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  1. Welcome back dearie!! Omg!! I totally feel you! I had to keep asking everyone if it was all real and not just a dream!! Our girl attended the musical only for Wook!! *screams* Lmao I can't at the timing of their disappearances. Its quite obvious if one would read in between the lines Don't worry I'm here to stay and I've missed posting in here I feel you dearie!! Our girl has no mercy on us! After the latest bomb our girl had to go and hit a like on a shipper's video edit omg!! Hyunie just kill me already!!! She's driving us all cray cray!! I need help!
  2. Hyunie just kill me already!! Feeling high from last nights update from our Co-captain Hyunie. Hyunie: "I hope Changwook orabeoni stays healthy until the discharge date!" Omg!!! Eng Trans credit: @riririru Our co-captain went all out with her support for changwookie oppa! Our ship sails on its own. A well deserved gift to our lovely shippers who have been waiting for a long time and especially to our Soompi shippers (Hyunited_Soompiers) who worked hard to make our latest fan cafe project a success!! @babyval22 Mianhe for not keeping my promise on updating our MT unnie! I'll try my best to drop by more frequently
  3. So happy that our 3rd project was a success! Hope uri hyuni likes our flowers and macaroons! Thank you everyone for working so hard to make this project a success! You girls are awesome and so precious! So proud of my fam! Please keep up the good work! Love you all! More power to you #hyunited_soompiers
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