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  1. My thoughts are still all over the place but I would just like to take a moment to applaud the insane camera work in this episode, especially with the scene where dms catches up to dhs from behind and leads his way in the forest. It is so rare that the camera captures the moment where movement and emotion are so perfectly synchronized. Also I am bracing my self for all the incoming posts about all the plot holes and "lazy" writing of the episode. I am afraid I will have to agree with them, so many makjang moments, but then again, u really got to give the writer credit for such de
  2. On ig there seems to be another kid actor (young girl) acting in the show, is it egg soup (sister to egg tart) Is it? Or young ji won?
  3. i wish it were oprah handing out amnesia cause i be wishing i got amnesia as well after what happened in 15.... uri hyun soo ahhhhh
  4. what does the preview say? actually in this case, amnesia is not that bad, the character has suffered so much, amnesia is the least the writer can do for him. he isn't wearing his ring in the preview, i wonder what happened. I low key hoped that he died and maybe bhs didn't and he just reappears here and then as a vision to haunt bhs like how dms haunted dhs. But a happy ending is good as well. At this point in time i dont care if they used any trope, just bring it on, nothing can ruin this drama for me anymore. It's just that good.
  5. this episode broke my heart but also gave me hope? they really do melodrama well (am going to ignore all the other aspects). He didn't die right? I have a feeling he lost all his memories. Please let it be real. If its just a memory, then its beautiful as well. And Lee Joon Gi, that scene at the cliff, i will revisit again when i need a good cry/catharsis... i think this is really his best work, won't forget his performance for a long long time.
  6. about the whispering in the cupboard.. who would have thought they're gonna give us the ASMR that we actually asked for? anyway i dont think they're gonna wrap up the suspense part of the story decently, they just dont have enough airtime left to do that. So, I'm gonna ignore the various plot holes and concentrate on how the writer resolves Do Hyun Soo and Cha Ji won's love story. at least that part has been consistently good so far.
  7. everyone is younger than joon gi except for kim ji hoon who plays bhs i think hahahah
  8. i believe do min seok was using the poster to tell BHS that he's made a mistake. I think they had made an agreement that they would only hunt for people with no family so their crimes wont ever be uncovered. I think DMS was telling BHS that for this careless mistake, he is not going to help him, either he surrenders to the police or get rid of the body immediately. BHS's ego was hurt, therefore he decided to kill DMS. I think maybe he pushed DMS down the cliff to make it look like a suicide? makes no sense for someone to hit their own head with a rock? why is the cliff suddenly such a conveni
  9. I really liked hyun soo and ji won's scenes this episode, for the first time in the entire show, they felt like real people to me, which makes it really sad as their situation is so unfortunate. and these 2 actors, their chemistry as a couple is almost criminal....from now onwards, i'm just gonna watch the show for their relationship and nothing else. As for the ending, i guess it will end in a bittersweet way like how a melo would. Although the suspense part was enjoyable, i think they're gonna wrap it up real quick and instead focus on the individual characters' own tragedies (i
  10. when he tried to demonstrate how the knife doesn't actually cut, his palms got cut a little....i dont know whether to laugh or cry.... this entire show... i dont know whether to laugh or cry.
  11. It's a good episode but I am a little disappointed cause I was hoping thinking its the start of the battle of the brains between hyun soo and hee sung, but hyun soo is kinda.. Unimpressive? Have a feeling they're gonna wrap up the showdown with hee sung real quick tmr, while ep 16 is gonna be a denouement episode. Kinda disappointed as hee sung was Such a promising villain.
  14. Hae soo ya!!!!! FACE PALM. and the head of police is a crook?!!!!!
  15. Maybe bed scene is not so far fetched... But they did argue and if my Korean is right, they started playing the blame game with each other
  16. Just when I tot the show couldn't surprise me anymore.. The new vibe BTW hyun soo and JW is so refreshing
  17. Yeah I agree with u. Initially when she forced hyun soo to go to the basement, honestly I was a little impressed by how tough she was on her husband. This time round I also found her actions logical. Although for hyun soo I understand why he reacted like that. His character has suffered so much that his plans tend to be a bit manic/fatalistic. Looking forward to the hotel room confessions. Like I said, while I enjoyed episode 11, parts of it felt 2 good to be true. Having them fight is more realistic (OK maybe not the knife to the throat kind of fighting).
  18. 2. Will someone die? Who? (you can choose up to 3 characters) Ok the director did promise us that there will be a satisfying ending to the show, so lets put our deduction hats on and figure out who will die based on logic and exclusion. Because i would like to go to bed soon, I will just discuss the mortality of only our 4 leads (and assuming like BHS will definitely die, I mean its more or less a given). 1) Scenario 1: Only BHS dies. This is the best case scenario. Jiwon help Hae soo blame the village head's death on BHS (due to the voice recording where he alluded that he k
  19. I think hee song completed his service and hyun su was drafted on behalf of hee sung for re-service in 2005 when he took his identity. So in a way hyun su has been in the army before. But if he gets drafted after the show ends, I don't mind, joon gi looks hot in military uniform. Season 2 anyone?
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