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  1. I don't want to burst everyone's bubbles here but V having dinner with LYN could be because they were introduced by The Shadow's director Li Muge. As we know he is the director of Rattan and Heroes which LYN sang the OST and starred in respectively. LYN is not Reba's underling. He is not Jaywalk's artist like Yi Daqian. 

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  2. On 4/20/2021 at 9:15 AM, Romulan said:

    Did anyone else suddenly stop getting alerts about new posts today?

    I got my last alert on Monday. I don't know what's wrong. As you can see I just rejoined this thread again because I didn't get any alerts for a few months. I thought no one posted here anymore. 


    I just saw this on YouTube. I wish they added this scene on the final episode. 



    2 hours ago, ChibiLy said:

    He looks great. Who is he? 



    Feng Shao Feng in Ice Fantasy. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, MayanEcho said:

    Your thoughts if Vengo and Reba sang the ELOD's ending theme during the awards, like other actors/actresses did for their respective dramas? 


    Please don't make Vengo sing on stage. I know he was quite good when singing with ZYL and LRL but I'm still not convinced if he can carry the song. BTW, Bambi's voice sounds like Reba's. 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, DijunXiaoBai said:

    Actually per GR weibo comments about this video - greeting is a lot more like you would with friends, that’s because according to comments, there’s complete, more panoramic videos of this - v was not actually waving @ r, but at the boss, zm & r was waving at others. They never actually greeted each other, but kept stealing glances at each other all night when they could. In fact, in that clip, after v greeted the boss, he took advantage to take a longer look to the right so he could look at r so not as suspicious. There’s another photo of when r stood up with leo yunxi to get the award, she looked directly toward v - totally reminded me of the TMOPB press conference when r stood up to go to the stage & she stole a glance at v. :heart4:

     You mean this one, right? 



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  5. 45 minutes ago, ChibiLy said:

    I  wonder if they'd be shocked, if they found out how DH pampers FJ? 

    This got me thinking, when they first found out that FJ was married to DH what was their initial thoughts of DH and FJ's relationship was like? Did they think he's the usual cold and aloof deity towards FJ or did it ever cross their minds that the almighty DH could act like a kid in front of FJ? I believe it's the former because nobody knows the real DH. Even though Bai Zhi and Bai Yi were under his command once but i don't think they really got to know him personally. The Bais were probably worried how DH could really love FJ given his cold exterior. 

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  6. 14 hours ago, FoxontheMoon said:

    In the drama the cake was the same name it was just different color... since they were in the mortal realm...

    I wonder what is the name of the cake IRL? I've seen videos of making the cake but they don't share the ingredients. 


    14 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:

    ELOD would have broken the net if it showed as much skin as the art book. :lol:


    Joking aside, I'd love a copy of that art book, even if the pics are online.

    How I wish they did. Instead all we got is the damn blanket :angry:

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