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  1. LMAO here I thought it was some FF made up by shippers. But holy smokes it's REAL!!! It's only been a few hours but Captain is killing us already!! @ptp321 LMAO unnie!!! Your delulu is REAL!!! Hyunie REALLY helped him with the SCRIPT!!! I'm so dead everyone!!!!
  2. OMGGGG what did I wake up to!!!! Someone slap me Chaebal!! Am I dreaming?? *blink blink* YA SHIPPERS WOOKIE DROPPED A BOMB!!! *SCREAMS*
  3. Omo unnie!!! *waves* Good morning love!!! Lmao I see the real fangirl in you has been unleashed Let it go Don't hold it back anymore Edited to add: Lmao i couldn't resist attaching this gif cz it's so you right now Don't kill me girl lol!
  4. OMGGGGG IT’S D-DAY SHIPPERS We made it Girls!!! We beat the drought!!! *Group Hugs* Everyone Love you Fam I know you all are lurking here in ninja style . Palli Palli come out everyone!! *My friends* when I tell them that I’ve been shipping NamJi for nearly 2 years now... *ME*
  5. OMG 1 more day to go kiyaaaaaaa Turning the lights on . Lmao someone teach them manner legs Clingy hyunie ctto
  6. All i can do is ROLF while reading your posts bahahaha You are jjang unnie!!! Please keep them coming dearie We are so glad to you have back dearie!! Lmao I'll never recover from that bomb Hyunie dropped on us! You are so cute dearie hahaha Lmao lets just accept that we shippers can't let it go kekeke And we are more like.....
  7. OMG 2 more days to go!!! Old is Gold Lmao lets turn the lights on Aww the way she smiles at him Ctto
  8. Thank you for dropping by I'm so very excited dearie!!! Hope we could all camp in here on the 27th D-3 Their hugs are on another level <3 hahah chincha these two ctto
  9. D-4 Wookie marking his territory Lmao I can't anymore Impatient wookie Ctto
  10. Happy to see him enjoying his holidays! Wookie looks so hot!! Welcome on board dearie!! Totally agree with your comment on their post kiss moments *fist bumps* . Also love love their moments in between takes of their kiss. *swoons* Lmao there's no way of them faking that especially the dazed expression haha! *wink wink* It's quite obvious from her visit to wookie's musical that they have been in touch with each other over the past 2 years. The way they care and address each other go beyond being mere costars Would love to read more of your pov with regards to NamJi so please *appear more* hahaha Ctto
  11. Woah it's D-5 !!! Love love their offscreen moments from their jakiya bts When wookie gets all shy shy hahaha
  12. D - 7 Light testing part 3 Lmao he holds her arm as if he has all the right to do just that and Hyunie is all smiles . Lmao when you know that your girl is looking and you wanna impress her with your talent (as per neck tie bts we know that hyunie doesn't know how to tie a tie ) *face palms myself* As per post SP interviews and her recent visit to your Musical its clear that you impressed her big time ctto
  13. Wookie is soooo kind If the Almighty wills we have only one week to go!! Kiyaaaaaa
  14. Yaii it's single digits finally!! *happy dance* Hahaha yup That psychology major might be able to provide wookie with some insights with regards to his role.
  15. Hahaha dearie ikr!! Old is Gold *fist bumps* NamJi Spam Alert Don't tell me that I didn't warn you unnie Lmao our OTP's version of light testing *cough* light testing *cough* Lmao when wookie needs her support to pick up the pencil ctto
  16. Lmao SBS can't move on Now they are rating the kiss kekeke When Wookie forgets that it's rehearsal The intensity Chincha these two *face palms myself* ctto
  17. D - 13 I wish someone who look at me the way wookie looks at Hyunie TT That deep eye gazing Gazing at her in ninja style hahaha ctto
  18. Anneyong Chinguya! Long time no hear! Hope you have been doing well dearie. Lol it's been 2 years but here we are waiting for our captain to discharge miss them!
  19. Thank you dearie! bahahaha ikr our co-captain just blasted them off and had them reeling! I'm still waiting for hyunie to visit khn at the musical you know. Lmao anti's are getting desperate by the minute. Ikr! It's gonna be D -13 in a few hours!! Let's enjoy some intense stares from wookie while we wait for his discharge
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