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  1. Sorry I have a question about ep 16.


    When ji won visited hae soo in jail, hae soo said that after meeting ji won, she started having a belief that whatever suffering she had to go through, was to prepare herself to receive more (happiness) in the future. 


    The next line of the dialogue is something I am curious about. From my understanding of Korean, I thought what she said was, "that's why for cha jiwon, I hope u suffer just a little more" 


    But all the translations translated her dialogue as "even so, for chai ji won, I wish u would suffer a little less". 


    Does anyone know if the translation "I hope u suffer less" is correct? 

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  2. I have waited so many years for a drama like foe to showcase joon gi's talents. But it's so sad that over the years this forum has become quieter and quieter even though his finest performance has finally arrived. 


    Good news is he seems to be booming on reddit. The younger and western fan base is really growing! 

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  3. ok i guess we better read up on the legend of Hephaestus before watching the episode with subs. i think his memories before 10 is embedded in this myth. 

    Just rewatched it without subs cause i am crazy. anyway the more i think about it, the more meaningful the ending is.. they are now able to rebuild everything from a clean slate, without any deception or lies and Hyun soo can finally grow into himself naturally and freely. and she can love him without stressing out about the fake parents. 

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  4. i didn't really understand what he was saying, but i think one of the main points of the episode was when he remembered why he named the workshop that way and he explained it to jiwon, which i guess kinda made her remember the love he had for her. i remembered someone saying the workshop had a very nice name, but the writing in korean is too cursive and i can't read. Can't wait for the subs.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, thesuitelife547 said:

    So I don't know what I missed, if it was anything important...but we really just ended it with all of them hugging? I kinda wish we ended with the family meal that Hae Soo desperately wanted or that there'd just a single shot of that to end, Hae Soo traveling back from being abroad to all eat together. 


    And I guess her relationship with KMJ is pretty much on point with what I thought. It's open ended. They call each other and talk on the phone now that she's off traveling and it looks like, based on their interactions this episode, that she does like having him around and cares for him as a friend at least for now.


    But that ending lol.


    That's fine haha. I'll just watch the raw of the last like 5 minutes when it's out and say what I thought happened lol

    thank you so much for the live recap. it was so fun hanging out with you guys here. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, thesuitelife547 said:
    • DHS comes back to KMJ's apartment and KMJ opens it up to show him a whole bunch of sweets?
    • KMJ asks him why he keeps buying them and tells him that he has a sickness
    • That's when KMJ notices he cried and DHS brushes it off asking why would he
    • KMJ thinks it's because of YJT and DHS says that he said he'll do it
    • KMJ figures then that DHS got hit by CJW and DHS said that that would've been better
    • KMJ asks if he's going to see Eun Ha and DHS says that he doesn't want to because what's the point when he doesn't remember
    • KMJ asks him what he's going to do then
    • DHS asks if the other person would get hurt I think about him not remembering and I guess separating himself?
    • CJW is at home alone and listens to the evidence again
    • She's with Eun Ha next who asks if her parents got a divorce and says that the other kids at school said that
    • CJW denies that but Eun Ha asks why he doesn't come home
    • CJW says that she hopes that DHS is happy and Eun Ha says she does as well
    • CJW says that DHS never lived freely and hopes that he's able to live like that at least once in his life
    • Hae Soo and CJW meet in prison
    • Hae Soo asks if it's hard because of DHS and she says that she's decided to forget him? She says that she now realizes she was a fool about everything
    • Did Hae Soo say that she wishes that CJW would go through a little pain?
    • We're back in court and DHS is in the audience, as well as CJW but she's sitting behind him
    • I think they just said she was found not guilty? 
    • Everyone on the police team cheers to hear that
    • GMJ is in prison and DHS goes to visit her. Why does he have bandages on his fingers?
    • GMJ asks if he also looked for that other person (I missed some things probably because of the lagging)
    • DHS goes to see BMW next, who's in the hospital. Did he suffer a mental breakdown after the other events?
    • It looks like he did. He happily calls DHS Hee Sung and thinks that he's seeing the real BHS standing there
    • He's happy as he asks how he's been doing and saying that he waited for a long time
    • BHS asks if he waited long and BMW says he waited every single day for him
    • BMW is just loading the praises onto the image of BHS he thinks he sees and DHS looks a little taken aback at first, I guess anyone would be
    • Oh, I guess he's giving GMJ an update on BMW's condition
    • I think he asked GMJ for the story, or what kind of person someone was (the stream keeps loading) but it seems like she answers something leaving him stunned

    It's not sweets it's egg tarts. He keeps buying them without knowing who it's for

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  7. 19 hours ago, thesuitelife547 said:


    That part stuck out for me, too, when I watched it. I thought it was really brave of her to choose try to save DHS instead of having him go after BHS, who put her through all sorts of torture. And even when she was on the phone with the police, she asked for them to save DHS rather than immediately ask them to go arrest BHS. She was worried about him and perhaps a part of it may have also been with her wanting to break the cycle or maybe, because she already saw that DHS was a good person, she just wanted to save him from being a murderer as best she could.



    This part was really good writing in my opinion. It feels extra tragic to me because she wasn't able to do this for her own husband (who became a killer because he couldn't take the truth of her death). Literally her and kyung chul and jiwon and hyun su are in the same predicament.


    One of the things that I really loved about the writer is that she is able to subtlely draw out powerful parallels in her story. Besides pkc and jms, all the characters are written to compliment each other and propel each other's narrative in the story. There are no wasted charactersEvery one sort of have their own mirror image in the show, we see how moo Jin and the baeks have a parallel storyline, and how detective lee woo chul and Im ho jun, the oldest and the maknae propelled each others' growth in the story (detective im was finally able to shoot sharply and decisively!).


    Also, one of the show's most complex parallels was Do Min Seok and  Baek Man Woo. Both fathers realised the true nature of their sons (Hyun su is not a psychopath like Min seok wanted him to be, and Hee Sung was not a high functioning genius like Man Woo expected him to become). They made drastically different choices, one chose to accept it, the other was determined to deny it till the bitter end. We see the result of their decisions unravel as the series progresses. With that said, you cannot explicitly label min seok as a good father or man woo as a bad one. This is how complex and nuanced the writing is and i really appreciated it.  

    Another pair that I really loved was Detective choi and cha Ji won. ji won is morally unrelenting, whereas Choi follows his hunch and executes the law in a questionable way (i.e. stealing the doctor's phone in the first episode, and suggesting to trap dhs during the human trafficking operation) And yet can we say that detective choi is a immoral/bad cop? No, because in the end he also redeemed himself; if not for his willingness to close one eye and be morally ambiguous, hyun soo would not be able to spend more time with ji won, he would have arrested hyun soo and announced him as a murderer  to the whole world. 


    Then there is of course hyun su/hee sung. Both of them are smart and both of them are fatalistic in the way they do things. For Hyun su, he is such a complex and tragic character, in his mind he had somewhat decided how things were going to end; that he was a psychopath and will eventually turn into his father. And yet with every chance that he was given to walk the other way, he would hold on to that hope desperately. Whereas for hee sung, life is a game where he is always a few steps ahead. Like hyun su, He too was always sure of how the game will end (by his own design), but unlike hyun suu, he never accepts anything that might change his end game (or perhaps, no one gave him the opportunity to). In the end, you could even argue that they are the same person, and developed into their characters under different circumstances. 


    Then finally there is ji won and hyun su, one is sooo strong and the other so fragile, they are forever meant to be soul mates for each other. 


    The pair that I am not sure about is hae soo and mi ja, I feel that they could be each other's doppelganger, both have condemned  hyun su to hell. Hae soo had spent her life trying to atone for her mistakes, so does it mean mi ja will do that for Hyun su too? We shall see in episode 16.


    Again I wanted to  commend on how tight the writing is, especially with the use of unconventional motifs. Usually, motifs in stories appear as objects that foreshadow a certain theme. 


    In episode 2, hyun suu buys moo Jin kimbap from near his house and says the contents of his last meal will help to remove hyun suu as a suspect if moo Jin dies. In ep 15, Park soon young's last meal was critical in proving hyun suu's innocence. 


    Comedy Central Eating GIF by Inside Amy Schumer


    We initially thought that dms's vision was just a reflection of dhs's mental state, but the fact that he kept appearing between cjw and dhs in the beginning was foreshadowing how this "I see dead people" thing was going to be the final and most critical obstacle in their relationship. Again, no narrative has gone to waste. Everything goes full circle and the writer ties things up nicely. I am continuously mind blown by how intelligent and meticulous the writing is.

    The Simpsons Reaction GIF by FOX International Channels


    Also lastly, this is a very morbid observation but lee joon gi looks good playing dead? he's attractive as hyun su, but even more so when he's asleep and almost ethereal when he's playing dead? This show must have done me a good one... cause now i see dead people ... as attractive, maria. 
    homer simpson episode 21 GIF

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