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  1. She looks pretty young to me, she's already in her 40s and is a mom.
  2. I think she decided to go through the surgery, or plan to do.
  3. Am watching the last episode. The birthday scene indeed was very moving So they did get married, noticed the different ring on Jisu
  4. Couldn't agree more. She didn't actually did anythimg except telling YM to be a kid, no over thinking, what about asking teachers and other kids for what really happened. I feel school has responsibility too, are all the admins and teachers blind and scared of losing rich family donations?That's not what a school, an education is about.
  5. I think something(s) must have happened in the past that she simply just gives up on her own happiness... So sad.
  6. I can't believe how mean the ex-mother-in-law is, towards Jisoo. Why does she behave like that... Or maybe it is just the drama.
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