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  1. Sorry I have a question about ep 16. When ji won visited hae soo in jail, hae soo said that after meeting ji won, she started having a belief that whatever suffering she had to go through, was to prepare herself to receive more (happiness) in the future. The next line of the dialogue is something I am curious about. From my understanding of Korean, I thought what she said was, "that's why for cha jiwon, I hope u suffer just a little more" But all the translations translated her dialogue as "even so, for chai ji won, I wish u would suffer a little less".
  2. I have waited so many years for a drama like foe to showcase joon gi's talents. But it's so sad that over the years this forum has become quieter and quieter even though his finest performance has finally arrived. Good news is he seems to be booming on reddit. The younger and western fan base is really growing!
  3. some other things i noticed: 1) in the wedding photo scene, when hyun su was helping ji won to sit down with her tight gown, lee joon gi was trying very hard not to accidentally touch her inappropriately 2) when Moo jin asks Hyun su how to get amnesia, lee joon gi almost burst out laughing but kept it in
  4. ok i guess we better read up on the legend of Hephaestus before watching the episode with subs. i think his memories before 10 is embedded in this myth. Just rewatched it without subs cause i am crazy. anyway the more i think about it, the more meaningful the ending is.. they are now able to rebuild everything from a clean slate, without any deception or lies and Hyun soo can finally grow into himself naturally and freely. and she can love him without stressing out about the fake parents.
  5. i didn't really understand what he was saying, but i think one of the main points of the episode was when he remembered why he named the workshop that way and he explained it to jiwon, which i guess kinda made her remember the love he had for her. i remembered someone saying the workshop had a very nice name, but the writing in korean is too cursive and i can't read. Can't wait for the subs.
  6. thank you so much for the live recap. it was so fun hanging out with you guys here.
  7. actually i felt they needed another episode to properly tie things up.... but lee joon gi's performance... wardrobe : hot sauce on fire, performance: hot sauce dynamite explosion
  8. OK i don't ldont enjoy the writing in this ep, but the performance on point. Did I miss out something, did they say what happened to him before he was 10?
  9. It's not sweets it's egg tarts. He keeps buying them without knowing who it's for
  10. Omg how RickRoll'D tragic is this, he still has to pretend to be hee sung
  11. WOW I NEVER GUESSED THAT UNDERAGED LOOPPHOLE I literally jumped up and down Hyun su wardrobe is hot sauce on fire this episode
  13. Actually amnesia is the best way to recap all their lovely memories.. I actually think its brilliant
  14. TVN sent out invites for Hyun Su & ji won's wedding. I swear to god, if they're not giving us a happy ending imma punch a wall.
  15. The media is reporting it as a flashback. But something seems off. The rings were Di-Ed off their fingers in those photos.... HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO US... JUST TELL US ALREADY
  16. This part was really good writing in my opinion. It feels extra tragic to me because she wasn't able to do this for her own husband (who became a killer because he couldn't take the truth of her death). Literally her and kyung chul and jiwon and hyun su are in the same predicament. One of the things that I really loved about the writer is that she is able to subtlely draw out powerful parallels in her story. Besides pkc and jms, all the characters are written to compliment each other and propel each other's narrative in the story. There are no wasted characters. Every one sort of h
  17. Omo I want to see joon gi and ji hoon in a variety show. Who knew this was the bromance we all needed but nobody asked for. Also Ji hoon called Joon Gi a "Comment Fairy"... and likes all of Joon Gi's photos on ig.... who knew hee sung was such a sunflower for Hyun su in real life.
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