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  1. Regarding Miss K, I think MYM choose to stay silent because if the release a statement to deny the gossip then they also need to release a statement regarding KGE.
  2. about veniel IG post, I read somewhere that it's probably a throwback pics which taken from GE birthday bash as veniel wore the similar dress that day. So I guess the chances GE is with LMH is still there
  3. Not our couple related but when I read this I instantly remember Allison Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy. She has this power to influence people to do what she say by saying "I heard a rumor...." About the rumour, I check the respective IG and I do think that the rumour is baseless. In 2 July post we trust!
  4. That's not him actually. I think it's a fan account which username is quite similar with his. About the negativities I haven't read it myself. But from what I learn on twitter, it seems like there's a lot of ppl that are in doubt with this ship while the haters is trying to take advantages with this situation. It's actually kinda makes me wonder, how fast does MYM release the statement regarding the dating rumour during The Heirs era? While for KGE, afaik there's also rumour circulating about her and GY post Goblin but the agency only release a statement after they announce her breakup with her ex. Well she's not with BH during that time so I don't think we can compare that situation. Well, no news is good news right?
  5. Btw just wondering, how long does it takes for MYM to deny the dating gossip circulating around LMH?
  6. In my point of view, there's still a possibility that KGE is also there. Well it's because I suddenly remember that Kyuhyun once posted a group photo of him, TVXQ Chamgmin and Shinee Minho which fans quickly find a lady handbag on the table. Few months later it was revealed that Changmin will soon be married to his non celebrity GF. (Sorry cannot find the pic on ig, I guess it has been taken down). So let's stop worrying! Also I believe LMH is laughing not crying. Maybe his friends teases him on how cheesy he is with his GF or...maybe his GF is the one who teases him
  7. There's a twitter stan saying that there is an article on naver abt our couple dating but it was deleted. I try to look for the tweet but cant seems to find it. Hth
  8. I'm also thinking the same thing chinggu! I mean the silence of both agency is something right? And not to mention the deleted article from Naver
  9. I think it's a virtual live show. If you read the invitation carefully, there's a line saying "on louisvuitton.com" so I guess he's still in SK and probably will watch the show with GE
  10. During this drought season, I kept on watching the BTS and I stumble upon this video which use "can't take my eyes of you" as the bgm music. It's so accurate don't you think
  11. OMG this give me the British Royal feels *squeal* especially the fact that the writer decided to write that they have 3 kids just like Wills and Kate. I can imagine the kids grow up great and loved like George, Charlotte and Louis do. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Omg finally the forum is back. Btw someone on twitter mentioned that there's the TKEM editing has changed a bit. There's some new scenes added that help the audience understand more about the story. I cannot find the tweet though, but it made me rewatch TKEM just now. I just finished ep.1 and I guess I have to agree that there are some improvement on the editing. About GE liking JHI post, I don't think we should worry much but I hope this will trigger our capt to drop another crumb
  13. She and GY also didn't have any pictorial and interview after Goblin ended, despite of its huge success. I remember one of the MinGo shipper said that this is the sign of them dating since the agency wouldn't let them to have a photoshoot together. Idk if this true or not, but it makes me wonder did she had any pictorial after CITT drama ended?
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