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  1. These two are totally hilarious YL /QL ..ep 12 on youtube subbed ,,, but when reading the above comments i went to watch 66 without subs - just to see that scene when she pushes him in the bed and subsequent massages ...not sure of the dialogue , but they are totally in sync using their feet to express their displeasure lol
  2. Blessings to the angel that translated ep 11 ....10 not translated
  3. @Cedric Ong and @lyserose you two know that you have provided us with the most beautiful explanations and translations . Thank you . As i said before, i got hooked from the first moment , and when YL threw that bucket of water on the roommate lol and i watched all 70 episodes; however, after the discussions here , i would go ahhhhhh so thats what that was ...especially the walking and bowing in the snow , or that episode # ? when Gao stepped on YL's hand and QL left so fast when he saw her struggling to carry the buckets with hurt hands. My to you two for translating .
  4. ep 13 and 70 (individual ep only) are subbed on youtube ...and ep 9 on kseries.net ...6 and 8 only 50% on both sites. Why would such a great drama not have subs ?????????
  5. I have learned so much from this drama ...since i never watched a c drama with half shaved heads , this one is my first and i am glad YL is such an amazing woman Thank you @Cedric Ong for the above explanation and chart...previous comments mentioned the Da Ying and i think Gui Ren, and i did wonder what promotion lol our YL got . Once again, heartfelt thanks
  6. Thank you , thank you for giving me some understanding of this drama. I seem to adore YL and without subs its her expressions , her mannerism , her obviously quick wit that is keeping me waiting and waiting for subs .
  7. Thank you @Cedric Ong and @ChloeR you comments are keeping me sane lol.... i see the episode , i hear the conversations but without full verbal understanding I am almost pulling my hair. Reading these comments at least gives me a glimpse of what actually took place , so my heartfelt THANK YOU
  8. WOOO HOOO ....i am up to ep 7 in subs ...hey , thats happiness
  9. For me watching non subbed episodes this one scene really caught my attention ..and definitely no verbal explanation was needed LOL after spending the night with Yinglou our Emperor was in heavenly mood
  10. Sorry i can't contribute in this conversation since i am still waiting for the subs , but reading the opinions and crucial tidbits are keeping me up to date ..thank you
  11. I got my ep 4 subbed ...you know you are hooked on a drama when you watch all 70 episodes and have to rely 100% on the fascial expressions and actions since the subs are not out lol. I keep checking for the subs daily , and Ying Luo is totally cracking me up ...she deserves to become the empress just for outsmarting consort Gao .
  12. Yey...i got my episode 3 with eng subs ...so good to understand what is going on. I am drawn to this drama because this girl is hilarious from what i see so far ..such unexpected wit and self reliance .. beating her supervisor lol with the basket on her head
  13. In what exact episode was this ? I want to go see that scene lollll ?
  14. One reason i love Soompi forums is precisely these authentic reflections and summaries that I find so helpful in understanding the pull of these dramas . Thank you @Nudafu , knowing this makes this Legend of Fuyao even more dear to me.
  15. Ok my man Wu Ji , why did I fall in love with you.... .. Definitely attractive, attentive and authentic, Sexy galore with body , spirit and mind to match ..no mask when with his FuYao , skillful..oh man definitely, confident, energetic , magnetic, elegant. Demonstrative and communicative both with his love and his displeasure lol . I posted few one liners that got me good, but i think the one scene for me that showed our WuJi with his heart wide open was when that lady presented him her handkerchief and FuYao took it on his behalf. His hurt was so apparent and it was one time that he walked away from FuYao , publicly rejecting any other woman to take her place. My 1001 time when WuJi made my heart happy with his love was when FuYao finally admitted at the end that he was hers , and the joy in his hug and that beautiful grin ..oh J'adore
  16. Thank you , i like this summary. I started re watching all the episodes but will go back again and specifically try to pin point lollll. Its amazing how every word now is different , and i listen and glue myself to the screen when WuJi and FuYao are on .. the gorgeous part is appreciated even more this time around, and he really surpassed himself and totally nailed this role . I think all the men should go back to long hair
  17. Finally got my subs and finished with ep 65 and 66. My WuJi , never trust old man lollllll. Both the old emperor and the supreme master (my a**) have no answer to the present. Wuji , you were smart, you stuck to your woman no matter what , and because of that, at the end it was FuYao who accomplished the miracle and dispersed the black energies with her own determination and love for you and humanity. With your unselfish love and support , she was able to bring back the harmony and overcome unbelievable challenges throughout her life. Thank you drama gods, it was good.
  18. I did wonder and interestingly enough when i looked around who can it be she popped into my head...i am up to 64 only so not sure if she is Lian'er or not .
  19. Its that scene in ep 64 at 29 minutes that had me going auuuu i was referring to...the translation is little bit different ...one translates as Scottish "lass" and the other translations say little girl ..or young woman ..but for the Chinese speaking chingus who can maybe translate it even more precise, that would be icing on the cake for me... this is the line that i adore lol
  20. just finished my subbed 64 where that favourite line was spoken Little girl, I said, never leave without saying good bye..did you forget..i think its the absolute male and female energy in their equal power and constant verbal communication between these two that made this drama fresh and exciting for me. ok ok also Wuji's grin always
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