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  1. Thank you @lyserose yes , the subs were so fast that i did not catch who or what...i did see Emperor, but since both his grandfather and father were Emperors , for some reason i thought it was the grandfather. So the young maid was almost like wet sister ...i still say poor QL ...and yet our YL lost her actual sister what would be almost the same age , so hopefully he will see the anguish and her determination for truth and justice .
  2. I finished ep 34 on youtube., heartbreaking end of romance for YL and Fuheng . I loved the way she tells him how she listened to everything that he said...she did not dare hope or agree or disagree with his promises, but in her heart she believed them . I love the way she spills her truths to one and all , no matter what the consequence . Even in todays society, if i can count maybe 10 people with that type of bs meter and go for the truth jugular, i would be impressed. If Consort Ling had even 10% of our YL i can see why poor QL does not stand a chance . I am also developing a protective crush on QL...what a shock for a young man , just budding in youth and love, and to have his grandfather kill his first love , almost made me go and give him a hug. Poor guy. So for him to start feeling any type of attachment would be like tearing the years off the wound from his youth. The irony of sending his (we find out most beloved ) to do the dirtiest hard labour imaginable and for her to still exist , i have no idea what kind of angels or divine guardians she has. When she described the wet conditions of the wood shack where she sleeps, so bad that it would even rot a wooden toy , and yet she persists . How ? What kind of will power is that ? Did he hear what kind of place she sleeps in, does he see how thin and malnourished she has become ? Is that the reason for his anger and curses at her for not defending herself against his punishment or his desire to have her beg for mercy . Another excellent episode that has me going hmmm and my total support for our YL .
  3. Nice article on the front of soompi today ...finally our Xanxi palace is getting its coffee truck
  4. LOL ep 33 ...."Did that nuisance leave ? did she really ask MY if the emperor left...and calling him a nuisance ? and another line in translation that has me rolling "It is not because the Emperor's poems are really outstanding " LOLLLLLL this girl , where does she get this type of guts? Aslos Q??? to anybody still following this tread...when i originally watched , i had to fast forwards and somewhere is saw a baby thrown into the river and some young woman saving the baby....was that out YL being thrown and her sister saved her ??? or am i totally off the base and what ep was it in?
  5. This was posted under the youtube ep 34 comments and i could not have said it better myself "Wonderful acting.Beautiful story. Can't speak a word of Chinese,watching it anyway.Wish there was English sub titles.only subtitles up to chapter 24. Thank you China for a wonderful series." This is exactly what i did too ...watched it anyway
  6. I watch mine on you tube and its subbed up to ep 29 so far ... i am glad you started watching ...the more the merrier
  7. Thank you @Cedric Ong ahhhhh now this makes sense why her mind started computing and she went into action as soon as she heard the storm is coming . Our YL must be related to Nikola Tesla LOL
  8. I am on ep 29 with ytube subs . How did YL manage to get that monster killed by lightning ?
  9. Halloo soompis, i am up to ep 26 with eng subs... ,.. Up until this episode i though of Er Qing as a beautiful and gentle maid to the Empress.....but check her out...the little b...h spills tea on the QL and then brazenly walks in to help him change his clothes. Very proud of QL for refusing the offer and asking for YL. I think QL got quite shaken and stirred since Fuheng announced his bridal choice and his fuse is seething with anger ...and yet he feels quite comfortable to assign YL , low status and poor slave to dress him up . If the real Imperial Consort was even a little bit as YL portrayed in this drama , i can see why he would have her right next to him even in the next life time. ...Talking about next life time...the above comments mention some new drama?? is YL in it protecting Fuheng in that lifetime LOL or still sparring with QL ?
  10. Would you believe me if i told you until last year i have never watched a c-drama. It started with our You Wen Yue which led me to Ye Hua which led me to Mai Changsu , which led me Zhangsun Wuji and how i ended up watching Yingluo is a mystery to me too...but even without subs i persisted to the end 70 because i find her fascinating and hilarious ...one tough SiStar . So i keep checking for subs on daily basis when i sign on my computer. But i always read soompi comments on Yan Xi's Palace and when you guys discuss something, and especially if you mention what episode, i would go and re watch that episode since your comments would give me additional understanding even without subs. Again, thanks to some comment above, i went back to check ep43 and to my surprise it was subbed , so of course i had to share .
  11. Glued to ep 20-23 they got subbed on ytube Plus 43 One thing i really really love about YL is she has her own truth meter so precise and accurate that she does not fall for anyones bs . In the ep 23 when CG presented her with Fuheng's belt , she kind of consulted her own intuition and belief again ...gave him s...t mind you , but trusted that he did not do it.
  12. So this was the point she learned how to get him angry lol any criticism and bang
  13. He he my ep 19 on ytube got subbed... I love the way our YL thinks... If she gives once, he should give twice ...i totally agree with that type of reasoning LOL
  14. Wow , you guys have been busy lol..... i am half way in ep 18 ...subs only half there...but my icing on the cake is ep 19 that i am waiting for...that episode is full of QL/YL interactions as for ep 18...i like at 16 minutes when MY snitched that YL had used the stamp, i like the way QL knows and addresses YL by her name....when he ordered punishment for MY he just said take "her" away ...so nameless , but i notice he always addresses YL by her name .
  15. No wonder i love this woman ...she is one true SiStar that a person can depend on I am up to ep 16 in subs now ...so for me even though i watched 70 episodes without understanding one word ...ok nya nya ..i got that LOL this re watching with subs is like a brand new drama , since i am able to get to the verbal exchange between these two. So since ep 10 i am glued to the exchange between them...and even when she is kneeling , he is so aware of her on some level, that he makes a point of speaking directly and personally to her ..of course chastising her but baby he can't walk by her without acknowledging her , a lowly maid haha . When YL ran into him to slow him down in ep 16 and splashed the water all over him, he was so furious and yet he never kicked her, only the water dish. To me this is precious considering that he uses his feet indiscriminately on everybody and everything.
  16. Ep 14 on youtube subbed I love the way QL tells YL that her calligraphy is poor
  17. Hi @lyserose i am totally in the dark without subs , so this was the translation on youtube based subs. When in ep 10 , QL comes out , and before passing by YL , he pauses and does tell her that he is spearing her because of the Empress; however , he warns her about her sweet voice and words , and not to use them , otherwise she will be executed. If that was not a correct sub translation, then if possible , please provide the exact verbiage . Thank you for helping us understand this drama and all your translations.
  18. Ep 10 almost 60% subbed... I waited for this one quite a while since this is when Emperor recognizes YL from the tree scratching and their first encounter. He recognized her because of her voice and the way she speaks...wow what an impression to make that after quite a bit of time , he still remembered her voice and her . When he was leaving he tells her that she can't use her "sweet voice" and "sweet words" or he'll execute her ....again he finds her voice and words "sweet" .
  19. Once again i am sorry for not being able to contribute much ...i feel like a mute and as previous postings suggest, if this amazing drama gets subbed, who will be around to share the joy with ? But no matter what, i will wait and re watch all the episodes
  20. Whose son was Yongqi? Sorry i just read the post above , and it answers my question , consort Yu ..and @believed thank you for this list . He was only 25 . As for the Emperor, poor guy , he must have felt like a prime bull lolllll
  21. These two are totally hilarious YL /QL ..ep 12 on youtube subbed ,,, but when reading the above comments i went to watch 66 without subs - just to see that scene when she pushes him in the bed and subsequent massages ...not sure of the dialogue , but they are totally in sync using their feet to express their displeasure lol
  22. Blessings to the angel that translated ep 11 ....10 not translated
  23. @Cedric Ong and @lyserose you two know that you have provided us with the most beautiful explanations and translations . Thank you . As i said before, i got hooked from the first moment , and when YL threw that bucket of water on the roommate lol and i watched all 70 episodes; however, after the discussions here , i would go ahhhhhh so thats what that was ...especially the walking and bowing in the snow , or that episode # ? when Gao stepped on YL's hand and QL left so fast when he saw her struggling to carry the buckets with hurt hands. My to you two for translating .
  24. ep 13 and 70 (individual ep only) are subbed on youtube ...and ep 9 on kseries.net ...6 and 8 only 50% on both sites. Why would such a great drama not have subs ?????????
  25. I have learned so much from this drama ...since i never watched a c drama with half shaved heads , this one is my first and i am glad YL is such an amazing woman Thank you @Cedric Ong for the above explanation and chart...previous comments mentioned the Da Ying and i think Gui Ren, and i did wonder what promotion lol our YL got . Once again, heartfelt thanks
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