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  1. I have been rewatching LCDF :tounge_wink: , my drama evaluation and  merit are definitely tied in to the amount of times i clicked back to re watch a drama ...so i am up to 3....first was without subs, 2nd with subs as they came out ...and now i am in full possession of all the subbed episodes and i can savour and indulge :wub:

    .....and reading the book ...thanks to @themarchioness for reminding me that the book is on the first page link .  


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  2. 10 hours ago, themarchioness said:

    @gladys57, I rewatched that same scene last night too!  Love it.  The subtle changes in YM's expressions when she tells him her hands are covered in flour are just one of the many things I love about this actor and his ability to bring the character, YM, to life.  I find myself constantly watching his expressions because it's often through those minuscule movements that you really get to know what YM is feeling in each moment. 


    Also, on a separate note, I kept wondering when we'd get to see that scene where YM blocks QY from getting hit by an eraser.  Turns out it was included in one of the special clips!  (See video linked below.)  Hope people are watching these special clips to see the side story of HWY and her break-up from Da Xiong as well as YM scaring off the guy who had a crush on QY in high school and wrote her a love letter. :lol:




    So thats what happened....i missed this whole scene ..thank you :)

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  3. I am going for that scene when QY changed her track suit to support WY , obvious pride from GC but i remember YM looking with almost a surprised look , like something clicked that this girl is amazing in her own way . :love:


     For me every interaction between these two provided original action /communication , and its that unpredictability and nobody else could have  come up with their lines  , that created such beautiful entertainment for me throughout this drama . Every line was pure GEM and i feel very very happy that i had luck in finding and watching it. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, themarchioness said:


    HE FINALLY LEARNED ABOUT HER TRIP TO ENGLAND (or Serbia, rather, haha)!!!!!!!!


    LOL @themarchioness I did recognize some scenes from  Belgrade ,Serbia when i viewed ep 35 again especially at 18:57 when they get  balloons and 21:41 when she has the same picture taken and lets her little secret out.  I am impressed , because if you did not mentioned it i would have been totally oblivious LOL 

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  5. Merci  Le Coup de Foudre ... you became one more :star: on my list of  very much loved c dramas . I became part of your family and you became part of mine . To the writer , to the drama team you simplified and shared so much ..again ordinary but completely  extraordinary . Thank you Qiao Yi  and Yan Mo you are so meant for each other ,  Zhao Guan Chao you are loved by all of us for being one gorgeous man , brother, son, and at the end beautiful husband . Ba and Ma, i loved every moment I spent seeing your amazing life choices and devotion to your children . Every actor delivered ...and even our teddy bear got love of his life at the end. 

    Thank you Soompis , as always you all rock :heart: Merci 

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  6. 1 hour ago, themarchioness said:

    It's a really good thing I had already watched most of Episodes 23 & 24 raw, as I feel like I spent most of last night head-desking over the subs instead of watching what was actually happening on screen.  Between the verb tense issues, the not quite on point translations, and the couple of times where I don't even know how things were being translated, I kind of just want to re-translate the entire episodes.  But since I can't exactly do that, here are some of the notable areas that I found:


    Episode 23:

    • The gentleman that FDC and CYM meet with, hoping to place their product in his mall/stores, is CYM's cousin.  The subs just have have him referring to CYM as "sis" or by her name, but he actually refers to her each time as "biao mei," which means she's a younger female cousin (either the daughter of his father's sister or of his mother's brother or sister.  Since he asks after her father and also appears to be related Cheng Ye, my guess is they're related through his mother and her father).  
    • When QY delivers dinner to YM in his office, there's a part where the subs have him saying, "Who said you can't help?"  This is one of those times in Chinese where a phrase may translated differently based on context - the exact phrase said was, "Shei (who) shuo (said) ni (you) bang (help) bu (an adverb indicating something's in the negative) mang (work; do)." - so I don't necessarily blame the translations for this, but given the context in which it was said, I would have translated it as, "Who says you can't be of help?" or "Who says you weren't of help?" - since she already did help him.  The reason I say that is because when QY arrives, she apologizes for not being able to be of help to him with the company's troubles and says that what she can do instead is cook him food.  As he stares at the lunchbox, he remembers that time he once helped her win that lunchbox for her mom and realizes that they don't need to place their product in fancy malls.  They just need to find a venue where they can attract crowds, and it's thanks to QY that he has that realization.  Hence, his comment of her actually having been of help to him.
    • When ZGC meets with HWY about the baby, and they're talking about how they both don't like kids, the subs have him saying to the "baby bump," "But I will like you.  You're special to me.  You're my baby."  But it was more like, "But I will definitely like you because you're not like the others.  You're my baby."  The subs also have him telling HWY, "I won't let my pregnant wife go to the hospital alone."  That was basically a paraphrase of him saying, "I'm certainly not the type of of man who'll let their pregnant wife go to the hospital by themselves."  I like the longer translation because I think it emphasizes the moral compass of ZGC's character.
    • When the Panda Company has their first day outside the coffee shop (that appears to serve McDonalds burgers :P), they're all standing around waiting for people to stop by.  As a result, YM stands there rearranging the wristband boxes.  QY says to him at one point, "You have placed them in order," but what she really says is, "You've already arranged them once already."  Doesn't that sound better (make more sense)??
    • At the end, when FDC goes to hunt down Cheng Ye in order to fight it out, Cheng Ye orders his bodyguards to "Stand by," which was really more like, "Everybody stand back."  He's telling them to not involve themselves in the fight as he wants to duke it out with FDC alone.  The subs also have him saying, "I'll defeat you completely as a member of Cheng family," but what he really says is, "If I don't kill you today, my last name's not Cheng."

    Episode 24

    • When CYM arrives (after YM and QY) to break up the fight between her brother and FDC, the subs have her saying to Cheng Ye, "Next time doing evil don't put it on me again."  That may be more properly understood as, "Next time you do something bad, don't turn me into your scapegoat."  (She's still upset about having been suspected as the leaked source.)
    • When FDC's sitting by himself on the bench sulking, CYM arrives and tells him to take her home (because she wants to help him but they have such an acrimonious relationship she doesn't know how to interact with him in a nice way).  The subs have FDC responding to her order with, "I'm badly hurt already!  Be sympathetic and cut the order!"  But really, his expression was more of, "I'm already injured like this and you're still going to treat me like your servant?"  After CYM tells him that she wants to take him home to put medicine on his wounds, he realizes her true intent but it's the same thing for him.  He doesn't know how to engage with her in a nice way.  So, as he walks off, he mutters (without really meaning it) "jiao qing," which the subs translated as "Sentimental..." Well, my dictionary translates it to: quarrelsome, contentious, and unreasonable.  :P  
    • When YM finds QY at the bus stop and tells her to get in his car, she asks him if they can take the dog with them.  The subs have YM responding, "Save yourself first," but what he really says is, "You're already unable to fend for yourself."
    • For the conversation in the car, I didn't even bother recording what the subs said originally.  I just had issues with it generally, so here's how I would translate the first part of their conversation:
      • YM: Before you rent a place, you're supposed to check to make sure there's a property ownership certificate.  That's common knowledge!
      • QY: I've never rented a place before!
      • YM: Then why did you come here?  You gave up a perfectly good job without any good reason.  I really don't understand what you were thinking.
      • QY: I was thinking of you!  Why else would I come here?
      • After that, there's another part where the subs have her saying, "Or I wouldn't get here at all," which really should have been, "Whey else would I come?"
    • After they arrive home and QY's trying to suggest she either stay at HWY's, a hotel, or the office, YM just looks at her and the subs have him saying, "I don't know what you're concerned about."  I prefer the more literal translation, which is, "I don't know what you're afraid of."  
    • After YM shows QY to her room, he revisits their conversation in the car and then the subs have him asking, "Do you like me?"  But really, the cadence that he uses with that phrase, it's intended more like a statement, "You like me," to which she makes an affirmative noise in response.  Although the difference between it translated as a question or a statement may not seem like a big deal, I prefer it understood as a statement because I think it demonstrates YM's gained confidence and understanding that his feelings are reciprocated.
    • This next one is interesting.  When YM asks QY when her feelings for him started, the subs have her responding, "A long time ago."  It's worth noting though that there is the phrase, 早已 (zao yi) which does mean, "long ago" or "for a long time," but that's not how QY responds.  Instead, she says, 一早 (yi zao), which colloquially means, "early in the morning," or "from the start of the day."  That's why I prefer to translate QY's answer as, "From the beginning," because it lets YM know, she hasn't just had feelings for him for a very long time, but rather, she's had feelings for him from the get go.  


    Dear @themarchioness  please let me know what continent you are on so i can come and learn Chinese with you  ...i love the way you think and your translations are joy to read ...especially when you offer us specific phrases and their meaning in both languages...i love it you are our biao mei  :) 


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  7. 8 hours ago, themarchioness said:

    Summary recap for Episodes 25-30!  My only caveat is I haven't watched these episodes in full.  I just skimmed them for highlights last night as I still want to watch them in full, with subs, next week.  :D  



    Dear friend you did so much for us with this summary , thank you , Merci, ...it was a pleasure reading up on these episodes until the subs come in. :thumbsup:

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  8. 4 minutes ago, mizv said:

    Yahoo!   Episode 25 to 30 are posted 

    maplestage.   Glad to know I’m not the only one crazy about this drama.   Which is very surprising for me.   I normally prefer Kdramas.   This is my 4th C drama i’m Hooked on this year.   Gotta give big applause to the writer.  Lovin’ this drama.  Now off the watch raw.   Then will refresh again and again others sites till subtitles pop up....am crazy :D

    It's ok @mizv you have million of us to keep you company  :tounge_wink:...with @DontEatMyKimchi posting that  LCDF has officially broke the 800 million mark!   

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  9. Ep 21 subbed :tounge_wink:   The story of boyfriend came to light aw aw aw .... and our poor baby YM .."I was cold in England too"  i just want to hug him . 

    GC you are officially invited to my place and you can clean all you want...you are so good at it too  . 

    Glad to see parents working on their independence ..Ma getting a drivers licence at that age i really have to hand it to this woman, she is so typical Ma and yet so exceptional . Our Ba lost a bit of weight but has adjusted to his BMW and knowing him he would probably want to race if his wife ever gets a car lol.  


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  10. 15 hours ago, themarchioness said:

    父亲 (fuqin)/爸爸 (baba) is father and 母亲 (muqin)/妈妈 (mama) is mother in Chinese, but we might refer to our parents colloquially as 爸 (ba) and 妈 (ma), which would be similar to referring to them as "pa," "dad," "ma," "mom."  


    Thank you @themarchioness there are so many times that i think to myself it's never too late to learn Chinese LOL  .  I will go back to my posting and change Pa to Ba .  

    Thank you for the Hidden Content , i too was curious . 

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  11. Ep 12 has me viewing and reviewing ... Full Marks 100% to the Teacher :star: " Don't bring bad practices into the school     ...Listen carefully, if you have inferior virtues no matter how good college you go to , you'll graduate as a looser".... throughout the last 12 episodes he has been extremely present and influential in our young students' lives .. a truly salt of the earth man just like our  Ba   " If we can only be silent good person, that would be a convenience to  bad people


    Just as a matter of curiosity , in Chinese is it Pa and Ma or did they Anglicize it   ..ie tata,  pa, father , pop, dad ?

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