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  1. I am a bit late joining this party , so of course i had to gorge myself on all the episodes this past week... I think I had a dream of sitting on WuJi's lap ....i have to admit that Yang Mi gets the best men..Ye Hua and now WuJi .,..I like when the world revolves around women LOL
  2. Attention writer and director , would it have killed you to keep that chest available nice and bare for the morning after...that pyjama top has to go , pronto.
  3. I too can honestly say how i feel right now ... Thank you writer nim, that nice chest was appreciated by all of us
  4. Sending them off with a kiss ...waiting for subs , but what i saw in raw i think i can handle the end . Special kiss to our cute judge Kim Myung Soo...first time seeing you and just love you , to our amazing woman, Go Ara and to Sung Dong Il , such a great and badass judge ..i don't know where you are going until i get subs lollllllll but you should be a proud man.
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