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  1. @ixxdhx81 ah yes I heard that rumour too! I secretly wish he will landed a car ad and coffee ad though Btw have you checked Domino's IG? They post a BTS for the photoshoot on their IG Story. Btw I just realize that this is the last week of February. And since his play will be ended on March, will the announcement of his comeback drama be posted by SALT soon? *fingers crossed!* @2d1n_fan NAU korea has posted a teaser for their CF on their IG acc!
  2. Yes I saw it on one of the twitter fan acc. Yes he looks so young! I bet non KDrama fans would've believe if we said that he is only 2 years older than Moon Gayoung Yes and hoping he will get enough rest too! Yeesss!!! After Lee Min Ho now him! OMG I'm so proud! If I'm not mistaken all of Dominos models are a-lister. OMG I'm really happy he gets the recognition that he deserved! I hope the fans that really want to see the play are able to get the ticket. I cannot imagine how fierce the ticket war is. Btw aside from
  3. @ixxdhx81 oh dear but is it possible that the fan meeting itself will be recorded? Though I never heard a recorded fan meeting before. Really hoping he will be getting enough rest before and afterwards! Btw I heard that the additional ticket for ICE was sold out within seconds. He is indeed the Daehakro Idol. And in addition to that an OP mentioned that the NAU will release a CF on Friday! Can't wait!
  4. Yes please!!! Btw Im clowning here. Seonho is recently seen online and is following a golf instructor. An OP in twitter said that Mr. Hong have a scene where he plays golf. So does it means Mr. Hong is almost confirmed to be KSH comeback drama? Anyway as I said before I'm just clowning so let's wait for the official announcement from SALT
  5. Ah thanks for the info! I guess i better delete the tweet Btw I was wondering will this behind the scene be featured on 2D1N?
  6. Ah thank God! Too bad international fans cannot watch it T_T About shipping, I get your point. From what I see it seems like he's a private person. If he's currently dating someone then I will be very happy for him! But digging more into his personal life is such a big no. And yes I have to agree with your late post that Seonho is a very sweet guy so I think many people can easily mistaken his gesture as lovey dovey. Moreover we only see it on screen, meaning we don't know what is really happening. Oh thank you for the Feel The Rhythm photos! Can't wait to watch the ad
  7. Hi @ixxdhx81 its good to have you back! About the endorsement in PH. I hear that he will be having a fan meeting on the same day as the last day of his theatre performance. I hope he will get enough rest though. Btw does anyone know whether this fan meeting will be accessible to international fans or is it only exclusive for PH fans? Ah thank you for this information! Yess let's wait the official announcement from Salt. Anyway this is to cute! His IG post with duck shaped snowball have almost reached 2M li
  8. Hello chinggu, another day yet another CF starring Kim Seon Ho La Roche Posay: Canon Korea: @yuufa I think we can tagging @irilight for confirmation! Side note: SALT has just release KSH Schedule for February https://m.blog.naver.com/salt_ent/222227400301 Seems like there will be another CF coming!
  9. Have a wonderful day to you all! Btw I just read the news about KSH donation to Leukemia Childrens Foundation. Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003089166 (the article is auto translated by google so it may contain inaccuracies) Side note: there's another article written about his donation where the reporter mentioned that he is positively considering Mr Hong for his next drama. So I guess Mr Hong is indeed his comeback drama? Waiting for SALT to drop the news! Oh btw you can read about it here: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&
  10. @rori0711 Thanks for sharing! Glad to know that SALT takes action regarding malicious comments of their actors & actresses. Btw it's Kim Seon Ho 4th TV Debut Anniversary today and some fans is doing a hashtag event on twitter. Let's join the fun! About Link, it seems like they are still looking for the Male Lead. Last week I heard that Lee Joon Gi was offered the role but then declined. So if we see how SALT responded towards the casting news I asuume that Kim Seon Ho probably has accepted Mr Hong. I could be wrong though
  11. @2d1n_fan Thank you for correcting! TBH the translator's voice somehow distracting so I guess I miss some points of his talks in fan meeting and thank you for sharing the ELLE endorsement! Ah, yes I wish the same thing too!
  12. @rori0711 he said on the fan meeting that he had shoot several CF such as food and clothing. Some fans on twitter even speculate he had shoot a car commercial, seeing his reaction when the MC ask him to act as if he was doing a car CF . I guess he will receive plenty of CF offers this year. @Claire99 Welcome! @irilight Yes Knetz can turn their back on their faves in a sec. I guess that's why he feel this sort of burden to be perfect. Hope he has a great support system that will guard him on his way! Another news from Kim Seon Ho today, he will indeed appear
  13. Whoa this thread is moving. @Dramageek thank you for your insight. I guess we just worried he's being overworked and over publicised. @jelly I can totally agree with your opinion on KSH hasn't experienced the 'star' lifestyle yet. During the fan meeting I can feel he's kinda shy and nervous. Somehow I also feel he's still hasn't wrapped up with the fame his experiencing right now. @rori0711 Thank you! Somehow your post calms me down. I guess we need to trust him and his choices. @rocher22 thank you for the picture! Finally can saw a glimpse of
  14. What an interesting discussion @jelly @sanghyuk it kinda reminds me that few weeks ago, one of my friend who is a long time Seonhohada tell me about her frustration towards SALT. She have a feeling that KSH has plenty of CF offer but cannot help but wonder why does of all of those offer they pick a supplement ad. Not that she thinks that it's not good, but she thinks he could have landed on a better CF. Then about his recent CF with one of the investment app in Indonesia. Though she understand that it's for reaching a bigger market and the app is borrowing the HJP persona, but she thought it d
  15. I tottaly agree with you! Hoping to hear him casted in a movie this year. Who knows he will win some awards or maybe become a Chungmuro actor. btw thank you for sharing the article @irilight I've been contemplating whether I need to to install tiktok just to attend his fan meeting or not but I guess I will install it right now haha.
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