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  1. This year C drama world IQ is so elite and that distinction directly reflected in their portrayal of females with respect and magnificence, with guts , fearless and beautiful, intelligent, confident, creative , humane and super sassy ... I just wanted to say thank you to the writing team / novelist / director for being super capable, optimal story tellers...and letting us enjoy human relationships at its most intricate and believable portrayal..... LOL i still click on ep 14 to see GYZ lying on the shower floor with his appreciative grin and the scream duet that followed was epical ...so one more drama in 2019 gets my J'Adore Director Hui Kai Dong i did not realize that my other J'Adore Story of Yanxi Palace and my Wei Yinglou were by the same Director ..wooohooo no wonder AMA felt so right for me
  2. When i really like a drama I read the novel, or i try to when available LOL...... when not available i use my G translate this is chapter 3 of the novel that my translate spit out ....mind you not too shabby ...the drama did an excellent job of bringing it to life . Kudos to the drama team and all the actors. the 3rd chapter of the Fire Academy! translator calls our Arsenal Military Academy Fire LOL
  3. Did she not say that the guard would be responsible for the marriage LOL if he prevents her from going in ...also maybe both Guo and Lv gave her some type of privilege pass same way they let her hire XX as her private guard ....i guess the novel does not explain that ?
  4. I was going to add her and praise her and wonder about her as well....did she know QMT or was it just a coincidence that her bartender is her best girlfriend...I was going to praise her for her endurance , her unquestionable warrior skills and my happiness that she married Guo finally. The more i re watched this drama , the more it morphed into my admiration of what a great work of art this drama actually is. So i am very glad that i had to go back and re watch each episode over looking for the "engagement" , because first time watching all i cared about was XX and GYZ and re watching gave me a chance to really appreciate AMA. Thanks @gladys57 its so nice of you to provide me with this information , LOL if only i spend this much time studying my own life choices
  5. @gladys57 You are thank you ...i went back 3-4 and some episodes even 5 times to see if i missed that monumental occasion LOL Not that i minded ...i got to concentrate more on the rest of the co creative characters of this drama , and i ended up studying Qu Man Ting's character and her relationship with STB . I liked the way this drama served us with original characters and beautiful and super creative dialogue between them , skillfully highlighting the circumstances and the conditions that we needed to be privy to . I also like when the characters are like small universe, full of their own authenticity and yet totally relatable and even understandable . eg. In QMT's case , a child that was conceived in horror , and the only time spent with mother who was not even aware of her and who's passing was the only connection that she had, and followed by the silent differentiation growing up , no wonder she was a bit lol narcissistic ...who will love her if she does not love herself. But she was always a valiant little fighter as STB pointed out, and her defence of him and GYZ and even Tao showed me a totally different perspective and by the end i loved her as much as XX and my 5Star best girlfriend . All the females in this drama held their own and equally qualified for the best medals that AMA awards ...because those men without these women would have been insignificant or totally incomplete .
  6. LOL i think you and I are still awake and partying with AMA I am re watching and since i don't have access to the novel on internet in english (that i am aware of ) i have so many questions still . In ep 31 when STB tells QMT that he'll cancel their engagement (WHEN did they become engaged ...how did i miss that episode bahhhhhhh? )
  7. @gladys57 Sargent Guo seems to sport the same type of hair style , so two rebells are hairliscious LOL ... I went back to re watch this drama once all the episodes were subbed . First time watching i mostly concentrated on our XX and GYZ , but now that i know that they are walking into the sunshine, LOL i went back to re watch the drama from the beginning. And this time i really got into Qu Man Ting , she has the most beautiful fashion that i have seen from the 1900's ...the details , colours and style are impeccable but also her insights into Shen Ting Bai when she was speaking to her sister , i think ep 6 and into her father as well and her stance on marriage at that age and time seriously fascinated me this time around.
  8. Hi @Mauee_A is the novel online somewhere , or hardcopy available - in english by any chance . I just hoped with the success of this drama that somehow the novel got miraculously available lol ( and i do wish that i spoke mandarin because once hooked on c dramas it is such a loss for us not understanding all the nuances and meanings ....and definitely no to voice overs ...ughhh ...i like hearing the Chinese language in these dramas , they are part of what makes them so great)
  9. A very good drama always pulls me back to re watch certain segments or episodes , so after reading your post i went back to ep 16 and as an only son of a Vice President i expect that he had an impeccable education and also family privy to his fathers' throve of intel/ conversations/ newspapers. I think our GYZ lost a bit of respect towards his own father , hence the rebellion , but with the driver correcting some of his erroneous beliefs and now even XX's dad praised Mr Gu on the tough position he inherited. As for match made in heaven, they are excellent for each other LOL
  10. and why would i like to read the novel?.....I am curious to read the description of Shen Ting Bai ...for a young man he seems to be an amazing business man / strategist ...and his only Achilles heel was Qu Man ting (what do their names translate to literally i wonder ? lol ) In one of the scenes QMT tells my favourite girlfriend in the bar that she had a crush on him before he started sucking up to her father ...and his fatal mistake of dancing with mayors daughter when he specifically told QMT that the first dance is theirs , no wonder QMT would hold a bit of a grudge and pay him back in spades. ...so if this info was in the novel , i would have liked to delve deeper into their characters .
  11. Thank you @Mauee_A wow so simple lol.....i thought that she somehow substituted her picture upon her brothers medical , but then the height and the weight would be so obvious i guess .
  12. Hallloooo Soompies ....how did XX pass medical in ep 1....did i miss that piece of info somewhere in the 48 episodes...i finished watching all eps.....and only the laundry got done this weekend
  13. Up to ep 33 ....besides supporting our great main characters and the entire drama, this drama is the one that i give my to the Best Girlfriend of 2019 - Tan Xiao Jung. Throughout the previous episodes i fell in love with her sense of humour , her logic as well as unbiased and total support for her girlfriends ..she is equally sassy , comfortable and natural with both Qu Manting and XX , and one versatile individual .
  14. Hehehe .....ep 23 ...You have me, how can you be attracted to other men? GYZ is not giving up lol
  15. Woooo hooo ..my site gave me additional 15 ep subbed today ......auuuuuuu my housework . Reading some comments, GYZ is great in my books....not only did he button back XX's shirt after her merry night of drinking , he also heroically suffered having her lie down on top of him , on his own bed LOL. But , what really put me in his camp was his conscious withholding of the whole night scenario from XX thereby lessening her embarrassment and anxiety at this stage - i am not saying he is not feeling gleeful about it ...just that at this stage it helped XX not to deal with additional burden and a hangover too.....and i am still laughing at his public shower creativity and appreciation of his love
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