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  1. 43 minutes ago, Oww TooCute said:

    How sweet when he mentioned SYJ right away when the interviewer ask about her partner :D really only her in his mind :heart: as if JHI - SYJ aren't two but one package 


    Whoa! JHI's confession along with the other bts...This ship is sailing!!! YIKES! Talk about saying it all out in the open. Way to go JHI! That's how you tell the world, she's your girl. :love:



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  2. 10 hours ago, katty27 said:

    They just made my night, my day and my shipper's heart jump out. I cant help but smile a a lot this evening. No red carpet moment but "the stage hug" was so so so precious :love:. They mentioned each other on red carpet interviews about the real life meals:blush:. Their colleagues teased them many times and even became shippers :wub:. Their clothes today also matched, a tuxedo pair with a bridal gown, like a groom and bride. How could I sleep tonight :phew: 


    I totally agree @katty27. This has been an exciting event. Thank you chingus for all the updates!!! 


    LOL...The MC just said to congratulate each other as their character...perhaps with words...the hug and such a warm intimate OTP hug was not expected. SYJ was waaaay too nervous & giddy, unlike herself. :wub: The way JHI looked at her...so composed like, no problem, it's how we always are.:smirk: LOL!

    Their distancing and indifference when standing separate on stage like they hardly see each other only brought more attention to them...heck, they are sitting right next to each other so why all the awkwardness on stage? We even know they are in touch via ig and were hanging out after her latest premiere. :wink: Our silly and adorable OTP.:kiss_wink:


    9 hours ago, Cotton Candy said:

    Everything is perfect today.... from the seating arrangement, to the MC (I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to the male MC - he’s clearly a shipper!), to the cameraman who focused quite a lot on both of them (he must be a shipper too!), and to Seolhyun who made sure they stood together on stage (I cannot imagine how things could have turned out differently if they didn’t, esp the hug). And they still remain as our “black and white” couple. 


    Totally agree @Cotton Candy. Another famous actress is known to select bridal gowns for her awards attire...SHK...SYJ has a wide fashion of awards attire. Interesting how a bridal dress was selected for the ceremony where they both knew they would be seen and awarded together.  Just saying:phew:


    11 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

    The article title I initially thought they would say they are GOING to buy each other meals. But they were talking about meals that had happened. But did it mean the times they were filming this drama? or later during free time....they often met up for meals? if so, that's great. And they are not afraid to say so. 


    Sorry to cut your post @Cedric Ong. Remember at the PC, SYJ said she tried to pay but JHI would always pay first. So...looks like they've gone out a lot since then cause now she has treated a lot tooB)


    9 hours ago, randomthotz said:

    Actually, there's a ring!!! For some reason, ganeshi hashtagged JHI in this post. The ring on the fourth finger was the same ring from the Negotiation press confernece which got everybody excited...and then they announced she was their new spokesperson. Everybody it seems is onto something. At this point, given how the male host was teasing them and Seohyun moving around, they might be more in the open in the celebrity circle than we thing...Especially with all the things you mentioned @Cotton Candy Joon Hee aka JHI being her ideal type because he's honest and straightforward with his feelings.

    JHI expression coming from the car to the red carpet caught my attention cause it didn't seem like him. I'd like to delulu, that he wasn't happy that he couldn't walk with SYJ and has to mask his feelings...which from what was said above he's too honest to do kkkkkkk.


    It was all worth the wait and it shows that the buzz is real and yes, the circle of celeb friends know much more. Let's hope for more mentions from JHI of SYJ at AAA. 

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  3. Hi Everyone! Forgive me for being absent for soooo long. RL has me mind boggling busy. I have been checking in on our shipper's thread here and trying to keep up. I'm saddened to see some troubling waters during a time when there should be much buzz on our OTP. Please stay calm and please don't anyone jump ship or leave due to words being expressed. Unfortunately, words typed don't always fully express our meanings and emotions and can easily be misinterpreted. @thi2018 you've always been supportive for our couple and yet nervous about not wanting to get hurt. I totally understand. I've been on a few ships. I've been lucky and am still waiting on one or two to see if it will sail. It is crushing and heart wrenching when it doesn't. I see you are a person who protects her heart and is cautious. It is for that reason it is good to stay here and see the destination through. @pttt97 I love your spunk!!!!:wub: You are who we need to stay here and speak up with your strong convictions and beliefs for this couple. I see you as one who will help those that are a bit nervous to stay confident. I believe everyone who has remained posting on this ship has high hopes and strong beliefs in this couple. That's why you've all carried on. Let's stay calm and supportive of each other.

    @Cedric Ong...I look forward to seeing you post. I've enjoyed seeing you in other threads as well. It is always reassuring to see a veteran like yourself. I'd like to thank you.:blush:

    So much has happened with this couple and you've all done a wonderful job researching and keeping this thread updated. Thank you all!!!!

    Award shows are tricky. One move in any direction and it can either be praised or attacked by neitzens. Unfortunately, JHI already experienced the latter. Not only does he have to deal with this huge amount of attention, awards, speeches, photographers, reporters but he has a new role he's taking time away from filming which is adding to the weight on his shoulders. He's only human and I think he is doing one heck of a job keeping himself pulled together. I wouldn't read too much into what JHI says or his reactions at any awards ceremony. He has an upcoming role and a romance at that. He must stay low from any scandal cause PR for that movie and its success is around the corner. SYJ is more than aware of this and I wouldn't be surprised if the two have discussed it and laid out the blueprint for all that we are witnessing. As for SYJ...It is common practice that if you are not the winner, you don't attend. Especially an actress of her ranking. So no worries about her MIA from any award show she is not going to be the recipient of.  Some of these award shows are very discriminatory too. I kind of frown on how they determine nominees and or winners. Then again, that's another useless topic. :cry:

    JHI took the time from this crazy busy schedule to be with SYJ at her premiere. The rest of the cast was there to shield this couple from further gossip including PNBMF PD lol...that's how I choose to see it hahahaha. Stars camouflage their together time with the help of others or in groupings. Who better to support and protect this couple than the cast who probably know more than we think. 

    SYJ is seasoned and very experienced in the Ent field as I've mentioned many times. Let us trust her in guiding JHI and take the hints of her very gracious speeches at both movie premiere and awards as her crumb to us shippers. SYJ has definitely been there and done that in terms of awards and popularity, attention, etc. I'm sure she wants JHI to enjoy and focus on receiving the well deserved accolades while it is happening without any other distractions taking away from this amazing moment in his life. Unfortunately, acting is a fickle profession. You can be god one day and yesterday's news overnight if you know what I mean. They both know that. This is part of JHI's career history and it should be about his work. 

    Sorry...not sure who commented but I wanted to mention that at least in SK it is very respectful to mention one's parents in their award speech and at times regretful by the recipients who forget due to nerves. The view point is, If not for their parents, they would not exist to do the amazing work to earn them such honors. Hope this helps answer whomever questioned that here...sorry, I don't know who.

    Thank you all again...I'll be here popping in and out...not always able to write tho'.:bawling: I'm a huge InJin shipper...I know this ship is sailing...it is all about timing. We MUST ALL BE PATIENT! There are careers at stake so waters must be tread carefully. I'm so glad our InJin couple are doing just that. 


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  4. 21 hours ago, randomthotz said:

    @thi2018 thank you again for the article you translated. It seems like JHI is the stubborn guy who will live a life outside of acting. It sounds like if he wants something, he will do everything he could do for it. And in this case it is SYJ. He's the jealous type - he got jealous looking at photos for JA and her ex in the BTS! Can't imagine what he might be feeling seeing HB and SYJ ( @Oww TooCute they do look good together too, but thankfully not as good!) doing press.


    Oh you are so right @randomthotz...he also admitted in one of his interviews that he was shaking and broke out in a cold sweat with anger during filming for the scene where the actor playing her boyfriend (after returning 3 yrs) was touching her face...remember? I guess that was his biggest admission/clue to fans that his emotions are real about SYJ. After reading about that, I watched that scene over and over and knowing his anger was real...JHI eyes even had me scared. Thank goodness Negotiations has absolutely no love scenes.:D Our shipper's hearts will be safe for a while. Esp since our melo-queen said she will not film anything more the rest of this year. :sweatingbullets: Kind of amazing that this particular movie releases after PNWBMF when it was filmed even before Be With You or did I get that wrong? Talk about the perfect genre to release allowing her hard work for fans being able to see her without causing any shipping controversy. If this was planned in some way, someone was a genius. Again, reminds of the other couple, where after their successful melo completed the next genre was a movie without love scenes, then no filming, then marriage kkkkkk.


    21 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    This Facebook website has a few translations of SYJ-HB ‘Negotiation’ presscon if anyone interested :)

    I think they are going to translate the entire interview (a little bit at a time). Some of my English translations came from their viet translations


    Does anyone know how to add subtitles on YouTube video?


    @randomthotz I think that’s why she kept touching and looking at the ring to reassure JHI because she knows he’s the jealous type   :P


    But I hope JHI doesn't watch this presscon because SYJ-HB look cute together too. Even I feel jealous for JHI 

      Reveal hidden contents



    JHI needs this right now




    Thank you @thi2018 for all the translations you've worked hard to give us for our InJin couple. I don't have facebook:dissapointed_relieved: I hope someone won't mind posting translations here as they come in? I would be so appreciative. I'm afraid I agree with you about Hyun Bin. He is as gorgeous as ever, if it was a melo instead of a thriller...Yikes :mrgreen:. Their appearance at the PC together looked good and very professional and respectful. Pretty much how she is on her other PC's which is why InJin PC was such a buzz. I love your post of JA needing to reassure JH, so perfect:joy: Yes, I agree, the ring was in place of the hug kkkkk.

    Just a note...I haven't googled SYJ name in a while, but when I did, there are a lot of videos of InJin couple...lol, looks like the media is on their tail for clues.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

    People would naturally want to compare....well, maybe b'cos different genre (romance vs crime theme) and the movie got no loveline. Slide to see 2nd pic. 


    Haven't posted in a while, but have been checking in. Thank you everyone for all the exciting updates. Wow! This PC was what we were waiting for...thank you for the comparison photo @Cedric Ong. I agree, being a different genre is lucky for us, their stance is appropriately different :sweatingbullets: JHI can relax kkkk. 


    6 hours ago, katty27 said:

    @thi2018 @pttt97 @Oww TooCute  she liked one shipper IG account's post 


    It is nice to know SYJ is aware of her shipping supporters. :kiss_wink: Thanks for all the work in keeping us posted on such finds @katty27.  


    7 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    Most of the time I see her wearing rings on her index finger... she kept staring at her ring :wub:

    You are so right @thi2018.This could be the biggest shippers :cookie:. If no one picked up on that delicate jewel :phew:, she made sure we wouldn't miss it. She is a jewelry model...she knows how to present or draw attention to what she wants to be seen. What makes me giggle is that she is very well seasoned with PC's and how all eyes, cameras are going to capture her every move especially with buzz from on going InJin shippers...She really is mischievous as been posted here by some of you. B)She knows darn well A (one and only) delicate ring on THAT finger would be :w00t:. which leaves us with the ?????? What do you want us to know SYJ? LOL...She is such a tease.:love: I'm picturing InJin and their cohorts having a lot of fun smiles over their clues :relaxed: Well I can dream...

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  6. 16 hours ago, thi2018 said:
    20 hours ago, jfrey47 said:

    So I noticed something the other day that JHI posted a album cover from FTISLAND. Then a day later His friend MR.K posted the same thing with the title of the song. I found the song on YouTube with subtitles..it's definitely a song about missing someone ❤


    How I wish JHI posted the name of the song himself because he only posted the cover on his IG. That album has 6 songs total. 


    What may help to explain the ig post is FTISLAND, CNBlue and JHI are all under the same agency (family) FNC Ent.

    I think JHI posted his support for the mini album and the song is for the drummer of CNBlue who is heading off to his military service. JHI is close to the members of both FTISLAND and CNBlue. He also co-starred in dramas with members of both groups and goes to their concerts. Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue in Three Musketeers and with Lee Hong Ki in Bride of the Century. The two idol groups are also friends with each other. Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa also costarred in You're Beautiful. They are all good friends.


    18 hours ago, katty27 said:

    There was no question n answer part in this meeting. I wonder why?! He doesnt want to say NO (means telling lie) if bychance somebody asks about his "love status" ????? :w00t::P


    You are so right @katty27 we don't want to hear NO (when it would be a lie kkkk) and it would be detrimental to hear YES rt now w/ his career esp with his fans in SK. Thank goodness they can control the script for the FM. I think this was wise since it is no secret that there is a lot of buzz about our OTP. I would have liked to of gotten some crumbs too, but I agree with @Oww TooCute now is not the time and Seoul is not the place. It is about JHI and his fans. SYJ would be the first to not allow any potential gossip/scandal  get in the way of solidifying JHI's fanbase. Maybe replacing the Q & A with the Stand by Your Man song was his message for us to ponder over:rolleyes:

    SYJ has to soon begin her PR for Negotiation and the same for her in not wanting a lot of Q & A to be about her and JHI but rather the movie itself. 

    Yes, @thi2018let's hope JHI comes as a guest to her premier, that would be innocent enough for friends*cough* who are coming off a successful drama together supporting one another.:D


    4 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

    Think as much as we like to see clear signs of dating...perhaps best to let things goes at their comfort level. If there is really feelings from during filming but hesitate to go forward....then at least keep frequent correspondence.


    Sorry to cut your post @Cedric OngI agree with what you said and I hope if they are dating, they keep it under the radar for a bit until they are ready. As much as it is painful to wait, they have been gifting crumbs to us with some IG posts to keep our ship cruising. We just have to hold on to our faith. I don't want their hard work and successful drama getting hate like the stars of WWWSK. :tears: So unfair to not let celebrities have a life.

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  7. BTS tells how close and comfortable they are...it's so lovely to watch. Credit to this IG user injin.destiny who has great detective work. Our helpful shipper...

    Interesting connection made here and the hidden message....



    So thanks to the Where's Waldo concept (lol) :lol:we see how long InJin couple have been holding hands.


    Some interesting viewpoints and very reassuring to all of us LOL:heart:

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    Hope their day will come...:wub:




    Does anyone else notice that in more than one of their hug scenes SYJ buried her face into JHI's chest? Most hugs for filming, the actress would want her face showing...Even when the actor is taller than the actress, you will usually see the shot filmed showing both their faces. However with InJin, not just once, but several hugs she just goes face into his chest...I know they want this to look like a real love story...but I find it curious why in these hug scenes, she just goes full face or her lower part of her face tucks "perfectly" as JH says into his arms.:D Totally cute and intimate. Just another of those moments as to why I ship them. Really makes me wonder about their RL closeness.:love:kkkkk


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  9. 5 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    The reason why I said I am still puzzled why JHI landed his first lead role with SYJ because I suspected they know each other even before SYJ and JHI accepted their roles in the drama. Here is why


    JHI is close to CNBlue members. They are from FNC agency. SYJ knows CNBlue members as well. They played her movie theme song for “bad guys always die”. They went together to China to promote the movie in 2015. Then, during the Busan IFF interview in 2015, SYJ stated she wanted to work with younger male actors

    Wow...good detective work, thank you for clarifying @thi2018. Interesting...I didn't know the connection with SYJ and CNBlue. JHI co-starred in Three Musketeers with Jung Yong-Hwa of CNBlue which broadcast in the later part of 2014.  JHI did say he remained close to CNBlue members and often attended their concerts. They often text him words of encouragement... Could these also be the peers who told him to "Just date (SYJ), we will support you"? Hmmmm, It really reminds me of the other famous couple who had a common friend who co-starred in a drama with the older female before the two starred together.


    There seems to be others who are thinking they met prior...



    3 hours ago, jfrey47 said:

    I see JHI is heading to Japan .. wasn't SYJ just there a few days ago for a interview? I read something on Instagram saying she was there.  I'm trying to find it...LOL

    I also found this interview..Its totally different of what SYJ said about getting married. 


    Thanks @jfrey47  this interview is mind blowing. She is actually saying the year???? If so, we don't have long to wait LOL:joy::heart:








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  10. On 7/17/2018 at 7:47 AM, thi2018 said:

    I understand your point of view. I do hope, like you said, that short but precious time they spent together will make a break through. I think there is a spark between them, whether or not they take that opportunity to blossom their relationship. It’s like the sayings


    don’t wait too long, you might miss your chance.”


    ”don’t miss the chances that life is giving to you to spend time with the people you value most. Remember, in life there are no rewinds.”


    ”one day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing with the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her.” 


    As I said before, JHI is concentrating on his career right now because he’s still young and acting is his destiny, he claimed. But I think SYJ is also his destiny because acting lead him to her. I am still puzzled how he landed his first drama lead role with SYJ, considering she is a big star who prefers movies over drama and it was her first come back to dramaland in 5 years and the production and script were not that impressive (like big budget or from a very famous writer), and it wasn’t like she has never done a melodrama before. So to me, there wasn’t a “spectacular” reason why she accepted this role, especially with a rookie. That’s why I think it’s fate brought them together. There are many actors wanted to act alongside with her but got no chance. I’m just giving the facts, no offense anyone. And of course, JHI proved his acting ability through SITR. Thankfully, the drama turned out great, partly because of their amazing chemistry.



    @thi2018I love your quote. It reminds me of the topic used in the drama...It's all about the timing. Sometimes I wonder how much of the script was tweaked to match our otp kkkkk.


    JHI already knows the pain of being jealous...he experienced it a couple times while filming. The bts showed he didn't like looking at photos of SYJ being with Oh Ryung (Lee Gyu Min). He also admitted his anger when he saw the actor (playing JA bf) touching her face (scene: seeing her for the first time in 3 years). Those emotions were real and he admitted it. :mrgreen:

    He also admitted that he would marry when he had the means and environment to protect the woman he loves. He said in an interview SYJ is someone he thought unreachable, but countless times has openly shared how close they are now. Of course his career is important, it is his livelihood after all. He would want to be able to do all he can. He wants to become a great actor with a lasting career in the industry. JHI entered acting to follow his passion (pre-SYJ). It is a very tough and unpredictable profession. Being on top in this industry unfortunately sometimes has a limit. JHI is more than aware of this. IF SYJ is the one, it is a tall order to fill since she is high up on the ladder respectively. However, if anyone can do it, it is JHI. He's a talented star in demand...he will work tirelessly to achieve all he can and just like anyone else in love, he will work hard so he can provide for his family (Post-SYJ) :blush::heart:


    Everyone has posted very good points and concerns. I totally appreciate everyone's viewpoints. 

    It was said in one of the interviews, (sorry I don't know where) that SYJ likes new writers. She definitely has the foresight to see a good script. Yes, @Elaine Hui I saw or read that too about SYJ wanting to now work with a younger actor. There are quite a few A class actresses doing so and this was not SYJ's first.  SYJ  recommended JHI to PD who then looked at clips of his past work online and said that he was JH. For SYJ, it was after talking with PD and the writer regarding wanting to film it as a "real love story" drama that it captured her interest to do it.


    On 7/17/2018 at 7:47 AM, thi2018 said:

    Look at the way they looked at each other “Eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be”

    If you look at that clip, It seems JHI had his hand on SYJ back and then removed it to do the rabbit ears. When he removed his hand from her back, she instinctively looked his way. Hmmmm JHI are you being mischievous or what? LOL:lol:


    Here is a precious moment....


    Let me know if there are any other OTP facts to add...:D It just gives us a lil' reminder that the coincidence is too real...


    InJin couple:

    They eat together

    Call each other freely

    Follow each other's IG accounts. 

    Watch movies together (they watched romance movies, that is where they got the airplane move).

    Hold hands at public events

    Support and compliment each other

    JHI's open affection for SYJ during his FM. 

    JHI lil' bro dropping major crumbs supporting them.

    Always photographed next to each other during their Japan trip.

    They both like roller coaster rides...JHI will accompany SYJ lol

    I kind of like how SYJ knew about JHI getting cold easily like a gf would.

    BTS showing how they care for each other (countless times)

    The skinship is off the charts 

    Both said their hearts were fluttering during filming

    He would date someone older

    She would date someone younger

    JHI ideal type is a woman who is beautiful when she smiles

    JHI ideal date watching a movie and drinking beer; SYJ's beer stamina has increased since this drama. 

    They both like summer...now lol

    There's a Chinese Director SYJ likes that JHI commented he liked for himself too. Ugh, don't remember the name.

    JHI jealousy bts of SYJ with other men is real.

    They share their stylist and security guard.

    Their eyes and the way they look at each other is very telling.


    added from @thi2018

    My note: pretty noona and JHI have these similarities:

    --- noona's favorite body part is her eyes

    --- she picked actor Park Hae-il as her most compatible acting partner. They were together in "The Last Princess" movie

    --- she loves to travel 

    --- she loves puppies 



    JHI is very busy and InJin are more than wise to remain very private. He commented on his FM that he will talk to SYJ when she returns from abroad...they are in contact with each other. The most reasonable and obvious explanation for lack of news, is as I mentioned before, SYJ will be promoting her new movie soon with Hyun Bin. SYJ had 3 projects this year. Unfortunately, PNWBMF filmed after the two movies were made. My delulu is this romance is real and was unexpected:wub:



    I'm waiting for awards season time. I'm hoping we will see InJin walking the red carpet together hopefully more than once, and this time for their drama together.:love: In the mean time, everyone

    keep the ship cruising until it is time to go full sails ahead.





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    On 7/10/2018 at 6:39 AM, jfrey47 said:

    This is the full V-live Special interview of SYJ and JHI Make sure you watch the whole thing..They are so cute!
    All Language subs available


    Thank you @jfrey47 .  I had always wanted to see this full interview. Wow! What a gem...it was so much fun to finally see where many of their responses that were posted in different places came from.

    These are some IMO for hmmmmm thoughts...Or just for fun: The V-live/PC timeline was a couple days before the drama release (March 28), and they said the filming is almost complete which makes their responses/behaviors  truly interesting even during the BAA nite (May 3).

    When they arrived at the V-live they just finished the PC and dinner. I didn't realize the timeline of the drama filming and the PC. So these two have had lots of time together by this point.

    At the start of the V-live, I smiled when JHI mentions that they had a big meal (beef) paid for by his pretty noona before they arrived on set. During the PC, JHI said the reason he paid for meals with SYJ vs. letting her treat was because he wanted her to buy him beef:joy: Naughty JHI...kkkkkkk...we know you are a gentleman who will always take care of his girl. :wub:


    When the MC commented JH not being just a cute character because he's young or something to that affect at 17:57, JHI commented his character has a  manly side too ...then look at his eyes, hmmmm, what are you thinking JHI? kkkkk. He said in another interview he's too old to be called cute. JHI, are you pointing this out for your noona cause that's how you should be seen in her eyes? Don't worry, you definitely are manly!:love:


    At 30:15 there is the beer topic. SYJ jokingly talked about damaging her liver with the beer drinking while filming this drama...JHI's favorite drink is beer, but he comments he's trying to pull back on how much he drinks ;) Yes, JHI please take care of your body for noona kkkkkk. 


    At 32:24 when the MC mentions a past movie role SYJ did with Jung Woo Sun quoting  a romantic classic line she quickly looks at JHI.  Like uh-oh...:phew:She has a way of looking quickly at him and then away. :ph34r: She may have lost her focus for a bit, it looked like she was concentrating on the question, but she's looking at JHI intensely, then the spilled spoiler. I know when I get nervous, I tend to babble quickly not really controlling what I'm saying.:wacko: Notice at the BAA red carpet when they looked at each other then JHI eyes moved to the cameras (as if to say we better stop staring at each other) and she quickly and very naturally looked at the cameras? She is so smooth you can hardly notice her actions. It really demonstrates what a pro she is...then again, am I reading too much into it??? :D

    Love trying to dissect their movements. LOL

    Really loved this interview...very telling


    On 7/10/2018 at 9:32 PM, thi2018 said:

    Thank you so much for the link. I wanted to watch the whole early interview for a long time.  They are sweet together as always. SYJ has very good communication skills.  She may be well prepared. It's true like JHI said he is more introvert. Even SYJ  and MC  gave him opportunities to share his views about the drama, he seemed to avoid giving too much details about it. Maybe he didn't want to spoil the drama or he let her answer first because she's sunbae-nim(?).  SYJ answered most of the questions and smoothly lead the coversations. The MC was so understanding. He didn't want to put JHI on spot so he navigated the questions towards SYJ instead. SYJ seems like a good mentor to JHI. He can definitely learn a lot from her. I have to say he was so lucky to be her partner in SITR.  If they ever become a couple in real life, SYJ will surely be advantageous to JHI's acting career. After watching him from different FM events, he has improved a lot. He becomes more confident and his public speaking skills are getting better. 


    I thought both of them will promote SITR together in July but it looks like JHI is the only one doing that. I see no news about it. All I see is JHI in some of the interviews in Japan. How sad and disappointed!


    By the way, I was about to translate JHI's interview in Vietnam VLIVE but there's nothing new compared to his previous interviews in SK and other FMs. They didn't even mention SYJ. If anyone still curious, I can definitely translate the whole interview. Please let me know :)


    I agree @thi2018 SYJ was very natural, composed, warm and friendly. She is definitely a well seasoned star in dealing with interviews and handling the unexpected. I can understand why the PD and JHI say her personality gives off such positive energy.  It is a live broadcast so I'm sure it was nerve wracking.  SYJ cutely gave away a spoiler...perhaps like you said, JHI was cautious that he may do the same?:sweatingbullets:


    I saw a translation for SYJ interview clip below somewhere, but now I can't find it...

    From what I recall, the translations read...like senior actors who helped her when she was starting, she wanted to do the same for JHI.

    Please don't misunderstand, I totally ship these two, however, there is also a line of professionalism especially on an interview. So I agree with @thi2018 that her being his sunbae could be another reason for his reserve responses not to mention he is a gentleman.:rolleyes:



    There is no doubt that JHI will definitely continue to grow and gain more experience with each FM and public appearance. He has said the attention and titles he's garnered are a bit of a burden. It is understandable. Even tho' he had been gaining popularity, PNWBMF really catapulted him to the top at a unheard of speed. Just think, he began in this industry only 4 years ago, he has achieved quite an accomplishment. His interviewing skills will become stronger in no time. I can sense the nervousness from the PC and the V-live but for some reason, for me, it shows his sincerity. There is nothing arrogant about this man. It is a quality I hope he maintains as he continues to soar. 



    So we know for fact:

    They eat together

    Call each other freely

    Follow each other's IG accounts

    Watch movies together (they watched romance movies, that is where they got the airplane move).

    Hold hands at public events

    Support and compliment each other

    JHI's open affection for SYJ during his FM. 

    JHI lil' bro dropping major crumbs supporting them.

    Always photographed next to each other during their Japan trip.

    They both like roller coaster rides...JHI will accompany SYJ lol

    I kind of like how SYJ knew about JHI getting cold easily like a gf would.

    BTS showing how they care for each other (countless times)

    The skinship is off the charts 

    Both said their hearts were fluttering during filming

    He would date someone older

    She would date someone younger

    JHI ideal type is a woman who is beautiful when she smiles

    JHI ideal date watching a movie and drinking beer

    SYJ her beer stamina has increased LOL

    They both like summer...now

    There's a Chinese Director SYJ likes that JHI commented he liked for himself too. Ugh, don't remember the name.



    Feel free to add to this list...


    added from @thi2018

    My note: pretty noona and JHI have these similarities:

    --- noona's favorite body part is her eyes

    --- she picked actor Park Hae-il as her most compatible acting partner. They were together in "The Last Princess" movie

    --- she loves to travel 

    --- she loves puppies 




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    11 hours ago, jfrey47 said:

     Also in a few of the responses Jeon Hae Joon stated he was rolling his eyes, because JHI was making him watch Pretty Noona.

    If you go on SYJ instagram she posted a picture of the sky 3 days ago right when Jeon Hae Joon said he was in Jejiu ;)

    Also when someone asked Jeon Hae Joon  if Pretty Noona was there..He said yes! <3 

    Lil' Bro is awesome LMAO.  :joy:Thanks again @jfrey47 Were these translations from his ig? Just wondering...


    Here was an interview Q & A. It was a nice crumb...Q #2 hmmm...then was the jealousy real JHI ? :love:    

    Swipe for translated article.





    For me this is the real deal...they had a brief rehearsal/run through, but the kissing action was natural as if they were by themselves at home kkkkkkk. Oh these two cuties....:wub:





    Nice Fan Art

    I'm guessing it will be quiet with InJin for a bit. SYJ has a new movie coming out doesn't she? I would imagine she may need to keep a low profile right now as she will begin the PR for the new movie with Hyun Bin next month? I would think that production as well as the respective agencies do not want to draw attention away from the upcoming release. Let's hope Lil' Bro will keep dropping crumbs and InJin will find ways to keep this ship sailing with hints in their ninja ways. :ph34r: If anything, it will be interesting to see the difference in SYJ's interactions during PC or any PR with her co-star Hyun Bin vs. well, we all know who....JHJ Big Bro :relaxed:


    This is an example how the drama/chemistry draws attention when promoting a movie. What I loved was how JHI through SMS let SYJ know he was watching her. Oh these two were already close then...kkkk





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    4 hours ago, jfrey47 said:

    Yesterday this was posted..He is In the Cafe!
    He also gave a smile to a question asked if they were dating and there is another question asked somewhere on the posts about JHI and SYJ getting married.
    Jeonhaejoon answered..Someday...?  

    Thank you @jfrey47 what's better than to hear from a family member LOL.

    Lil' Bro' Jeon Hae Joon seems to be our biggest shipper:love: and best crumb dropper kkkkk.


    Can't help but wonder???? (swipe right):heart:




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  14. 17 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    While I was waiting at the airport in Paris, I sat at the bar with a can of beer. Only then I felt relax. Is this a scene we can definitely feel we are on vacation?
    Yes, that’s right. Actually, I can’t drink alcohol very well. I learned to drink beer while shooting “Pretty Lady Who Buys Me Food”. I used to get drunk after one can, but now I can tolerate 2 or 3 cans.

    Thanks for the translated interveiw @thi2018

    We know someone who likes beer very much and includes that beverage with his ideal date lol. :wub:


    17 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    It seems everyone is happy while filming this series. It’s regretful because it has come to an end. It’s the mix feelings of joy and sadness, just like when you come home after a trip.
    When I shot the last scene and told everyone “you’ve worked hard”, I went home without knowing how I felt. But every time when I completed a project, I had a feeling if emptiness the next morning when I woke up. I felt lonely and loss of direction. Acting is so important to me but I thought “can I just live like this ?” (Laugh). Suddenly, I thought of the book I read recently. I haven’t read books for 3-4 months so when I traveled here, I brought a few books with me. It’s the book “sister Young Cho” by writer Seo Myung Suk. The book mentioned about a theory called “Garrison theory”. In a battlefield, the soldiers usually retreat to higher lands where most difficult battles occurred because that is where soldiers built their occupied armies. Our lives are the same. When we encounter difficulties, just like the soldiers facing the hardest battles, we build strong psychological senses. And when those difficulties arise again, we recall them and feel more confidence facing them. In general, people don’t usually miss a warm sunny days, but  will remember a windy day. I’m touched by these explanations.

    My POV about SYJ  is that she is not black and white but has a very in-depth outlook about life. I'm only aware of her personal views about relationships from her interview responses over the years and views can always change as you experience life. Seems there is very little known facts about her personal relationships as she is very private and an expert ninja:ph34r: She once said she has no dating scandal cause she is so bad at dating. I don't know if that was a standard agency answer (cuz I've heard several other celebs say this) or due to her career and demanding schedules or  like the reply I favor from the first PNBMF PC where SYJ says she has had past relationships but realized she was never in love with them. In that respect she said she relates to her JA's character about her exbf . If you refer back to that first PC interview, you will see a slight smirk from JHI as she is explaining this. That was just another sign that made me think hmmmmm:smirk: what's going on????

    Srsly, my hopes for her is that she is opening up to adding another layer to her life besides acting. Perhaps committing to a serious relationship that could lead to marriage and family. Yes, SYJ please have the confidence. It will bring a lifetime of happiness esp with the right man. *cough JHI *cough*


    17 hours ago, thi2018 said:

    I remember Son Ye Jin was so beautiful even when she cried her eyes out in the movie “the Classic”. However, the impressive Son Ye Jin of “the Truth Beneath” was a strong woman who never cried of anything. In “the beautiful lady who buys me food”, Son Ye Jin reminds me of the characters you had played in the past. In this character, Yoon Jin Ah, is same age like you. Is there anything similar to you?
    I think Jin Ah is very different from me. I’m very straight forward. Frankly, it’s not the advantage, but I feel being honest is more comfortable for me. Jin Ah is too nice and soft. Rather than making others mad, she takes it all to herself. She blames herself and then regrets. She lived with a lot of negative thoughts. Many times I asked the director if Jin Ah can just “say it all out to relieve stress”. (Laugh). Because of the negativity from Jin ash’s character in the drama, I surprisingly feel like I’m a very happy and positive person compared to Jin Ah. The director told me at some moments, I’m like a child and sometimes I exude a pure feeling almost like an empty page. I guess sometimes we can’t really fully understand ourselves. When people define themselves “this is who I am”, but in fact, it’s just because they want to believe that’s who they are. So nowadays, I just say “I don’t really know who I am yet”

    Even SYJ was frustrated by her character...:lol:


    Awwww...this man is really missing someone:wub: OH please SYJ, guest appear on one of JHI FM's so he can just look at you in person instead of a film clip. :D

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  15. 14 hours ago, katty27 said:

    Caption from IG : His reaction after seeing Something in the rain video. (Ofcourse with noona's image, I guess)


    He really looks like he misses her....:tears:


    54 minutes ago, lsemun99 said:

    JHI Fans Meeting in Manila ..Q & A ...

    He answered fans's question on ideal woman, ideal date, possibility to appear with SYJ in fans meeting..

    Whoa...he said one of the qualities for his ideal girl is one who looks pretty when she smiles...who did he say was beautiful especially when she smiles that he couldn't even look at her...the sails are up...:love:

    He was so natural and comfortable when he answers he will talk to Yejin about coming to a fan meet...Yikes! Keep dropping those crumbs JHI:wub:

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  16. Things are bit quiet here. Thank you  @katty27 your last post got me to look up @aksaninc's IG account. LOL...got addicted over there.:love:   My gratitude and Credit to @aksaninc: I loved their analysis and detective work! I don't have an IG account but I viewed her IG postings. Wow! wonderful shippers there...sorry I can't participate or hit the likes but really appreciated going through their findings. Not sure if she is on this thread...I found a few I wanted to share here...my apologies if they've been posted on the other thread...perhaps I'm late in these findings of theirs.

    InJin are too cute...I think JHI gave himself away here. :joy: I didn't catch it before it was pointed out.

    This one too LMAO...good eyes....credit to and thank you @aksaninc again!!!! 

    Too much fun and us shippers get to watch it unfold:glasses::lol:






    Maybe when JHI made the statement he hopes to still be close to SYJ a year from now, it could be his thoughts on the timeline for an actor's popularity to make his mark (ton of cf offers) after being thrust into the limelight? :relaxed: Another popular actor said something similar about his big year and then wondered who next year's big star will be? JHI is aware of the ent biz since he commented that he knows this kind of popularity may be like the foam on beer. It doesn't always last so he wants his acting to speak for his talent. Please don't misunderstand...he definitely can last much longer and perhaps surpass his current popularity to even higher greatness. It may be his personal timeline where InJin are concerned (My own hopes :wub:). He also said he wouldn't mind acting with SYJ 10 years from now (referring to PN part 2). This is such a deja vu to another popular couple. I hope he's hinting at the same meaning? kkkk. He plans to be with her a year from now and in the future. OK, my delulu...SYJ is traveling and I'm having my own delulu when JHI went to Paris they had an evening rendezvous kkkkk.  What would be awesome is if SYJ guest appears on one of JHI FM whohooo!

    Hopefully we'll get some crumbs from the Harper's Baazar Korea July interview SYJ did recently. :grin:

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