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  1. Yaii it's single digits finally!! *happy dance* Hahaha yup That psychology major might be able to provide wookie with some insights with regards to his role.
  2. Hahaha dearie ikr!! Old is Gold *fist bumps* NamJi Spam Alert Don't tell me that I didn't warn you unnie Lmao our OTP's version of light testing *cough* light testing *cough* Lmao when wookie needs her support to pick up the pencil ctto
  3. Lmao SBS can't move on Now they are rating the kiss kekeke When Wookie forgets that it's rehearsal The intensity Chincha these two *face palms myself* ctto
  4. D - 13 I wish someone who look at me the way wookie looks at Hyunie TT That deep eye gazing Gazing at her in ninja style hahaha ctto
  5. Anneyong Chinguya! Long time no hear! Hope you have been doing well dearie. Lol it's been 2 years but here we are waiting for our captain to discharge miss them!
  6. Thank you dearie! bahahaha ikr our co-captain just blasted them off and had them reeling! I'm still waiting for hyunie to visit khn at the musical you know. Lmao anti's are getting desperate by the minute. Ikr! It's gonna be D -13 in a few hours!! Let's enjoy some intense stares from wookie while we wait for his discharge
  7. Lmao I can't see hyunie's lips anymore. Ya Wookie what did you just do there??
  8. A great weekend to all Lmao I can't at PD nim calling them dirty Wook is Hyunie's Masseur "Omma we are dating" The way they look at each other
  9. Omg it's D-15 in 3 hours when she finds him cute The way he caresses her
  10. Shippers seeing hyuni visit wookie Me waking up to the BOMB!!! Lmao anti's after the musical @daloula let me steal your gif Hyunie after the bomb!
  11. @pauliza unnie lmao I just noticed that I posted the same dirty but pretty hug. Look shippers are in sync too Their jakiya bts made me question whats reel and real The lines were so blurred Love how she goes all shy shy Wook making her heart flutter
  12. Omg we have entered the 10's !!! D -19 Hahaha Wookie mirroring Hyunie He looks so happy hugging her I can't at them being so extra here
  13. Happy Sunday Shippers! D-21 Love how they mirror each other Wookie stop blushing! The way she touches him He got a think for her chin
  14. Welcome aboard dearie! In my opinion this interview was a mess lol! For someone who calls herself "single since birth", her saying "people can date a lot sure. But if not, then no problem. May be they would be in love later than others, may be they won't be seeing a lot of people. I'm just this kind of person.", doesn't make sense unless she has some kind of dating experience. "I often imagining myself having a date. I don't think I'd change so much when I have a bf (boyfriend). I think I'd date someone who's like friend, that's why I don't think my date style would be so much different. I was in rush of pressure to be in a relationship last year". I wonder how she found enough time to date someone while shooting everyday for months from morning to past midnight? Unless that person you were dating was on the sets too. "But for now I think meeting and getting to know each other slowly would suit me". Logically speaking, shouldn't she take it slowly instead of rushing it amidst her busy schedule? But she chooses to "take it slowly" now that she is free having completed SP. *scratches head* Then she said "2 years have passed and I still have no love story to tell". C'mon she had all the time in the world after taking a break from acting and going off to school. So why has she no love story to tell *scratches head* I remember my close friend's boyfriend didn't want to start dating right away bcz of his personal commitments and busy schedules. So my friend had to wait for a months until things settled down to start dating. Isn't this how things work in reality? PS: I know someone who was in a rush to enlist during SP and is currently busy serving in the army. Translation Credit @riririru and hyunited_soompiers
  15. Lmao unnie I didn't notice the same pose until you pointed it out I'm so very excited for wookie's discharge and can't wait for single digits. Tbh I never ever expected her to attend the musical so openly especially to make a post afterwards addressing changwookie oraboni. Why wasn't attending the musical just enough for Hyunie?? 4 days later she had to go and like NamJi vid! Weiyoooo!!! TT Love love how you put it dearie! She didn't go with her SP crew but with her personal crew and that crew is close to wookie too. PS: I'm waiting for Hyuni to attend the musical when KHN will be performing. So far she didn't and that proves that she cares for wookie more than just a costar. Lol this clip was included in the video Hyunie liked on IG
  16. If you see someone liking all your past post please know it's me who is back reading atm Girls its was great to see our captain and co-captain update at the same time and love seeing it happen right now too. They sync so well! Even when it's silent on both sides. Lmao I know you see what I see ***Rollcall in Progress*** @masthu @babyval22 @pauliza @MoonlightSerenade @daloula @luvforever @happyheart1 @ss1504 @Changsky @ajboomer28 @Swanflwer @Jenroe @summerset @attriste @ptp321 @kmagesh @kyrajijin @jncjwh @nianderson @adi2019jiji @feliciadreamer @truebeliever @achinawa@khalinkikyo @midorinokerochan @excitedgal @dreamyme @Babyboomer @songsongdiehard @riririru
  17. Welcome on board dearie! Lol don't mind the anti's. They have no basis to state something so ridiculous as wookie taking advantages of hyunie. Our girl is an independent woman with a mind of her own. If she didn't like his affections she would have clearly stated it and acted all cold in the bts in order to make sure the message gets delivered and wouldn't have had encourage his affections. To hell with the anti's, our girl loves hugging, patting, caressing, cheering, mock strangling, checking on her oraboni and giving him the Tongue right from the 1st kiss!! Why would she even state that her heart fluttered for him and wondered if his heart fluttered too? Hyunie attending his musical just ripped their baseless theories into shreds. Lmao when drought strikes anti's become desperate.! Yup they sure had kept in touch during his time at the army and it's quite obvious that it was wookie who gave her the tickets Lol we all know that it drove our shippers to the brink of craziness in order to buy the tickets and man it was so stressful! Why would Hyunie go through all that when she could ask wook for the tickets? Plus hyuni sounded as if she hasn't seen her hairstylist for months when it was only recently Hyunie met her to cut her hair. But her words to wook sounded as if she had met him recently. Well I'm sure everyone of us noticed the difference but I couldn't resist saying it This moment right here reminds me so much of songsongcouple Now that's too intimate girl! She loves choking her Oraboni *wink* *wink* Or should I say they love choking each other. (yes you're thinking what I'm thinking ) *runs away*
  18. Lmao my stomach hurts laughing unnie!!! Poor souls have so much free time hating on an old ship rather than focusing on their own ship! Bored much ehh? Lmao the hilarious part is, I see myunnies (who are totally against shipping hyuni with her costars especially W) creating fake accounts just to ship the new otp and bash wookie. They are being so disrespectful towards a person Hyuni cares so much about. Then again we know why they need the new ship desperately! If not them who else is gonna fill their empty pockets right? It's chincha funny how an old ship can get under their skin. Let them hate all they want. They will reap what they sow. We don't have to justify the reasons for believing in this ship bcz the BTS, the post SP interviews, the awards speech, the post hdh interviews and the Dcut speaks for itself plus uri Co-captain is busy attending Wook's musical, watching and liking NamJi shipper vids so what else do we need right The old ship is sailing kiyaaa Psst @daloula unnie I know someone who's super excited too!! That someone is excited to the point she had to go and hit a "Like" on a shippers cute vid Some would call me delulu but it is a FACT that hyuni "Liked" a NamJi shipper vid Well I expect anti's to call the "Like" on the video a mistake just like anti's called the hashtag #songsongcouple on kyo's Instagram post a mistake too
  19. Couldn't agree more dearie! I remember when shipping ssc there were anti's who claimed that shk and sjk had nothing going on between them bcz if they were dating they wouldn't show their affection towards each other so openly. Also some said that it was normal to see shk attend her costar's fanmeet when it was the very first time to see her do something like that. Lmao now we see certain ppl claiming that Hyunie went to the musical to divert the attention from their idol. Then we have myunnies claiming that it's common to see Hyunie supporting her costar. Lmao someone just show me an instance where she went alone (without the cast members) to support her ex-costar? Lmao some people wouldn't see the truth even if it hit them right in the face!
  20. Lmao now no one can say that hyunie didn't visit wookie during his army service!!! Looks like someone special is super excited for wookie's discharge!! Lmao she sure knows how to drive us cray cray. Please don't kill me but I can't help thinking that hyunie was probably missing someone badly to have pressed the like, plus that NamJi video was super cute!! So how to resist?!
  21. It's D27!! Thank you @pauliza for the countdown!! May the Almighty bless NamJi
  22. Lmao unnie make that 2 likes!! Hyunie please kill me already!! Oh my poor heartu!!
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