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  1. It's not the same day even though he was wearing the same clothes. It takes place after he gave Haesoo the fish pendant and after the foreman was murdered. Not sure what his intentions were but it seems bae hee sung hatched the plan to frame do hyun soo for his crimes after min seoks death. He gave hae soo the fish pendant to give to hyun soo, he also left the message for the cleaner ahjumma implying that he was do hyun soo. So I think the purpose of the call was more to frame hyun soo than to threaten the ahjumma. Also, some thoughts on what happened between cha ji won an
  2. Yeah I think he was going to meet Jung mi sook. I also low key speculate Kim moo Jin was the one who freed mi sook (saw her in the basement in the videotape, went back to free her but didn't report to police). Maybe moo Jin helps her recover her memory or something. Yes somehow I feel moo Jin is related to the taxi driver and mi sook in some way. (they kept moo Jin and taxi drivers meeting a secret).
  3. Oh, and I also realized that the wedding rings and hand cuffs are metaphors for each other.... Also just to clarify my earlier mistake, the knife used by hyun suu is featured in the first episode. It is double-edged, sorry, was too eager to believe it was single bladed In the preview it also shows they are handcuffed together
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFCg1X2AFWz/?igshid=fu63gw0hw8s7 It's the I have a feeling, while hyun suu's wit, hee sung's arrogance and jiwon's intelligence will lead the police to eventually finding out who the real culprit is, hee sung will not let hyun suu go easily without a fight. The last act will involve hyun suu recovering his memories and the redemption of min seok. I think it's a poetic and beautiful way to end the show, how min seok is his son's greatest fear, but also his biggest saviour.
  5. Just finished watching ep 13. I am quite impressed with the writer, she left a lot of clues/(easter eggs?) in this ep: "I can see you but you can't see me" Hyun suu was first memories directly mirrors hyun soo's first memory in the forest. what if hyun soo was min seok's first victim? Camera does a close up of In the preview jiwon and hyun soo can be seen Jiwon and hyunsoo then goes to
  6. I think it wasn't perfume, it was a bottle of skincare product. Off topic but I am dying to know more about dhs's beauty routine cause his skin is sooo good.
  7. I am scared to watch ep 13 with subs. In fact I am now scared to watch the rest of the show because the stakes are wayyyy too high.... In the next preview we see bhs holding jiwon's damaged police pass. Eunha is unsure of opening the door The baeks are preparing a ton of money Bhs says he doesn't like someone because he/she is unpredictable Hyun su tells jiwon they will meet again Also the black box in the car near the telephone booth will be important. In fact there is a black box in hyunsu's car!! This show is really too scary a
  8. Omo, hyun soo found the cliff beyond the forest. Is this a spoiler?
  9. About ji wons badge, if u looked at the previews, she ditched it halfway when her and hyun soo were running away from their home. Praying that she and eunha will be safe!!! Meanwhile in the TV special, they did provide a list of people whose betrayal will change the game I can't believe in the span of just 2 episodes, almost all the characters on that list (besides maybe moo jin) have already betrayed hyun soo. Guy just has the worst luck.
  10. Whenever the vision of his father appears, DHS consistently resists what the father urges him to do, so i want to have faith that he doesn't have any intention to harm ji won. Maybe seeing his father made him realized that he failed to protect his mother, and ji won would be the most vulnerable if he gets locked up. I think you are right, he made it look this way to keep Ji won as a victim, so that she can still continue her career even after he's gone. I think he realized he's been forced into a corner, everyone he cares about is in danger (his sister, his daughter and jiwon), he
  11. sorry but i just cannot, how can they do this to us after what we went through in ep11?
  12. omo they didnt warn eunha that the other haelmoni cannot be trusted.....
  13. omg ep12 was sooo scary i cannot.... also, can you fall into a coma, from a stab wound? what is happening? at this point in time, i ship moo jin and hyun su the most. the stakes are too high for the others... i can watch hyun su ignore moo jin for a whole day i still feel entertained.
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