at her. Articulate NJH held that vlive together and I didn't get appreciative vibes from JCW; instead, his eyes were roving to the person sitting on his left. 

    I've always credited him with more intelligence that the average actor, but him fawning over the wrong girl is disappointing. 

    I'm basically here for emotional support and maybe a different POV from the Vlive. 

    Thank you so much for the forum. 


    Lmao enough said! :joy:



    Lmao I wonder if we watched the same Vlive :lol:

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  7. On 6/6/2019 at 2:57 AM, edlan17 said:

    I agree; there is no way they are going to distract attention from his comeback now. JCW is beginning shooting and pretty soon the focus will be to promote the “wonderful chemistry” that has with his co-star, etc - nothing till the Drama is over.


    Lmao Wookie didn't waste a minute after his discharge to try and distract us from his comeback project! :lol:

    Wook made sure that everyone knew of the important role Jihyun played in choosing his comeback project. :wub:

    Now his upcoming project is inevitably connected to his previous Co-star Nam Jihyun :lol: 




    Translation credit @riririru


    On 6/5/2019 at 11:45 PM, pauliza said:
     :lol: credit to the owner 


    Lmao another one but his mission was unsuccessful :lol:



    Hyunie choking her oraboni :wub:




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  8. 14 hours ago, ptp321 said:


    Here’s my two cents regarding this.  I really think Hyunnie is trolling us.  So many fans are pressuring her to come out of hiding so she’s probably like “Here’s a little puzzle for you to keep occupied while I try to finish school, get my degree, while in hiding and speed reading confidential scripts from my former co-star (who isn’t even paying me because he’s been on a soldier’s salary for 2 years)!”  Lmao, ok maybe those aren’t her exact words.  We were able to wait 20 + months for our captain.  We should be able to patiently wait weeks for our co-captain to achieve her milestone.  


    Lmao I bet NamJi did more than just script reading at their place :ph34r::lol:


    Right dearie!! We sure can wait for them. 

    Until then lets enjoy some NamJi moments:wub:


    Love their fist bump moments :heart:



    Lmaoo :lol::lol:



    Light testing NamJi style :lol:



    He sure got a thing for her chin :wub::lol:



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  9. On 6/2/2019 at 7:18 PM, ptp321 said:


    It was never the question that those with rotten hearts had a problem with. It was his answer and the way he answered it.


    On 6/2/2019 at 7:42 PM, daloula said:

    Yup. I couldn't agree more. I have a list of ways he could have answered that would have made those people happy that he was asked that question. 

    I mean it was obvious already that the two were in contact at least from her going to his musical but it was nice to know that he even trusts her with his scripts and with helping him choose his comeback drama. And that is already more information than what he needed to give.


    I'm so loving the teas sistas :thumbsup:




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  10. 51 minutes ago, ptp321 said:


    Lmao! Same expressions but different degree of goner level.... :joy: He also looked like he had no problems with that question being asked by the reporter.


    Lmao more like he didn't want to stop talking about Jihyuni :lol::wub:


    While on the other hand we have international Myoppa fanbase wishing the  reporter a painful death. 

    I'm sure wookie would feel proud of them :rolleyes:



    While Korean Jifans on sns ... :wub:



    Lmao when it comes to NamJi everyones so affected 



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  11. Happy Sunday Shippers!!


    Haven't been able to post lately. Real life has been super busy TT  Miss you all!! :heart:


    Lmao when the system you speak about  does not exist within the musical but at Cherwon :ph34r:

    Wookie you never learn! :lol:



    Lmao where was that Wookie who said  that his fellow soldiers would be happy if Hyuni visited him at the army? :joy:



    Aww this is soooooo :wub::wub::wub::wub:



    The way they hug :wub:




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  12. On 5/16/2019 at 9:27 PM, babyval22 said:



    This article mentioned that wookie said he hasnt fished in a while.. i dunno if its just me.. but lol when i read this.. 


    I tot of this  


    It never occur to me that Wookie is the kind of guy who will go fishing. LOL. I guess we all learn new things all the time. Hahaha. 


    Pardon my shipper's delulu. LOL. Cant help it with these two! 


    Psst. Hope i didnt remember wrongly that H went fishing or camping before Wookie enlisted. LOLOL.


    Yup that definitely looked like a fishing spot  kekeke :lol::lol:

    Lmao Val you aren't helping us at all!!! *bangs head on the wall* 



    On 5/17/2019 at 1:08 AM, daloula said:

    @masthu lmao your gifs are always on point. It is always a pleasure and a fun time to read your posts. I can't wait for hyunnie to finish her semester too. 


    19 hours ago, babyval22 said:



    Your gifs are bravo! Hahahahha. 





    Believe me this is a very innocent gif :ph34r::lol:





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  13. 10 hours ago, sp17jcshipper said:

    Anyone who wants to sell me their Dcut DVD since its now old . I know am late to the party but would really want to buy it if anyone is willing to sell  :D


    I bet all my savings that no real NamJi/JiJi shipper would want to sell the Dcut and I bet that everyone regrets not buying the blue ray lmao!! :joy:


    Our shippers be like....






    Lol Old? Believe me the Dcut  has been on repeat mode since the day we got it :wub: . We simply can't get enough of it!

    NamJi Shippers right now...



    Lmao girls this is soooo us bahahaha  :joy:









    We are all #NamJi_trash_bins :heart: :joy:

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  14. On 5/16/2019 at 8:27 AM, pauliza said:



    The only real magic that exists for me is love :heart: .


    credit to the owner


    Love love this bts!! Hyunie is giving me wifey vibes here :heart: 

    Lmao why does it look so normal as if they are used to do such things all the time :wub:







    Lmao flies on our thread be like.... 




    Flies who really think that we shippers believe they are genuine fans of JiJi/NamJi couple :lol:

    Please! :rolleyes:




    Creating negativity on this thread doesn't make your ship sail period... I can't at if this ship sinks, then mine sails mentality :lol::lol:

    Image result for reality check gif



    Whether you ship NamJi or not...




    And YES...




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  15. 17 hours ago, babyval22 said:

    I agree with @daloula That song is practically one of his must sing song for Wookie in any fanmeet cos you know, its from the drama that made him more popular internationally. Hence, its also the one fans can relate to the most. And also, i heard somewhere that this song is also somewhat a song that wookie sings for his fans as well, not surprising considering how much he adores his fans. 


    And to be honest, i think the real drought might come now that he is back to working. The guy can't be stuck in SP era forever and even if there is sth gg on between namji, it has become his private life now. Lol. We can only be thankful if the boy continues to let slip but.. glorious and bang chigu might train and censor him heavily in that area given his tendencies. Lol. 



    Lmao Val you still have faith on Jigoner?! bahahaha :joy:

    I bet Glorious and Bangchigu might have wanted to do exactly this after Wookie's post discharge IV :lol::lol:...



    17 hours ago, ptp321 said:


    You are just too cute to still have so much faith in him. This is the same boy who was not supposed to reveal the Daybreak song until the FM, but he blurted it out anyways.  Lmao! I have no hope for his restraint!  


    Let me remind you of the current score:


    Glorious and Bangchigu : 0

    Blabbermouth: 3 and counting


    Lmao I agree unnie!! *fist bumps*  I still can't move on from the "System"  :ph34r: tongue slip kekeke 

    Wookie is like a loose cannon  :joy: 



    Who  would even ask one's ex-costar to help in choosing his next project after military discharge? :ph34r:

    He was....


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  16. On 5/13/2019 at 8:56 PM, tinymel said:


    Hey. We have the proof... that that boy is an open book. 


    We don’t even have coincidence to back us up. They sail the ship for us. We just sit on the deck and get all shippy when they want to remind us of the fact they are still close and in touch. Can’t ask more as a shipper. 







    10 hours ago, sp17jcshipper said:

    Am fairly new to this ship, but its okay am happy I did not have to go thru 2 years of waiting. Was late in watching SP watched about 3 months ago and I was so taken by Hyunnie and had to watch all her other works Am still looking for some. I just fell in love with her, then I started following the Korean news and heard about Wookie MS and his discharge thats when I ran into this amazing story about this couple and I watched their BTS and I was hooked. Followed everything pf them on IG, Facebpok, Twitter you name it and I have been enjoying the journey so far. I just love their chemistry and am addicted to them. Am happy I found this forum coz I have been going crazy on my own these past months I had to rewatch SP again after the BTS. I am hooked and am happy to sail with you guys on this ship. So still catching up on the 1664 pages unbelievable right I have read the first 35 pages and the last 30 can't wait to really delve into the middle pages and feed my delusion lol


    Welcome to NamJi family!!! :wub:

    NamJi is indeed addictive. Trust me you are not alone.:D Almost everyone in here would own upto to being a NamJi_trash_bin :lol: 

    We would love to read your take on their bts, IV's etc... :wub:

    Fighting with the backreading!! 

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  17. Happy 2nd Anniversary Shippers!! :heart: 

    It feels like yesterday we celebrated the 1st Anniversary and now it’s our 2nd haha. Shipping wouldn’t have been this fun without you Fam!!! NamJi and you girls have brought such joy to my life and helped me overcome a certain difficult phase in my life and I’ll be always be grateful for that. :kiss_wink:

    Real life has been super busy and I miss spazzing with your girls!!

    Will catch you girls soon.

    Until then...


    Jichang wook: "She is controlling me" :wub: 



    He loves making her laugh :wub:



    Why so cute!!! :wub::wub::wub:









    Love how touchy touchy they were in between kiss scenes :wub::wub: 



    I can't at how Wook's all shy shy in here :wub:




    When you don't want to let go of Oppa's thigh :lol::lol:






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  18. 6 hours ago, ptp321 said:


    Lmao! Got called out by his long-time fan and contradicted himself.  I thought it was the system that didn’t allow them to see her? Lol!  W would so lose a case in court and I’m not even a lawyer. :joy:


    Lmao but wookie wins for being so consistent :joy:




    20 hours ago, daloula said:

    I don't know about you but I still can't get over Wook's face while he is saying these words (PS you can look at the comment of his kfan on this post for a more accurate translation of what he said LMAO):




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