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  1. Continuing with my appreciation medals after finishing ep 9 & 10 . Thank you drama team for giving us something so fresh and original and beautiful ...and smart and useful and and LOL . So in todays posting i honour both Mamas. One mama , that had courage at that time and age to walk away for the sake of her children , that was a 100% courage badge . And YM's mom, up till now i was not paying too much attention but seeing her wisdom and clarity in supporting her son's decision / options and improving it by her contribution, was so unexpected and beautiful. So both Mamas today get 100% hug. and our Comedy Duo , they really are a perfect couple ..."Be quick, my wife gets of at 5 pm " LOL
  2. Just finished watching 7 & 8. I got c-drama lucky 2019 . Two dramas that have my utmost attention and admiration and this is one of them . That state when there is not a single thing i would edit or change , nice big hug for the pleasure they are providing me. Brother Zhao Zhi-wei / Zhao Guanchao you get my in this episode LOL and a very happy 40th birthday to Tian Weimin / Yang Chao Ran - best step father (i wonder which vine you ended up drinking)
  3. Hopefully she will use SA is My Life forum to trigger or give Lion a lead so maybe force him to do a bit of hunting
  4. If we change the characters we change the drama.... i am enjoying what is being served , thanks @RPM music is beautiful. One of the funny lines for me was " What wonderful qualities of mine made made WY like me.... And i’ll get rid of them immediately.... All of them LOL
  5. @celebrianna so glad you are enjoying this drama, and i think its that genuine comedy that i appreciate and keep grinning with true admiration If there is a Coolest Siblings award or Plum 梅 méi blossoms hug @RPM or the blossoms in the promotional pictures that you posted in March if i did not identify the fruit/ flower essence that best describes my category LOL ? and Coolest step dad awards (i wonder what fruit/ flower essence would describe father the best ) so far in these 6 episodes i am totally giving it to them . Yes i could give couple more but i will be cool LOL today and leave some awards for another day.
  6. I love supporting my drama leads when they show uncommon clarity authenticity , passions , etc... so any situation where they are e played like fiddle sticks by other people and become too normal LOL i greet with mixed expectations. Hey DM forget that ladies first bs ....don't always speak first baby.
  7. I am very happy with this unexpectedly funny and tender drama, its whole story and presentation are hitting my buttons nicely. I am totally in love with the brother LOL....what a guy i love seeing such creative siblings and kudos to the step father , his and children's relationship/ actions are so healthy, nurturing and all appreciated by me .
  8. How many episodes ?... it originally showed 40 in the description page somewhere ..and yet we are up to 42 with this down load today .. i don't mind that there is more...they are cute to me
  9. Ahhhhh .. relief here ...i was admiring the at the end of ep 7 kiss ....with our DM doing the kissing this time .
  10. What ...you mean there was no kiss ...wow , it looked so real to me LOL
  11. Such a beautiful 1st picture of Ye Hua , Su Su and A Li .... is this them in the 2nd picture on the left side here Ye Hua , Bai Qian, A Li or is that somebody else?
  12. I feel like DM ...after the photo shoot she immediately edits ...in my case at the end of ep 7 i immediately check in lol... This kiss today at the end i totally support and feel that awww that is so nice ..what a true artist she is to appreciate him unlike the previous one (when i was not aware of thumb cindy ) . Its always good to introduce your family ...so they really really love you if they decide to stay and continue the relationship. He is also starting to show his playful side and starting to live again , and nice dose of generosity by protecting her and enabling her to fulfil her infatuation. A very joyful episode of nice possibilities and natural mischief ... i can wholeheartedly participate in their burgeoning romance . ( on a side note , is the coffee barista paying back all the broken dishes or is she keeping him humble after his great concert or or ?????)
  13. WOW @zenya22 what a great take on this episode ... i am going to read all your posts from now on LOL ...just beautiful , thank you.
  14. Park Min Young has the most beautiful smile and joyous laugh I love that girl. I think our lion just bit his tail when he questioned her presence / relationship in his apartment ... his verbal attack so rattled her that her elevator ride with her Idol was so blasé..wow how the times change . (DM a kiss is a kiss of apology , but a lioness gets her beef first lol )
  15. Catching up ...our Park Min Young is looking totally gorgeous and by ep 5 she is my smiling Goddess . Enjoyed seeing poor guy swallow couple of times before untangling the scarf .....and what gave her away - how did he find out ? I missed seeing this LOL.....i am quite curious too ...I will go with C
  16. And just like that , the end and i await the next KNG drama ...LOL thanks to the TFP team for entertaining us all these weeks as well as all the soompis coming together to 'faithfully' honour them with beautiful pictures and comments. Adios
  17. I don't want him to be a priest anyway ...he is too good of a man to waste on celibacy That scene at @14 min Before was a request , now its an order - he looks so beautiful to me , with all his pain and scars , his light and darkness . In every episode i wished that i was present and helping the team beat the current social rot that is permeating our Gaia and reading the above posting from KNG in our own way we all fought with them in this drama , and supported them , and cried and laughed with them ...and can we really forgive those two ugly reptiles since their bosses seem to be our highest leaders as well .
  18. Oooooo just saw ep 18 .. did not expect this ...poor young priest this writer and director are making us bi polar, one minute we are laughing like lunatics and then the next waaaaaa . ...and next week is finale ...this kind of went fast for me .
  19. I went to bed last night laughing because i was going to add my 3 out of 100 best / favourite scenes in this drama ..everyone in this drama is doing a stellar job so picking 3 is not an easy job as people might think LOL .... ...but what flashed front of my eyes was TADAAAA #1) ep 1 @3 when the guy was getting his legs waxed...every woman knows how painful this can be LOL .....and #2 i don't have to mention my true appreciation of KNG in every scene , but i think i even fell in love with him as Kim Nam Girl ..he looked so beautiful and realistic , i honestly did not expect that and fully appreciated hair flip and man spreading in his mini ..and #3 goes to our fighting hip hop girl....her fighting and pain tolerance LOL are as good as our KNG .
  20. I felt very good punching the scar face but i felt even better when that a$$hole of the boss got swindled by the scarface Ha ha and did you guys see Hwang's expression @12 min when the ex boss lady came out...it was like "what the hell happened to you LOL " or something like " so this is what you really look like " Soelsahwa
  21. Its ok - its good quality as long as we can see the scar face got beaten .. Oh just saw the preview ...our gutsy hip hop girl got so beaten up
  22. Ok i let the first ep go with no comments ...but the 2nd one should have been more authentic , more focused and and............. let see ...@ 5 min when i saw the white scarf in church, i automatically saw Honey from the Fiery Priest ....so dear writer AND/ OR dear director no cooppy catty please, ...@27 the spinster hair bun and the table cloth /potato sack suit ...ha no wonder he fired her . I don't know the male lead , but i always liked Park Min Young...especially when she shows her beautiful organic smile and the life she brings to her characters. I am little bit "unaccustomed" in relating to this type of character that she is playing , and so much obsession i have noticed from recent sanLook scandals of the idols , so i have to see what social norms this drama will introduce to us unfamiliar with that type of the world.
  23. I am up to 10/40 because of the subs . I wonder is she now officially his longest serving assistant ?
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